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Aquabeads Jewel Rings

1 - Arts & Crafts

You can make sparkling jewel rings with a simple spray of water. Choose the ring to go with your outfit! Contains over 500 Jewel Beads.

Katelyn enjoyed sorting the different colours in each compartment. The colour & pattern selection is very good. There is lots of choice.

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Aquarelle Midi - Dolphins

1 - Arts & Crafts

Simple and unique watercolour painting technique Create perfect works of art every time! Each canvas comes pre-printed with the unique Aquarelle outline The outline prevents the paint from running and when the canvas dries, adds detail to your artwork Mix the special liquid watercolour inks following the colour chart, or invent your own for even greater creativity.
Getting creative could not be easier! Aquarelle is a brand new watercolour craft concept, which is simple yet extremely effective. The technique helps you create perfect works of art – every time. The watercolour canvas is pre-printed with a thin white wax outline, which acts as a guide for the picture and prevents the colours from "running". Once you've completed your design, the wax design becomes a perfect white outline, showing all the detail in your painting. The unique liquid watercolour ink allows you to mix just about any colour you can dream of. Either the follow the colour guide included in the box, or if you are feeling really creative, you can always mix up your own blend of colours. The set contains three canvasses, a double ended paintbrush with two strengths, liquid ink, pallette and a pipette. • Winner of Best Creative Product at Olympia Toy Fair 2012 • Unique printed boards ensure image outlines remain "clean” to give that special watercolour "look” • Mix the inks following the colour chart, or invent your own for even greater creativity • Ideal for ages 8+
Barcode: 4005556293155
Contents: The set contains three canvasses, a double ended paintbrush with two strengths, liquid ink, pallette and a pipette.

Highly recommend. We loved this product.  

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Aquatone Pencils

1 - Arts & Crafts

Aquatone - Paint in a stick. Watercolour pencils are amazingly versatile and Aquatone offers you four times more useable material than a wood cased pencil. This solid stick of pure, watersoluble colour can be used wet or dry, and you can apply broad sweeps of colour in seconds. For even faster colour lay down, simply peel off the protective wrapper and apply Aquatone on its side. Aquatone will give you many hours of creative pleasure. The range of 24 Aquatone colours is the same as those in the Watercolour pencil range so they complement each other perfectly.

Visit the 'hints & tips' section to view a video demo of this product in action!

Mia really enjoyed using these as she drew and coloured her picture and then added water with the Waterbrush, which was also as easy to use as a pencil and meant she couldn’t overload it with water and ruin her picture/painting.

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Art2-D2's Guide to Folding and Doodling

1 - Arts & Crafts

Art2-D2's Guide to Folding and Doodling: An Origami Yoda Activity Book  -  A companion to the Origami Yoda series, this doodle and activity book will include instructions for making: origami Star Wars characters; block and bubble lettering; your own comic book; a Chapstick rocket; Star Wars smileys; fake knuckle cracks; pencil games and much more. 


It would make a fabulous little present to a child. I will recommend as I think it is an ideal product for the price. Especially if you are a star wars fan.  Great book for a boy.  A very fun, entertaining and interactive book.  

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1 - Arts & Crafts

Charley Harper (American, 1922-2007) was famous for his uniquely stylized wildlife art, which featured animal forms reduced to their simplest elements and depicted using blocks of bold, bright color.Images Songbird Woodpecker Painted Bunting Cardinals Consorting Darwin’s Finches

Lovely little set of cards, great idea. I was very impressed with the card set. I think it’s a lovely idea. My daughter is very creative and has enjoyed colouring the cards in and giving them as birthday and get well cards. 

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Carddies Colour and Go Set

1 - Arts & Crafts

Carddies are little Card People to colour in and play with for hoursThey come in fun sets:  some sets are ready now, and many more are on their way!Carddies sets appeal to girls and to boys aged 3 to 99! Each Carddies set has double sided little Card People and a scene to colour in, high quality Carddies colouring pencils, and plastic stands which all bring the Carddies to life. Carddies are packaged in a perfect, robust card box. You can carry them everywhere! Carddies are made in the UK using premium materials made to last

Bizziebaby Silver Award winner 2018 Arts & Crafts Category 

Available from the Carddies store at Amazon UK Amazon UK

I would recommend as I think it’s great to encourage their imagination and creativity. Good quality, packaged well, encourages different aspects of development. 

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Cartoonarts A4 Prints

1 - Arts & Crafts

These prints are made on 240gsm fine art paper and arrive individually signed, sealed and ready to frame. To receive quotes for alternative sizes and for framing advice, 


When I heard I was getting a print to review to be honest I felt a bit disssapointed. But when I received it in the post I was pleasantly surprised with the mounted ready to frame print I chose the 'I Love Ewe' print and Zara loved it.

