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AEG Powermix Silent Blender

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The AEG Powermix Silent is a global innovation and features a patented sound reduction system which makes this powerful blender quieter than any other on the market today.The new table top blender from AEG is so quiet, you can talk while using it and still be heard. Today’s blenders produce an average of 85-95 dB. That’s the same category as lawn mowers and motorcycles! The AEG Powermix Silent is just 77dB – the quietest on the market.There are two models available, the SB4600 Deep Aubergine and the SB4400 in Antique Steel.
Sieve integrated in lid For easy measurement -1,5L jug -1,5L Glass or Plastic Jug with safety lock

Detachable blade system -Detachable blade assembly allows for easy cleaning -Variable power control
Variable power control, for the ultimate control of your appliance.

I would definitely recommend this product – especially to someone who was weaning their baby and would use it a lot for pureeing. I really enjoyed using this product. The quality is clear to see over cheaper blenders.

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Babymoov’s Nutribaby 5-in-1 processor

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Babymoov’s Nutribaby 5-in-1 processor -  Steam cooks to maintain freshness and nutritious values of foods-Mixes to prepare soups, sauces, purées -Warms bottles and jars - Sterilises bottles and accessories - Defrosts small meals prepared in advance.   Nutribaby makes homemade's baby food very easily! This food processor will steam cook meals, puree.100% automatic: just set him off and nutribaby is doing the job!5 functions, right from birth: warms baby bottles, and jars, sterilises, steams, defrosts, blendsBottle warming and sterilising: up to 3 bottles at a timeTo-the-minute adjustable cycle duration: no more need to calculate the water quantity to put into the tank!2 baskets to separate the food groups, and thus preserve nutrients and tasteRemovable tray to adjust the cooking capacityLCD screen to easily manage all the different  functionsChopping thanks to a button on the top of the bowl: possibility to open the cover during chopping to add liquid to adjust the texture, or any other ingredient to create an original recipeSound and visual alarmsAutomatic switch offMemorization of the last cooking time. BPA free

I want my baby to have more variety I like the sleek design it looks very modern. I found it easy and quick to clean as that is important around a baby.

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'Cook It Together' Book By Annabel Karmel

1 - In The Kitchen

Have fun together in the kitchen and get your child eating healthier, without them even noticing. From tomatoes and sweetcorn to strawberries and yogurt, take 10 top ingredients and find out how they are grown or made; then help your child turn them into fantastic food! Annabel Karmel shows you how to transform tasty basic ingredients into delicious dinners and mouth-watering snacks like honey glazed salmon and strawberry cheesecake. Step-by-step photos show exactly what to do and will help your child develop basic cookery skills from measuring to mixing. You'll even find out how to grow some of the ingredients together at home too. Scrumptious food that's as much fun to make as it is to eat!

Great recipes that parent and child can have fun making together.

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'Indian SuperMeals: Baby & Toddler Cookbook'

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'Indian SuperMeals: Baby & Toddler Cookbook' By Zainab Jagot Ahmed
Indian SuperMeals is a useful culinary guide for any parents looking to ditch the bland baby food to move on to yummy, adventurous baby food. With the sole focus being Indian inspired cuisine, all recipes have been carefully adapted to suit babies and toddlers little taste buds without overwhelming them, producing some absolutely scrumptious meals without the use of salt, sugar or chilli.

A great book. The perfect introduction to spices for babies and toddlers alike with a really good variety of easy to follow recipes to suit all tastes. Highly recommended.               

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4 Piece Steady Co Breakfast Set

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Steady Breakfast Set comes complete with Steadycup Maxi & Lid, Snack Plate, Steady Bowl and Steady Spoon.

Suitable from 12 Months.  Dishwasher, Microwave, Freezer & Sterilizer safe.  NON-TOXIC Plastic (BPA Free - Phthalate Free) Recyclable.  The Steadycup Maxi & Lid complies with international safety standard EN14372.  DO NOT PLACE Metal Cutler in microwave.  Also note the Steadycup has a 12 month warrabtt/guarantee period.

I am very happy with this set and think the price is very good

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5 Piece Steady Dinner Set

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Steady dinner set comes complete with: Steady Plate, Steady Bowl, Steady Cutlery Set.  Suitable from 12 Months.  Bowl and Plate are dishwasher, microwave, freezer and steriliser safe.  Non-Toxic Plastic (BPA Free - Phthalate Free).  Recyclable.  Complies with international safety standard EN14372.  DO NOT Place Metal Cutlery in microwave.


The dinner set is certainly fantastic value for money and my son loves using his new dinner set. 

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Annabel Karmel Baby Feeding Place Setting

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Place Setting - suitable 9 Months Plus. As your child gets older encourage them to be a part of family meal times with their own personal place setting. Idea for a second home or grandparents. The spoon and foon are soft-tipped and kind to gums, with long handles for feeding. The non-spill cup has the option of free flow with a removable valve, a soft touch spout that is kind to gums and easy grip handles for little hands. Replacement lids are available. The bib has a fold down scoop for easy cleaning, catches runny foods and has an adjustable easy fit neck strap. The large bowl has seperate finger food tray, bowl has non-slip base and the snap shut leak proof lid is ideal for transit or storage. Dishwasher proof, freezer proof, microwave proof and steriliser proof. 

