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Baby Sign Bamba's Chatter Boxes

1 - Educational Aids

Bamba's Chatter Boxes Suitable 6 Months Plus. Box contains Bamba and 5 every day objects. Each object is paired with a simple hand sign. All the objects are specially chosen as they are related to the early language development of young babies and are the objects/concepts they are likely to experience early. Box contains a Bottle (sign drink), Spoon (sign food), Blanket (sign bed), Mirror (sign Ah-look at me), Bath Flannel (sign bath) and Bamba (sign monkey).

All kiddies of pre-school age could benefit from this product.

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babyboomboom Baby band-bag

1 - Educational Aids

The baby band-bag comes with a babyboomboom CD (you choose English plus either French, German, Italian or Spanish), along with a baby drum, a rainbow-shaker, a “fishy shake-shake” and a cage-bell. All the instruments are ideal for small hands to grasp and play. Each verse is sung in English then repeated in the second language. All the words are included for both languages.
Nursery rhymes on the CD include: -1 Old MacDonald -2 Five Little Ducks - 3 The Mulberry Bush - 4 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
5 This Little Piggy - 6 Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes
7 Itzy Bitzy Spider - 8 Round & Round the Garden
9 Tommy Thumb - 10 The Alphabet Song - 11 Brother John
12 The Wheels on the Bus - 13 London Bridge
14 If you’re happy and you know it

Instruments in the baby band-bag are tested from 3+ months but recommended from 6+ months. Instrument colours may vary from those shown.

It is a good resource to encourage children to enjoy music and potentially learn a new language.

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BabyBoomBoom Multi-Lingual CD & Boom Bag

1 - Educational Aids

The Junior band-bag comes with a BabyBoomBoom CD (you choose English plus either French, German, Italian or Spanish), along with a tambourine, a recorder, a castanet & a maraca. The instruments are great for stimulating toddler minds and, of course having great fun. The CD features nursery thymes and songs in English and a second language depending on which you choose. Each verse is sung in English then repeated in the second language. Words in both languages are included with the CD. Songs included cover a wide range of 14 well know nursery rhymes.

Fun to use and good for exposing babies to foreign language at an early age.

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BB Language Bear

1 - Educational Aids

BB Language Bear by Babogbaby -BB the teddy bear is soft and cuddly and teaches babies, toddlers and children 33 words in Irish, Welsh or English. The buttons on the teddy bears ears, paws, feet and tummy can be easily pressed to hear the words for numbers, colours and shapes. Each language bear is sold separately.BB the teddy bear is €29.99 plus postage and packaging and comes with 3 x AA batteries.

This is a high quality, safe and sturdy toy. I loved this product from the start and would defiantly recommend to more friends. 


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Fink Cards Family Edition

1 - Educational Aids

A pack of 54 fun, thought provoking question cards that will change your mealtimes forever! Good family communication helps children become confident communicators, it also helps families navigate challenging times. Fink Cards help create fun conversations that get people talking.

“If you’re having trouble persuading your children to do more than grunt at mealtimes, Fink™ Cards could be just what you need.”

The Fink cards are great value for money and not only something we enjoyed but are a great inexpensive gift idea too.

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Fink Cards Teenage Edition

1 - Educational Aids

Working with TV star, Author & Teen Coach, Sarah Newton, Fink™ brings you a pack of controversial cards that are guaranteed to get you and your teen talking.

Communication is the number one way to keep your teenager happy and healthy. Talking to your teen will open doors for both of you and strengthen your relationship. Working with TV star, author and top teen coach Sarah Newton, Fink™ brings you a controversial pack of questions, headlines, statistics and statements that are guaranteed to get you and your teen talking! “These cards have enabled us a family to openly discuss issues that affect them everyday, drugs and sex are often taboo subjects between parents and their children and these cards have really helped to disperse that negativity. I can now relax and know that the children can come to us with any issue and get the RIGHT answer and dismiss well meaning friends advice in the playground.” Nicki Baxter, Northampton

I think it's good value for money and I would have paid for it, its a great way to get teens to open up and be honest!

