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Cherished Milestone Height Chart

1 - Reward Charts

How high - what date - AND what they achieved on that day!Want a unique gift for a special child? Want to record when your child hits milestones as well as their height? Want to look back and see your child's progress and achievements in years to come?Then this is THE one and only height chart for you!Unique to The Lovely Keepsake Company this hand illustrated height chart has been thoughtfully designed to help you capture all the important milestones in your child's early life, the date and how big they were when they achieved them! Don't just record how tall the kids are, record all their achievements too, inch by important inch! First tooth, started walking, started school.........there's so much to remember!Beautifully illustrated by talented published illustrator Charlie Roberts, commissioned by The Lovely Keepsake Company.   Charlie is the illustrator behind the successful children's book 'Madeleine Goes To The Moon' by Peter Lynas.Mount 30cm from the floor, this chart then records special moments all the way up to 160cm.An ideal birth, christening or birthday gift! The chart comes perfectly protected and presented rolled in a tube to ensure it is in fabulous condition when it arrives with you.Enjoy!

I was impressed with the expertly packaged up chart even before I opened it. It arrived in a solid tube and was then wrapped in tissue. It was made with a sturdy material that I believe will be long-lasting. It was filled with a cute design and I love seeing it on my child’s nursery wall.

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Jumbo Reward Chart and Sticker Bundle

1 - Reward Charts

A quick and easy way to order our Jumbo Reward wall chart with all the stickers you would need to fill it.  Included with the chart is a pack of 600 of our Smiley Stars stickers.

Chart and stickers are also available separately.The wallchart has space for 30 namesSpace for 20 stickers for each childSize: A2, 420mm x 594mmIncludes Smiley Stars stickers1 Jumbo sticker chart and 600 stickers

Ref: DL86

Brainwaves are the UK's leading providers of high quality school reward stickers, certificates, badges, stampers, pencils and personalised rewards for children. Visit their website at

The children have loved having it pinned to the wall it’s looking a little worn round the edges but still looks good. Parents have commented on the fact they can also see if their children have got more stickers or not. 

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KiddyCharts Personalised Children’s Charts

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Personalised KiddyCharts – Prices start from £2.99 each and select from - Getting Ready for school, Getting ready for bed, Listening, Potty Training, Progress Charts, Staying in bed.

Join KiddyCharts to give you access to exclusive access to our photo personalised charts. We have four different products: Reward charts -Track-based sticker charts - Care charts -Five-a-day healthy eating charts. Your subscription allows you to use any of these from as little as £1.25 each. Help you child understand the world around them with our stunning visual aids. You can join by just buying one chart (£2.99); or get access to over 100 credits with our gold membership package (50p per chart). If you decide to upgrade your subscription, we’ll give you a 20% discount on the full price as well (excluding single chart member). Bronze Subscription £12.50 plus 10 Credits 



 Having used reward charts in the past, Corey loved the fact that his face was in them and told others about it. Easy and simply to create.               

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My Big Star Chart

1 - Reward Charts

Wall chart with reusable stickers to encourage positive behaviour, achievement and development in children from 1 year. Ideal for behavioural issues associated with toddlers. A2 wall chart (594mm high x 420mm wide). 8 reusable category stickers; movement, talking, going to bed, going to the toilet, eating, sharing, very brave, tidying up. 8 reusable special blank stickers for parents/carers to tailor to their own need. 260 coloured reusable smiley face stickers. 96 reusable gold star stickers. A supportive information sheet with working example, tips and guidelines. 4x sticky fixing pads. 1x dry wipe pen.

We love it and hope that others find the same success that we have had with the chart too

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TotsUp Red Bus Reward Chart

1 - Reward Charts

A Star chart is a fantastic and proven way to encourage better behaviour amongst children. The TOTSUP Red Bus Reward Chart is an innovative new kind of star chart that will help you praise and reward your children with positive parenting.Instructions on how to use the Reward Chart and accompanying iOS app.Contains:
3D magnetic red bus reward chart with 10 passengers, and adhesive letters to personalise your bus.

This is available in Red or Pink 

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2017 Reward Chart Category 

It is sturdy which made it much better for her to handle when putting someone on the bus. I would definitely recommend this product, and think it would work even better for a child who is aged 3-6. My 5 year old has even asked me to make her, her own bus reward chart as she likes it as much as her younger sister. 

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