Please note: The Annabel Karmel weaning range uses PP (Polypropelene) and this material does not contain BPA (Bisphonel A).

This product is bright and good quality, ideal for travelling light with your baby.  

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BabyDan Cooker Top Guard - Electric Cookers

1 - In The Kitchen

Fits most standard width cookers Easily fitted without any tool nor screwing on to the oven, with specially developed high temperature resistant adhesive. Two adhesive backed rails are placed at either end of the oven door, two panels are then screwed onto the adhesive rails; adjusted to the necessary length; with included screws. Panels can then be easily removed for cleaning if necessary. Dimensions:  Panel length: 39cm to 76cm

It was secure and remained in place throughout. It really is made just to be a cooker guard. 

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Beaba Babycook® Solo

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Babycook® Solo Steamer-cooker-blender
Thanks to its large 1.1 L capacity and ease of use, Babycook Solo allows you to prepare delicious balanced meals for baby in a second. Practical, it can be used with just one hand. Its compact format means that you can take it everywhere with you and it fits easily in even a small kitchen.- 4-in-1, it steam cooks, blends, reheats and defrosts. - Volume bowl : 1.100 ml.Supplied with a spatula, mixing / smoothie filter lid and recipe booklet.
0% Bisphénol A in accordance with regulations in force.


I would recommend it and have recommended it to several family members and friends in forum groups. It is simply amazing and a joy to use to ensure your baby receives the right food without added sugar or salt etc. from shop brought food.                 

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Belle Panel Apron

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A beautifully designed panel apron that creates a stunning shape, available in many different designs that makes you feel like you should be heading out rather than heading to the kitchen.

Wash at 40°C or below to protect colour and fabric.
Handmade in England
Lovingly designed and made in Norwich, England.

I love this product and will definitely be using it regularly and probably purchasing more in the future. A beautiful apron that I didn’t think I needed but now wouldn’t be without.

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Bib’expresso from BEABA

1 - In The Kitchen

The Bib’expresso from BEABA is a functional and stylish way to heat baby milk in just 30 seconds with one hand with the water always delivered at precisely 37°. Designed to be the ideal solution to making baby’s bottles during the day or at night the Bib’expresso has a simple one handed operation that delivers water at an accurate 37° while also helping to mix the water with the formula milk while it is being dispensed. The water takes just 30 seconds to reach the preset temperature, about the same time that it will take to measure the formula. The Bib’expresso easily transforms into an ultra-compact bain-marie ideal for heating prepared bottles and food jars, and because of its compact size it is ideal for taking away. The Bib’expresso has an inbuilt steam cleaning operation to ensure that the appliance is always totally clean and hygienic. Also included with the Bib’expresso is a microwave steriliser with room for 3 bottles which also doubles as a handy storage unit.


Stylish and effective, if you don't mind a little indulgence, this could be the next "it" product for you.

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Clevamama Oven Door Guard

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The Clevamama™ Transparent Oven Door Guard helps prevent burns and scalds to little people’s hands from hot oven doors. Most oven doors are reflective and just the perfect height for infants to admire themselves. However, by using the Clevamama™ Transparent Oven Door Guard, the heat on the surface of the oven door can be reduced by up to 50%, helping to prevent serious burns and scalds to the secret admirers. The transparent material will not inhibit your ability to look into your oven and the smooth surface makes it easy to clean. An essential safety item for every home. Moulded from a heat-resistant polycarbonate plastic, the Clevamama™ Transparent Oven Door Guard will fix to a metal or glass oven door.

I noticed a massive reduction in the temperature of the oven door, it works perfectly. The product works 100% in terms of preventing injury and it is fantastic quality, also offering great value for money.

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Contented Calf Cookbook

1 - In The Kitchen

The Contented Calf Cookbook - Nourishing Recipes For Breastfeeding Mums: to promote milk production.

Inspired by a friend’s quest to improve her milk supply and her discovery of lactogenic foods, Elena Cimelli created this unique cook book with food writer Jassy Davis to give new parents a one-stop collection of delicious, lactogenic meals, snacks, drinks and treats.
Drawing on Elena’s own experience of cooking and freezing meals ahead of the birth of her daughter, the majority of the meals are designed to be made and frozen in the weeks leading up to the birth of your child. All the recipes are nourishing and full of flavour and they’ll appeal to partners, children, friends and non-breastfeeding mums, too.

I would recommend to other breastfeeding mums. I have already told family about this book as the recipes are lovely to have even if there is no breastfeeding mums’ eating! Lovely book, full of exciting recipes to try for all the family.                

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Cool Fans

1 - In The Kitchen

The Cool Fan is a funky fan which cools children's food quickly and hygiencally.  Designed by a Dad who got fed-up standing outside blowing on his impatien daughter's food.  This ingenious invention can be used when your child first starts on solids right the way through the toddler stage, allowing the whole family to sit down and eat at the same time.  No more waiting for food to cool.


Easy to clean, strong and simple and does the job it’s supposed to do. Would definitely buy or recommend! 