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Flash Cards - Down on the Farm

1 - Educational Aids

Down on the Farm - Meet the friendly farm animals, we think you might like them.
Capture your child's imagination with these chunky flashcards. 20 durable cards, perfect for little handsBright and colourful with pictures and wordsGreat characters to indulge your child's imaginationSturdy lidded boxPerfect for travellingSuitable from 12 months

They are good quality whilst being simple, colourful and so far, hardwearing. They have been good for learning and a little role play too.           

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French For Kids Simplewords DVD

1 - Educational Aids

Join Kishy and his friends on a fun filled journey through the jungle where they learn French words. They have a fun time playing games and singing a nursery tune! This fun, colourful and educational visual learning tool teaches words associated food and drink; fruit; playground; clothes; days of the week, expressions, body parts and a whole lot more!

Good educational DVD and if you want to learn a language or be introduced to a language this is well worth purchasing.

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History Heroes How Well do you Know your Monarchs?

1 - Educational Aids

History Heroes, How well do you know your Monarchs? is an educational and competitive card game designed to encourage learning historical facts. Each of the 42 cards depicts a different monarch or important historical figure from 1066 to present day. A player wins a card when they can identify the monarch from a picture or fact from their competitor. The game is won by the person who holds the most cards after a certain time or who captures all the cards from their opponents! History Heroes is designed for the classroom, the playground, the car and the home. It is unique in its presentation of facts which allows the game to be enjoyed by all age groups.There are 6 games to play.History Heroes is beautifully illustrated by the well known cartoonist Bill Stott."Top Trumps meets Trivial Pursuit" – Max Jones, Professor of History, Manchester University

 I would recommend this to people would have a child at school. We loved them, very interesting information that even I didn't know about and my children can learn from.         

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KAZ Junior Edition

1 - Educational Aids

KAZ Junior EditionThe earlier a child begins, the easier it is for them to master a skill.It has been proven that grasping the skill of touch typing at an early age helps engrain reading, writing and spelling to memory - supporting and enhancing all major literacy skills. With 'muscle memory', spellings become a series of finger movements and patters on a keyboard, reducing the likelihood of misspelling words.Our NEW Junior Edition users the same revolutionary method and includes the same fantastic benefits of the KAZ Typing Tutor but with fun imagery and animations designed to hold the interest and concentration of the younger mind, keeping them even more focused on learning to type. All vocabulary within the program is age-related.

Junior Edition (6-11years) )
KAZ's unique and patented method teaches you to type Easily, Efficiently and Effortlessly.KAZ is probably the fastest way to learn to type and eliminates the need for tedious typing drills, mind numbing lessons and boring typing tests. Its award winning, unique and revolutionary ACCELERATED LEARNING teaching method teaches you how to touch type correctly in minutes instead of hours, and all in the comfort of your own home or chosen environment. So if you want to learn to type quickly, choose KAZ – noted as one of the best typing courses for accelerated typing skills. Adult Edition (12+

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2018 Educational Aids Category 

As kids who are used to tablets, they were never confident with typing on a keyboard, now they are. The program has been a pleasure to use, so much so I've used it myself and improved my own ability. My girls still enjoy using it and I'm sure they will continue to use it for some time, another reason why it is such good value for money.I'd recommend anyone to buy this as ever adults will benefit from its use. In summery, great product, easy to use and highly recommended.

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KLOO Zoo Animal Reader Cards

1 - Educational Aids

Children make their first sentences with My KLOO Zoo KLOO Reader Cards let young readers make and read their own sentences about animals and build a zoo! Children start reading word cards just as they would with normal flash cards but then - as if by magic -they put them in order to create their very own sentences. It makes reading so much fun and opens up a whole new reading experience for your child -allowing them to play with words, arrange them and make their first sentences.Children are rewarded for reading and making sentences by winning animal cards to make a zoo! They can also win gifts for their zoo animals by making their sentences longer!  Enjoy the funny sentences they make - often deliberately! And remember, children love it if you play too!  This is a fun hands-on game that parents and teachers can really enjoy playing with their children
Suitable 5 Years Plus and available to purchase online

Jake and I have enjoyed using Kloo's Zoo Reader Cards very much and will continue to do so.            

