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Elle Macpherson Aromatherapy Foot Spa

1 - Beauty Accessories

The Elle Macpherson Aromatherapy Foot Spa offers 5 in 1 invigoration; 1. Hydro massage, 2. Vibration massage - wet or dry, 3. Magnetic therapy, 4. Aromatherapy diffuser, 5. LED mood lighting.It features 4 bubbles strips for increased bubbles, 2 x pedicure attachments both fine and course pumice stones. It is ergonomic design means its angled base give a more comfortable massage.Includes FREE Bottle of frangipani aroma oil 

Overall, the product delivered many of the features that it stated on the box. The product made you feel relaxed especially with the use of the vibration, massage rollers and the bubbles. It was also nice adding in the aroma oil – which again smelled nice and made me feel stress free.

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Elle Macpherson Wet & Dry Face & Body Brush

1 - Beauty Accessories

The ‘The Body’ range has been developed by with Elle Macpherson so that you can maximise your beauty potential. Intuitive and accessible, the range of products can help you to discover some of her beauty secrets. Scrub, scrub, scrub, my secret to soft healthy skin and body!The Elle Macpherson 4 in 1 Face and Body Brush gives a brilliant all over body treatment both in and out the shower. There is a cactus dry brush, which helps stimulate lymphatic drainage to help rid your body of toxins and improve circulation. A pumice stone to use either in or out of the shower for smooth soft skin on the feet. A loofah to use in the shower to help exfoliate the skin all over and a facial brush for deep facial cleansing. Enjoy your all over beautifully cleansed, glowing skin!

Great value for whole body spa like treatment for use in own home or on the go every day of the week! Great improvement in body condition and has boosted confidence and given the feel good factor, worth every penny. I would highly recommend this product. I really enjoyed testing this product, it contains all that’s needed for luxury spa like treatments.

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HoMedics Perfect Reach Handheld Body Massager

1 - Beauty Accessories

The Perfect Reach Body massager gives you an invigorating massage for the entire body with 3 custom massage attachments wide area for comforting larger muscles, roller for kneading massage and spot for targeted relief.

Did its job very well. I felt a difference from using it. This product is really good. It came at a good time as I was having a lot of tension in my shoulders. I found it easy to use and even my 3 year old enjoyed holding it on my shoulders. It's not too heavy so easy to hold for long periods if needed. 

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