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Croc odor Fridge XL

1 - In The Kitchen

The best-selling fridge deodoriser from leading kitchen care expert Croc odor absorbs and neutralises unwanted odours in the fridge, working safely in close proximity to food items without risking the food. Offering a unique natural solution, Fridge contains a neutral, fragrance-free gel made from natural seaweed extracts, which effectively fights those unpleasant malodor gases and prevents cross-contamination of food with strong flavours.  It also features a temperature indicator that tells people if their fridge is at the correct temperature, whilst the end-line indicator shows when the gel has nearly run out, in order for it to be replaced. Long-lasting and completely recyclable, the Croc odor fridge XL keeps fridges fresh between six to eight weeks.

A must have product to keep your fridge smelling fresh at all times.

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Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System

1 - In The Kitchen

Hands may come into contact with millions of germs every day. But have you ever thought about those germs ending up on your soap pump? Fact: Your soap pump can harbour hundreds of bacteria.Introducing the DETTOL No-Touch Hand Wash System, it automatically senses your hands and dispenses just the right amount of soap that kills 99.9% of bacteria. For use in the kitchen or bathroom, the antibacterial hand soap is enriched with moisturising ingredients to care for your hands. Available in three premium fragrances: Hydrating Cucumber Splash, Cleansing Green Tea & Ginger, and Refreshing Grapefruit Essence.

It is a hygienic sensible answer to hand washing which smells wonderful and leaves your hands feeling soft and clean.

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DK 'Your Feeding Questions Answered' By Annabel Karmel

1 - In The Kitchen

The only Q&A recipe book to tackle all your feeding challenges from Annabel Karmel.

Provided me with useful information, advice and ideas on how best to feed my daughter.

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Easy Indian Supermeals for Babies, Toddlers and the Family

1 - In The Kitchen

Written by a mum for mums – Easy Indian SuperMeals for Babies, Toddlers and the Family is an easy read family cookbook containing delicious, fuss-free, nutrient-rich recipes suitable from weaning to one pot family meals.  It’s the UK's first Asian-themed weaning cookbook guiding parents on safely introducing aromatic flavours into their child’s diet. With nutritionists recommending a reduction in the amount of salt and sugar children consume, cooking with aromatic spices acts a substitute, helping to broaden palates and add masses of flavour to meals - reducing fussy eating behaviours and allowing family mealtimes to be enjoyed. More than a cookbook, it includes valuable parenting advice in a friendly manner, encourages the use of a combination of feeding techniques and is packed with extensively researched nutritional information. Recipe influences range from Indian classics to British, Spanish, Italian and more, all with clever spice additions for oodles of taste and flavour, to help parents to raise a well-rounded, healthy eater.

This book is fab. At the beginning of the book it explains which spices to buy and when these have been purchased the rest is easy. Delicious meals not only for baby but also me and hubby. My confidence in cooking has grown in the past few week so happy mummy and happy family. 

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ecoegg Fresher For Longer Discs

1 - In The Kitchen

Waste less, eat more healthily and save money. Each disc lasts for 3 months. Great results: independently provenNo harsh chemicalsOur Fresher For Longer Discs are proven to prolong the life of your fruit and vegetables.
The industry secret is now available at home. The same technology that cruise ships use to keep their produce fresh whilst at sea for weeks on end is now available in your own home.  Ever wondered how supermarkets keep fruit and veg fresh for so long? It’s this technology they use in their vast fruit warehouses. Breaking the vicious circleIt’s ethylene gas that’s the enemy.  As fruit and veg start to go off they give off ethylene gas.  The problem is that ethylene gas also causes fruit and veg to go off – so you get a vicious circle.  That’s why, when fruit and veg start to go off, they go off very quickly!  The discs break the cycle by absorbing the ethylene gas, slowing down the decay process and keeping your food fresher for longer.Lasts 3 months. They are so easy to use – just pop one in the fridge, fruit bowl, lunch box or cool box – then forget about it.  It’ll then keep working hard – for the next 3 months – absorbing the ethylene gas and keeping your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. They’ll extend the life of your fruit and vegetables so you’ll get a chance to eat them before they go bad.  If you are trying to eat more healthily, or just want to save money, these are perfect for you.This is a great value kit which contains 4 discs.  And with each lasting for 3 months, that’s a year’s supply!

Normally a bunch of bananas would be black after a few days but with this in the bowl it has kept my bananas yellow and ripe. Apples stay firmer too. I also have one in my fridge vegetable box and this has helped to keep the food in there fresh too. I live on an island so food takes the extra day to get her and the shelf life is not so long. We unfortunately end up throwing out a fair amount of fruit due to it going off before it gets a chance to be eaten but not anymore. I was very sceptical and honestly didn’t think they would work but I was proved wrong. Such a fantastic product, will most definitely be buying this product from now on.