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Multibandz™ - Times Table bands

1 - Educational Aids

Exciting New Multibandz™! Children love to wear wristbands, Especially GLOW-IN-THE-DARK wrist bands. Education has never been so much fun...... with Hand band's new Times Table bands they can also learn at the same time. Educate your children with these brightly coloured skinny bands printed with the multiplication times table. 

Very impressed with this innovative product – they really appeal to children (and adults) and will make a fantastic learning aid for those mastering their times tables.  

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Mumbucks Reward Chart Set

1 - Educational Aids

Mumbucks Set
Each Mumbucks package comes complete with:82 Mumbucks notes in different denominationsA reward chart that can be personalised by your familyA card storage wallet – perfect for carrying Mumbucks when you’re out and about or for keeping handy at home. 

It is a great rewards system that both children and parents will get a lot out of. 

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Spanish For Kids Simplewords DVD

1 - Educational Aids

Join Kishy and his friends on a fun filled journey through the jungle where they learn Spainsh words. They have a fun time playing games and singing a nursery tune! This fun, colourful and educational visual learning tool teaches words associated food and drink; fruit; playground; clothes; days of the week, expressions, body parts and a whole lot more!

It has also made Isabella keen to learn more which is a good thing. We will be using this regularly and purchasing more in the range, as we are all now trying to learn Spanish.

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Speekee - Learn Spanish

1 - Educational Aids

Speekee is without rival in its field, using the most modern, most successful language learning methodology to teach Spanish to children


I found the site a good refresher so I would recommend it to older persons. I can see potential with this product in the future. I think the concept, presentation and content are all very good              

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Speekee To Learn Spanish

1 - Educational Aids

Speekee is without rival in its field, using the most modern, most successful language learning methodology to teach Spanish to children. Contents include 4 DVD video discs, 34-track audio CD plus 70 page guide.

I think we have both had fun singing & learning together with this product

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Speekee TV

1 - Educational Aids

Speekee TV is designed so that children can learn Spanish in their own time and at their own pace. Available only via the web, Speekee TV is loved by children and their parents around the world.10 EPISODES OF SPANISHOVER 150 MINUTES OF PURE SPANISH LEARNINGLEARN SPANISH FROM REAL SPANISH CHILDREN IN REAL SPANISH LOCATIONSFEATURES SONGS, ANIMATION AND PUPPETSOPTIONAL SUBTITLES IN SPANISH AND ENGLISHFREE ACTIVITY SHEET DOWNLOADSGREAT FUN AND EXTREMELY EFFECTIVECREATED BY SPECIALIST LANGUAGE TEACHERSFREE OPTIONAL CURRICULUMSONGS YOU CAN'T STOP SINGINGHappy customer Mike says "I absolutely love Speekee TV and so do my all my children age 2-11. My 2 year old walks around the house speaking Spanish to herself and her dolls and my older children speak Spanish to each other all day long. Speekee works wonderfully......"
Try Speekee TV free!
The first two weeks are free and there's no minimum period - you can cancel any time. See below for details of monthly and annual subscriptions - each of which comes with the first two weeks absolutely free.

 I would recommend it especially to older children. 

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The Tidy Box

1 - Books

The Tidy Books Box allows kids to easily see and choose their own books, just like the thinking behind the Tidy Books children's bookcase. It will keep books and magazines right at the heart of your family's home. Its' simple, clean aesthetic complements both traditional and contemporary homes. The Tidy Books Box will grow with your family – remove the clock to make a more grown-up looking box - and use it to tidy up paperbacks, magazines or newspapers. Designed and built to last, it will be useful in older children’s bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. Comes with play clock-can be removed as your children grow. Looks great anywhere in your home. Holds up to 40 books or magazines of all sizes. Dimensions: 54cm wide, 34cm high, 28 cm deep. Made from wood from sustainable sources. Available in natural lacquered wood, painted petrol blue or white

Helps keep the books tidy and lets my daughter find books easily. Should last for years, Overall a lovely product.

