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Deluxe Todette Lady 3 Blade Razor

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Most people think they have a good shave until we introduce them to our new razor! Then they realize what they have been missing every day!Now is the time to change. Our razors will give you the best shave ever – for up to three weeks per blade! Our blades feature ll new technology. There are no finer razor blades anywhere, and none sharper.The Lube Strip on all our razors is composed of a roll-over lubricant that makes the blades glide over the surface of your skin in a smooth easy stroke. As a daily or even occasional shaver you deserve it to yourself to experience the difference, our razor and blades can offer you each time you put the blade to your skin.

Bizziebaby Gold Award Winners 2017 Women's Razors Category 

I liked everything about the razor; the style, colour and the way it made my legs feel afterwards. Design of this razor is just right. I will definitely continue to use it now that I have tested it out. I have already recommended it to others. My dad said he will give the men’s razors a try too.

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