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Ecoforce Recycled Bag Grips

1 - In The Kitchen

When considering the versatility of the peg in association with the unique moulding that we have perfected, a recycled bag grip seemed the logical next step.Surely one of the most irritating things in a busy life is cleaning spilt peas from the bottom of the freezer or untying knotted plastic to get to whatever might be inside, let alone how best to pin up your negatives in the dark room.Well these are issues no more. EcoForce recycled plastic bag grips can be used on almost any bag.

most unbreakable these handy grips are perfect to have around the house. Key features are:Frost proof. No rust or stains. Easy to store. Dishwasher proofEasy to use attach and detach 

A robust and simple solution for a multitude of domestic dilemmas.    

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EmmayCare Whatlock Magnetic Locks - 2 Locks, 1 Magnetic Key

1 - In The Kitchen

”out of sight, Out of mind”. The Mag Lock Magnetic Locking System is hidden inside the cabinet. Simple to install with screw fittings included in the pack. Suitable for use with cupboards and drawers upto 25mm thick. The locks can only be released with the use of the powerful magnetic key. Ideal for securing Cabinets, Cupboards and Drawers to keep harmful household items out of the reach of toddlers. The lock can be disengaged, using a special disengaging clip. Ideal to install in Grandparent’s homes, simply disengage the locks for when grandchildren are not visiting, and it’s as if the locks aren’t there! This pack includes 2 Locks and 1 Magnetic Key

Practical solution that makes your kitchen child-safe.


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Goldbug Sandwich Cutters

1 - In The Kitchen

Goldbugs Sandwich Cutters are an easy way to remove crusts, and they can be used on small and non-standard bread as well. Child-friendly, easy to use and dishwasher safe, its a great way to get children to help out at mealtime. And its educational as well! Nothing gives children a boost of self esteem than making something of their own. With Goldbugs Sandwich Cutters, they can make any of four different kinds of sandwich: triangular halves, triangular quarters, round halves, and even a heart. And of course, if they make it themselves, theyll certainly eat it all up! Best of all, youre not limited to bread. You can use the cutters to shape cakes, dough, even a stack of pancakes! Great for lunches, parties, finger sandwiches and even catering. Goldbugs Sandwich Cutters are child-safe. Made of strong, high-quality plastic, they have no sharp edges that can cut or scrape a childs fingers.
Note to parents:
Recommended for ages 18 months and older.

This is superb value for money, if I knew it was about before I would have bought it already. A top choice item.


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Greens Barbie Cake Mix

1 - In The Kitchen

Barbie cake mix. A vanilla cake mix with strawberry topping and butterfly sprinkles. You'll be treating your friends and family to delicious Barbie cakes in no time. So what are you waiting for? Why not try our Barbie cake mix now!

Great value but the best part was eating them!

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Greens Cupcake Mix

1 - In The Kitchen

Strawberry Cupcakes
This ready to mix cupcake comes complete with strawberry flavoured frosting and seedless jam to give your cupcake a delicious gooey centre - and makes for the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon tea.Taking just 12 minutes to bake, simply add egg, butter and water to whip up into a gorgeous cupcake in no time.The pack contains an icing sachet and piping nozzle to help create a professional cupcake look that will rival an expert chef! Get artistic by piping a swirl with the flavoured buttercream frosting, be inventive and try topping with fresh fruit, colourful sprinkles or chocolate chips.Show off your creative skills by decorating each one individually to tailor to everyone's taste.The possibilities are endless and you'll be sure to make a selection that no sweet tooth will be able to resist!All Green's products are made with natural ingredients and no artificial colourings.You Will Need
1 medium egg20g + 75g of softened butter20ml +15ml waterMuffin tin.Makes 6 large cupcakes
Also available in Lemon & Blueberry

 I would buy these now and recommend then to others. Over all they are easy to make, very tasty cakes that are sweet and moreish.

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Greens Rocky Road Chocolate Mix

1 - In The Kitchen

Rocky Road mix. A tasty journey of chocolate, marshmallow and biscuit. You'll be treating your friends and family to delicious servings of Rocky Road in no time. So what are you waiting for? Why not try our Rocky Road mix now!

Great packaging with easy to follow instructions, fantastic value for money and tasted delicious.

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Greens Thomas The Tank Engine Cake Mix

1 - In The Kitchen

Thomas the Tank Engine. A vanilla cake mix with icing, waferettes and train sprinkles. You'll be treating your friends and family to delicious Thomas the Tank Engine cakes in no time. So what are you waiting for? Why not try our Thomas the Tank Engine cake mix now!

I was really pleased to get the chance to trial these cakes as I might not have tried them otherwise and they feel like a real find!

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Grippies are the exciting new versatile product, that can be used in your daily life for hundreds of different reasons. Promising you a high quality Non-Slip alternative to Foam and Rubbing Webbing. Grippies is easily transferable between all areas of life and can be easily cut to shape and size with just a pair of scissors.

I found that there was a lot more use for these in day to day things.


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1 - In The Kitchen

HomePlates decorative light switch covers require NO rewiring and fit perfectly over ALL brands of UK single switches. HomePlates are NOT those flimsy, adhesive "stick-on" covers or stickers. Available in two styles, the original HomePlates switch covers are injection moulded and made of sturdy ABS plastic. The new Artitude by HomePlates Acrylic Switch Covers are the first and only Acrylic switch covers with No Visible Screws and are available in 3 sizes: Singles, Doubles, and Dimmers. The HomePlates Collection features both original and licensed images: from Classic to Contemporary, there is a style and design for every room in the home.

