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Adventure Belt

1 - Baby/Toddler Reins

Allow your child to explore
Award-winning, mum-designed safety belts linking parent and child by an elastic bungee. Allows children to interact with their environment while preventing children getting lost. Adventure belts are ideal for crowded places, days out and holidays. Designed in the UK by a British company.

Child belt is suitable for all stable walkers (approx. 18 months +) weighing up to 27KG 
Adult belt to fit waist/hip of 75cm – 150cm
Elasticated rein is adjustable from approx. 40cm – 80cm (relaxed length)
Pouch measures approx. 10cm high x 10.5cm wide
Complies with EN71:1-3 and the relevant parts of EN13210
Perfect for holidays, day trips and everyday use!
Suitable for stable walkers (approx. 18 Months +) weighing up to 27KG an Adult Belt to fit waist/hip 75cm -150cm

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2018 Baby/Toddler Reins Category 

I would buy this and I wish I had one for my first child as she hated the reins. I have already recommended it to Harry’s friends. They have already brought the belt and love it as much as us. It’s small enough to carry with you at all times and pop on when needed. We are so pleased we were asked to review this product as conventional reins were not working for us. The belt has transformed days out for the whole family and everyone has a much nicer time. Harry was happy to wear the belt when not attached as it’s such a lovely design and he loves the pocket. It’s so easy to clip him on and off.

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Trunki Toddlepak

1 - Baby/Toddler Reins

ToddlePak fits from the front in one quick, simple movement. The unique clip allows parents to easily adjust the shoulder and waist straps simultaneously for a comfortable, secure fit. The rein can be used both as a training rein for first steps and a leading rein for bigger adventures!

These are fantastic and I have already recommended. Very good very safe very good colours and look and very comfortable. I can use this item without worrying it's going to let go or break so I feel my toddler is a lot safer wearing it, it's a great item and well worth the money.

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Twin Reins

1 - Baby/Toddler Reins

Twin Reins are specially designed safety harnesses for twins that give you peace of mind when out and about with your twin toddlers. Instead of buying two sets of walking reins, here is one Twin Set that covers all your needs! Re-designed by our experts and tested by parents of twins with safety, comfort and convenience in mind, these really are the 'Rolls Royce' of reins - only the best for you and your duo! WHAT'S IN THE TWIN PACK?Everything you need to get you and your twins out and about safely!2 x Child Harnesses (adjustable at chest and shoulders)2 x Parent Leads (adjustable with detachable handles)1 x Parent Waist Belt (adjustable with ring to clip on leads)HOW CAN THEY BE USED?They are so flexible you can use them as either:- Two completely separate, independent single reins - As a Twin set but joined together using a single parent lead handle- As a Twin set but using both parent handles - one in each hand- Single or Twin set, clipped to the parent belt (leaves you hands-free)HOW DO THEY WORK?Our premium quality Twin Reins Set has been designed to make them easy and convenient to use. Each child has a single-piece harness, which simply pops over their head and secures safely at both sides. The reins sit comfortably on the upper chest (as recommended by health advisors as the strongest and safest part of a young child's body for a harness). For your children's comfort, a new soft & flexible neoprene chest pad has been added in a choice of vibrant colours and the reins are fully adjustable at both sides and on the shoulders as twins come in all shapes and sizes!

 I love, love, love these reins. My girls love wearing them, it makes my son feel really grown up that he's allowed to run free and it just means that for the first time in nearly four years I can leave the house without a pushchair. I am so pleased with them. One of the best baby/child purchases you could make for twins.

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