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Think pink Blue 2 Cars Lorry Star Reward Chart

1 - Educational Aids

Cars is our new complete ...blue2 range and we do love it. ...blue2 boys still need gentle encouragement and this rewards chart does the trick.

Overall, the design is great and the chart is very good at helping little ones to behave and get rewards

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Time Out Mat (the original & the best)

1 - Educational Aids

The Original and The Best! Suitable 3+

The Time out Mat is a circular 20" portable rubber mat, with a fabric top. It can fold and fit into almost any pocket or bag. It's washable, durable, and relevant to all locations; provides a clean spot when used on floors or outside.  Encourages good behaviour. 1. CONSISTENCY is key! TOTO can be used anywhere anytime (park, shop, holiday, car, etc.) allowing for a consistent spot. 2. TEACHES SHARING- When children fight over a toy, place on TOTO until they agree to share. 3. PORTABLE- comes with a drawstring carrying tote. Can easily fit into a pocket or bag. 4. FLEXIBLE- Can fit on any chair, stair or floor surface. Plus, the rubber bottom stops child from moving the spot. 5. WATERPROOF and WASHABLE - Can provide for a clean dry spot on a dirty surface. Machine washable.

Gives you a consistent method of managing unacceptable behaviour.

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Time Tokens

1 - Educational Aids

Time tokens teach your children about healthy limits for time on computers, mobiles, tablets and TV. Fun tokens empower them to manage their screentime And the 'Frazzles' suggest other exciting activities! Time tokens help develop a more balanced child, more relaxed parents and a happier home!

I have been needing something like this for a while with my son as the time he spent on computers was getting out of control. These really helped us, especially having the timer. I felt I could also allow my son to earn more time if he helped about the house etc. overall I was very impressed thank you!

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We're Riding on a Caravan

1 - Toys

An adventure on the silk road. Take a trip through ancient China with this Sensory Tale that will make you feel like you're part of the story as you hear, smell and feel the delights of trading precious stones and spices on the Silk Road. 

Join the caravan for an exciting year-long trek along China's ancient Silk Road. Following the rhyming, treasure-filled story are informational endnotes about the history of the Silk Road, the story of silk, important cities of China, and a full-spread map. Packed with sensory-rich artefacts – from silk cocoons to ‘diamonds’, musical instruments and countless activity ideas, this gorgeous set is perfect for use in the home and settings to bring storytelling and the EYFS to life.
Contents include:Cotton bag -We're Riding on a Caravan paperback book -Mini Chines purse -10 mini 'diamonds' -Silk Cocoons -Clip Clop shells -Cinnamon sticks -Silk purse -Large 'diamond' -See through purse -Camel puppet -Wooden spoon -2 wooden camels -A5 Activity Card

Ideal gift or gifts!

Both I and my children absolutely love this product and have returned to it again and again, each time finding something different to explore, play or discuss within the tale and sensory artefacts. It truly is a delight!

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WiseUp Board Game

1 - Educational Aids

Wouldn’t it be nice to introduce our children to a safe world whilst having fun – to take them on a journey through everyday life, testing their knowledge on everyday situations? Using the WiseUp Children’s Safety Board Game and the 6 TC Kids characters in this Children’s Safety Game, you will be able to educate your children on a whole range of children’s safety issues and help them learn how to live and play safe both inside and outside of the home. The game has been tried and tested in several primary schools around the UK and is now available to the public. WiseUp the Children’s Safety Game includes 250 questions on:-Fire Safety -Road Safety -Stranger Danger -Roller Skating -Emergency Services Information -Basic First Aid -Safety Related Statistics -Disability Awareness -Bullying -Water Safety -Electrical Safety -Firework Safety -Internet Safety -Cycling - Skateboarding -Nutrition -Drug/Solvent Abuse -Safety Signs -Sporting Interests -Racism -Chemical Awareness And many more...The Children’s Safety Game includes:- 1 x folding board
4 x pack of 50 question and answer cards -1 x pack of 50 risk cards -1 x 50 signs sheet -4 x pawns -1 x dice -1 x 1 dice shaker
1 x pencil.

A good educational game that will surely benefit your child.

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