 I really liked the idea of hiding boring light switches. They have loads of designs on their Website with plenty of choice for any room in your house. I will definitely be purchasing more of these in the future.

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Kiddi Kutter

1 - In The Kitchen

Kiddi Food Kutter is designed for children 3 years plus to help them cut their food in safety. This knife has no sharp edges, yet it will cut any food from a soft tomatoe through to a tough steak. It is able to do this by using a sawing action rather then relying on sharp teeth blade. Constructed from tumbled stainless steel with a moulded plastic handle which ergonomic. A safe & fun way for your toddler to learn to cut their own food and to help you in the kitchen. Adult supervision recommended.
Available in Green, Pink, Blue or Purple -
Follow Kiddi Kutter on Facebook 

Bizziebaby Silver Award winner 2011/12 and Gold Award winner 2012/13

Brilliant value for money. Fantastic design. I'm over the moon with this knife. My son helps me most days with preparing meals.

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Lara Jill Papillon Lunch Cooler

1 - In The Kitchen

Papillon is a funky Blue Butterfly and Red Dot design which is part of our new range and will suit any occasion. This gorgeous cooler is made with cotton oilcloth making it easy to wipe off any spills. Designed to make life more organised, this cooler bag offers optimum capacity whilst remaining lightweight, making this product a must-have for anyone on the go! This bag features a main compartment to safely store your products. Externally, there is a zipped compartment , which is handy and convenient. This cooler bag also comes complete with a carry handle and is free from phthalates and softeners.

- Brand new design.
- Maintains food/drink for up to 3 hours.
- Easily wiped clean.
- Dimensions are 26 x 24 x 27cm.
- Free from phthalates and softeners.

 I would highly recommend this product. It's perfect for the job and looks fabulous too. It is excellent value and quality, right on trend too. It's easy to use and keep clean most importantly.         

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LetMeBe Can Crusher

1 - In The Kitchen

This heavy duty foot operated food and drinks can crusher helps you recycle by compacting bulky cans without significant effort for effective storage. Works extremely well on stubborn steel food cans. Suitable for both steel and aluminium cans. Reduces cans by up to 85%. Non slip and non marking footpads. Sturdy all metal construction. Suitable for cans up to 500ml.


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Little Helper FunPod Highchair

1 - In The Kitchen

The FunPod HighChair is a fantastic new 5 in 1 product that has evolved from the multi award-winning FunPod. The FunPod HighChair can be used when baby starts to wean and can be used as both a high chair and a low chair with tray. Taking away the tray is really easy (allen key included) and it gives you the extra benefits of a trayless highchair and low everyday chair. When baby becomes a toddler the quick release screws allow speedy transformation back into our original FunPod safety device for use at kitchen worktops for up to 5 years. The award-winning FunPod can be used between the ages of 1*-6 and provides a safe environment to get your toddlers up to the worktop on their own safely constructed platform to help, interact, learn and play. Get them involved and see how much they love it!
*Toddler must be able to stand unaided to use the FunPod® safely.

A brilliant safe place for my daughter, as invaluable as the stair gate!

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Lunchbox Love By Sally J King

1 - In The Kitchen

Lunchbox Love book helps families get back in the kitchen. Great descriptive recipes to follow, nutritional information, and some superb ideas for your Childrens lunch boxes.

A good book, informative, gives you good advice about nutrition etc., and some fun recipes to try out. 

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Maps Moshi Monsters Cookie Kit

1 - In The Kitchen

The Moshi Monsters Cookie Kit Includes 2 x Moshling cookie cutters with 6 to collectIncludes 2 x decorating gel tubes450g of Cookie mix, enough to make 24 cookiesFree Rox code inside pack to be used om Full instructions included

Kira really liked this product as she was really excited by it and after all it's the child that it's aiming to please. It is a fun and engaging product that is easy to use.

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1 - In The Kitchen

Minibini is ideal for Kitchen or Bathroom bins.  Easy to use, keeps your bins smelling fresh.

 I have told my mummy friends about it. It is great, simple and an easy to use product to get rid of horrid nappy smells and that of other foods.  

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NUTRIBABY From Highstreet TV

1 - In The Kitchen

With the NUTRIBABY® food processor, making organic, nutritious, preservative-free baby food couldn't be easier.NUTRiBABY® purees fresh ingredients into the perfect baby food consistency, and is perfect for every stage of your baby’s development. So whether your baby is a few months old or even a toddler, we’ve got it covered! Now your baby can benefit from homemade food, quickly and easily. 

The size of the product is an advantage as it is compact and does not take up a great deal of room in the cupboard. I also like the colour and pattern design on the blender as it makes a change from boring black

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1 - In The Kitchen

Make delicious, nutritious smoothies with the Nutrition Extractor everyone’s raving about!The secret of the NUTRiBULLET® is its powerful 600 watt motor combined with bullet cyclonic action that forces everything through the turbo extractor blades at an incredible 20,000 RPM breaking down and pulverising  stems, seeds and skins where some of the usually neglected essential nutrition lies.

I absolutely loved this product. It is so quick and easy to use and makes being healthy really easy. I have loved trying all the recipes and making my own up as well.

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Opinel Le Petit Chef Kitchen Knife, Peeler & Finger Guard

1 - In The Kitchen

le Petit Chef Collection created by Opinel is ideal for teaching children how to cook in total safety.

The knife features a stainless steel round-tipped blade 10cm, robust and perfect for cutting and slicing thinly, a learning ring which helps to position the fingers correctly and prevents the hand from slipping onto the blade.The finger guard is to protect the hand holding the food to be cut.The peeler features a stainless steel blade and a learning ring to position the fingers correctly and to peel easily by pulling.Young users should be supervised.Varnished beech handle. Le Petit Chef Peeler also available.
In 1890, Joseph Opinel created the small folding knife named after him in small mountain village in the Savoie region of France. Simple, robust and effective, over time, the Opinel has becomes a universal object, and is still recognised as one of the best knives in the world. Today, with great attention to reliability and practicality, Opinel makes a wide range of knives and tools for all those who appreciate impeccable cutting. Each tool and knife manufactured by Opinel proudly bears the trademark of the Crowned Hand.

My daughter really enjoyed using the knife and peeler to help me make dinner. So far we have used the set to slice ingredients to put on the top of a pizza, peel vegetables for a stew and prepare salad. The set is very professional-looking and the red colour would appeal to both boys and girls. Both the knife and peeler are fairly sharp so children need to be supervised at all times when using them. 

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Ora Round Kitchen Towel

1 - In The Kitchen

Ora has been designed to make using kitchen towels easier by layering single round sheets through an innovative stacking system. As there are no perforations, you simply lift off a sheet with one hand. Each stack contains the equivalent of two traditional kitchen towel rolls held in a waterproof card base rather than on a roll. Everyone wins: Ora’s space saving design and round shape means 20% less packaging, over 30% fewer trucks on the road and less space required in the supermarket and in the home. And less waste for our planet.     

I would highly recommend. My husband laughed at me ‘cos I love a gimmick but these kitchen towels really are good!     

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OXO POP Cookie Jar - 2.8L

1 - In The Kitchen

Combining the airtight seal of POP Containers and the familiar shape of a cookie jar, the OXO Good Grips POP Jars make all kinds of cookies and snacks easily accessible. Each jar has a unique pop-up button mechanism that creates an airtight seal with just one touch. The button serves as a handle to easily remove the lid with one hand and the large circular opening makes it easy to access your snacks. The jar’s shape allows for attractive countertop display for a variety of dried foods, while ensuring your items stay fresh. The jar has a flat back to sit flush against a wall and to maximise storage capacity. All POP containers are BPA free.
Airtight seal keeps snacks freshPress button once to seal canister and again to openPop-up button serves as handle to easily remove lidLarge circular opening makes it easy to access snacks of various sizesFlat back allows Jar to sit flush against wall or backsplash2.8L size is great for holding a batch of cookiesBPA free

It is a handy useful piece of kitchen kit, great for storing opened biscuits and raisin packets etc. It would look great in a set.                 

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OXO POP Snack Jar - 1.9L

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Combining the airtight seal of POP Containers and the familiar shape of a cookie jar, the OXO Good Grips POP Jars make all kinds of cookies and snacks easily accessible. Each jar has a unique pop-up button mechanism that creates an airtight seal with just one touch. The button serves as a handle to easily remove the lid with one hand and the large circular opening makes it easy to access your snacks. The jar’s shape allows for attractive countertop display for a variety of dried foods, while ensuring your items stay fresh. The jar has a flat back to sit flush against a wall and to maximise storage capacity. All POP containers are BPA free
Airtight seal keeps snacks freshPress button once to seal canister and again to openPop-up button serves as handle to easily remove lidLarge circular opening makes it easy to access snacks of various sizesFlat back allows Jar to sit flush against wall or backsplash1.9L size is perfect for smaller snacks like crackers and chipsBPA free

It is easy to use for adults and children, its light weight and perfect for little hands to put in and pull out a biscuit.                  

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Petite Star Ed Hardy Lunchbox

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The Ed Hardy brand is based on tattoos created by Ed Hardy and is a mix of very strong images and brilliant use of bright new colours. Since 2000, Ed Hardy's iconic design has become a global phenomenon, making it instantly recognisable to millions of people worldwide. As a lifestyle brand it inspires devoted consumers worldwide and is a favourite of a long list of celebrities including Madonna, Britney Spears, Shakira, Snoop Dog, David Beckham, Kayne West, Will Smith, Paris Hilton to mention just a few...
The five iconic designs: Dedicated to the one I Love, Tiger, Live Love Life, Koi and King Dog are available on a range of baby bottles, bibs and pacifiers, plus theres a gorgeous pacifier clip too.

He says it’s ‘really cool’ the design is funky and hasn’t faded through its countless washes. We love it – Daddy even uses it too! 

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Prince Lionheart Stove Guard

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Adjustable Cooker Guard puts a barrier between your child’s fingers and cooker hazards - hot saucepans and open flames. Heat resistant, poly-carbonate plastic adjusts to fit cookers 61cm to 91cm wide. Specially formulated adhesive tape secures Cooker Guard to your range and removes easily when no longer needed. Mounts on front or top of cooker

It is a very useful product to have in the kitchen.

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Recipe File (Union Jack)

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It's our practical solution for enthusiastic and creative cooks. The Recipe File is perfect for storing favourite magazine clippings and loose hand-written recipes. Up to 90 recipes can be stored in 45 separate pockets. The flip top binding and six movable index cards are designed to make recipes easy to find. And there are great practical features for using the file in the kitchen: the built-in stand allows easy reference when cooking and the wipe-clean laminated cover and pockets keeps everything clean.The Recipe File won Gift of the Year (stationery products) in 2004 and remains as popular as ever.

 I loved this recipe file very handy to put all my cuttings in rather than everywhere in my house!!

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Sacla' Pesto Range

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We think the best pesto should coat every piece of pasta, making it drip with colour and flavour. It's also fantastic with meat, fish and vegetables. We should know, we've been the country's numero uno pesto for the past twenty years. Now we've made our own Pesto nine times better; with nine new flavours. A combination of freshly picked basil and Grana Padano cheese is the secret behind every recipe. And just in case you were wondering, yes, they're all made in Italy. Any one of our 190g jars will serve four of your favourite people.

Very convenient, good quality tasty meal that can be prepared in less than 20 mins or can be used to prepare a large delicious meal to entertain and impress family and friends. 

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Sacla' Stir Through Range

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This is a range of sauces you can just stir through anything - from pasta to potatoes. We don't rest until we find the finest ingredients, and then blend them to make an unbeatable range that is happy to coat anything you put in its way. 

Vine-Ripened Tomato & Mascarpone.  Blend juicy Italian tomatoes with creamy mascarpone cheese, add a hint of garlic and your reward is a super smooth sauce that melts in your mouth. Stir it through pasta, like a linguini, or make mashed potatoes sit up and take notice by adding a dollop of sauce instead of milk.


The flavours were good and they were easy to use and can be used with more than just pasta dishes.

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Simply Scones

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Love freshly baked, home made scones but haven’t got time to make them or would rather not spend a lot on a hotel high tea? Well, then you’ve come to the right place! Here, at Simply Scones, we are committed to preparing scones using the best organic and free-range ingredients for you to bake in your own kitchen. Our formula is simple. We make the scone dough, shape it into individual scones, freeze and deliver them to your door with instructions on how to bake them in your oven when you’re ready to wow your friends and family!
Available in Plan, Fruit or Cheese & Onion Marmalade -
Price for Dozen - Plain £7.80 - Fruit £8.50 and £8.80 for Cheese & Onion Marmalade

I would recommend it as a good service for someone who enjoys good quality ingredients and is willing to pay the higher costs, rather than likely to bake them.                 

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Stokke® Table Top

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Most other trays are mounted directly onto the highchair – not so with the unique Stokke Table Top. Innovative new design attaches firmly onto the family dinner table so that your child can sit, enjoy and connect with you and the rest of the family. Stokke Table Top is not only convenient when it comes to eating, it can also be used whilst playing, learning and sharing at the family table. Stokke Table Top comes complete with six different templates that can be inserted into the transparent tray. Each design offers a fun backdrop for storytelling and challenging your child’s imagination with animal, colour, shape, size, number and alphabet themes. An inspiration book also offers fun ideas to help you and your child get the most of this wonderful new invention. Stokke Table Top is not only a tray. It’s a platform for your child to play, learn and eat.

The Stokke Tabletop is a novel idea that is educational as well as fun!

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Super Oat Cookies

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Oats are well documented as a great energy source for growing bodies, providing a slow-release source of carbohydrates that help you feel fuller for longer. They also happen to be very tasty, and make a lovely cookie! We've added in some plump sultanas, a touch of coconut and flakes of quinoa. Quinoa is a superfood that provides a whole host of vitamins and protein and a delicious nutty flavour. It is great in these cookies, but also amazing with stir-frys, casseroles and roast vege salads - give it a try.Very easy to make - just add butter and water!           

Very tasty product, good value for the quality of the ingredients, nice packaging, easy to read instructions and few extra products required to make. Would consider buying as a gift. Kids enjoyed making and eating them.             

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The Dodo Book For Cooks

1 - In The Kitchen

The Complete Dodo-it-Yourself Kitchen Companion for Gourmet Snacks, Scraps and Banquets is divided into Ten Sections from Soups and Starters to Festive Fare. Each of the laminated tabbed dividers has a pouch to store your favourite cuttings and recipes. In between there is oodles of space to scribble or stick your culinary collations.

It is a great way to keep my menus organised and a quick reference point for my husband when I am away

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The Little Giants personalised Place Mats

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The Little Giants personalised Place Mats. Tuck in to fun mealtimes with these bright placemats. Just wipe clean for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This is a lovely bright product, to help keep the table cleaner during messy toddler mealtimes. It also provides prompts for conversation during mealtimes as my son loved talking about what he could see.

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The Messy Me Splash Mat

1 - In The Kitchen

Protect Your Floor, Carpet Or Table From Meal And Playtime Spills And Splashes With Our Gorgeous, Easy Clean, Long Lasting Splash Mats.
Our generously sized mats will catch all the bits your little one drops at mealtimes and during crafty fun.

Multi use – doubles up as a play mat or picnic matSuitable for indoor and outdoor use. Compact when folded so easy to take when visiting to protect people’s floors from meal and playtime mess. Beautiful hard wearing oilcloth in stylish colours and designs, chosen to blend with kitchen decor and appeal to mums. 90 x 120cms Wipeable fabric AND hems. Simply shake after use and wipe clean with a wet wipe or damp cloth. Suitable for occasional machine washing at 30º C. Our fabric meets Oeko-Tex Standard 100, is BPA and phthalate free

Bizziebaby Silver Award winners 2017 

I would recommend this product to friends, family and also fellow childminders. Overall this product is a very strong 5 out of 5. This splash mat is hard wearing, easy to clean and protects floors really well.

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cookie Jar

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Everyone loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

Portmeirion's Very Hungry Caterpillar Cookie Jar is a great children's storage jar for bits and bobs as well as cookies.

Bright and bold, kids will absolutely love their Very Hungry Caterpillar Cookie Jar - not to mention the adults!

Dimensions : 17 x 14cm (6.7 x 5.5")

The product is very cute and looks good in my kitchen. It keeps my biscuits nice and fresh.

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar Egg Cup and Soldier Tray

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Everyone loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Portmeirion's Very Hungry Caterpillar Egg Cup and Soldier Tray is a great children's tableware set for eggy breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Bright and bold, kids will absolutely love their meal times - not to mention the adults! Each Very Hungry Caterpillar Egg Cup & Soldier Tray comes packaged in a wobbly gift box that can be used as a treasure chest in any child's bedroom.

Dimensions : Egg Cup - 5cm (dia), Soldier Tray - 23 x 17cm (Egg Cup - 2" (dia), Soldier Tray - 9 x 7")

Material : Porcelain -freezer safe -oven safe - dishwasher safe -microwave safe

It’s very easy to use and most children have seen or read the book. It is very encouraging for children. It’s a great, bright egg cup which is very easy to clean and store.

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Toosh Coosh Toddler Trays

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Toddler Trays:Nontoxic 100% food-grade melamine.Fits perfectly over the table edge.Unique non-slip design.Well-designed lip catches spills, even liquid!Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.Educational graphics embedded, so won’t fade or peel.Durable enough to last generations.Light and portable enough to be a travel tray. deal for containing playtime mess, too.  

The product is fun for my daughter with the pictures on, which makes meal time more fun. The lip on the tray is good so the food is caught in here and not always on the floor. It is a nice size so is easy to store but big enough to fit my daughters plate and drink in to ensure if the drink is also spilt it is easy to wipe up.

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Very Lazy Garlic

1 - In The Kitchen

At the heart of all great kitchens, is a belief in getting the basics right.

Forget the mess, fuss and fiddle of preparing those kitchen essentials - simply grab a jar or sachet of Very Lazy, add to your favourite recipe and enjoy yourself - very tasty.... very nice and easy!

It is your secret ingredient in the store cupboard!

Definitely will buy again and will check out the rest of the range too! Brilliant product, saves waste and saves time and tastes great.

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Very Lazy Ginger Paste

1 - In The Kitchen

At the heart of all great kitchens, is a belief in getting the basics right.

Forget peeling & grating, simply replace one knob of ginger with one teaspoon of Very Lazy Ginger Paste.

Great for stir fries, soups and even sweet sauces.

Available in 110g Jar and Sachets 

It is your secret ingredient in the store cupboard!

The paste is very simple to use, tastes good, and is a clean and convenient alternative to fresh ginger, although I prefer to use fresh ingredients this is an excellent substitute that does not detract taste.

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Wall Word Designs

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Wall Word Designs can bring a room to life quickly and easily. They have a wide variety of unique and original designs available for the nursery or kitchen that will be a sure talking point for any of your guests.

This is a great price and a wonderful addition to your kitchen!

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Whirlpool Max Microwave with Steam Function MAX 35 ORG

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The Whirlpool Max Microwave range with its statement rounded back, slots comfortably into tight corners and so can be suited for those with limited kitchen workspace or where space is a premium. Its shape is designed to fit around its large 28cm turntable, so it may appear smaller than a conventional microwave but there is no compromise on size when it comes to cooking.  

Stylish and Easy to Clean. The Max 35 microwave is designed with a dark glass flat screen door and an integrated handle with touch-screen controls. The aim of this design is to make the Max 35 both stylish and easy to clean and with a choice of a variety of different colours, the user can personalise their microwave to suite their kitchen. 

Steam function -This microwave comes with a specially designed steamer vessel and pre-programmed settings for ease of steaming a variety of different foods such as fish, vegetables and even cakes. The auto steam function means that food can be fully steamed to the desired level within minutes. All that is required is to add water to the steamer then select the food class and weight.

I would buy this definitely; I don’t know how I lived without one before!!! I have recommended it already and will do on my blog when I can post it. This is a great product at a great price! I don’t know how I lived without one!!!

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