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1 - Arts & Crafts

Box Size: 11 ⅞ x 5 ⅛ x ⅞ in.Spans approximately 20 in. when assembledIncludes: 10 durable plastic shapes—8 birds and 2 leaves; 18 coated, looped wires for easy assembly; and hanger and filament for suspending.Designed for balance and plenty of movement.
Brighten any room with this colorful mobile featuring the art of Charley Harper! Born and raised in the Appalachian foothills, longtime Cincinnati resident Harper (1922–2007) was a passionate naturalist whose keen eye for the details of wildlife inspired a groundbreaking artistic style. His geometric shapes and solid colors reflect the true essence of the animals he portrayed. In this mobile, eight of Harper's birds—a cardinal, blue jay, red-bellied woodpecker, painted bunting, Baltimore oriole, yellow finch, western tanager, and eastern bluebird—flit about in a mesmerizing and joyful display.This product is not intended for use by children. If it is hung in a child’s room, make sure it is positioned out of the child’s reach.

I think it is suitable for a room which is multi-purpose and used by all age ranges. I would put it out of reach of children as it looks quite fragile (the hangers can bend easily) but I think it will last for years. Quite unusual but lovely.

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1 - Arts & Crafts

CHARLEY HARPER: VOLUME 1 COLORING BOOK -  One forty-eight page 8½ x 11 in. book with twenty-two images to color. Each illustration is reproduced in a small, color version of the original artwork and as a full-page black line drawing.Published by PomegranateKids®, an imprint of Pomegranate Communications.

With back page full colour reference of the original drawings your child can chose to colour in as per the original or chose their own colour. Would love to get more of these for my daughter by other artists.

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Charmazing Lets Get Started Emoji

1 - Arts & Crafts

Express your social side with the Charmazing Lets Get Started Emoji Collection! Each pack features three charms and two bracelets that let you express yourself through fun icons and playful words!3 Charms3 Energy Cards2 BraceletsInstructionsGet ready to make Charmazing charm bracelets! The Lets Get Started packs are a great introduction to collecting charms and creating your own unique charm bracelet. Choose a theme that suits you and start creating the ultimate personalised accessory. Every charm is different which makes them fun to share and collect!The fun doesn’t stop there!Download the Charmazing App and play to become a Charmaster.  Use your smartphone or tablet to scan your charms and bracelets.  Receive Charmas, empowering messages and powerful charm combination suggestions that help you advance in levels.  Play with your friends by exchanging missing charms to complete your Charmas.  The more charm collections you complete the faster you can reach the status of ultimate Charmaster.Express yourself by designing your own Charmazing jewelryChoose charms relevant to your life and interestsCollect them all with different collections to choose fromDownload the App and enter the Charmazing world and discover Charmas, uplifting messages and charm combination suggestions.

If you’re looking for a nice little bracelet making kit then for the £5 it's not breaking the bank and the set does make a nice little present if you’re on a budget. 

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Children’s Art and Craft Apron from Purple Cat

1 - Arts & Crafts

Art Aprons single10/300/01/000. Protects clothes during creative play. Wipe clean and easy to use velcro fastening. Elasticated cuffs for extra protection. Features messy monster design for extra fun!
Suitable for 3 - 6 years old.

I would recommend it to others; I think it is a good buy. Does exactly what it is designed for. The material sleeves help to stop any paint running up children’s arms.

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Colour Me Mine Disney Princess Sling Bag

1 - Arts & Crafts

Your bag comes with a white fabric background and black outline design, ready for you to add the colour you want with the pens (included). The pens are waterproof so your bag can be used whatever the weather.  - See more at: 

Suitable 6 Years Plus 

Great for all princess fans. Gives the child two patterns to copy if they so wish and also comes complete with the pens to colour. Practical present to use after too.

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Colour-In Back Pack – Busy Bee

1 - Arts & Crafts

Eggnogg Colour-in Busy Bee Backpack is the perfect back to school back pack. Full of quirky characters and objects, including towering cakes, fantastical fruit, pesky insects, Big Ben and a dynamic Dinosaur! Create your own unique back pack with a rainbow of colours to brighten up PE lessons, camping weekends, shopping trips or sleepovers. Covered front and back in quirky characters and iconic objects, it’s the perfect colouring-in craft activity for children big and small. Fun to colour in (fabric pens are included) – fun to use every day. Eggnogg Colour-in fabric gifts are a fun-filled colouring-in craft activity. Moreover, once you’ve finished colouring-in, you’ve got something permanent and practical that’s unique to the artist that coloured it in – a pencil case, back pack or shopping bag. Why not bring a little calm into the day, and provide the perfect antidote to all that screen time? And if the kids are kept busy colouring-in, the grown-ups can have some down time – and maybe enjoy some colouring-in therapy too! Presented in a 250mm x 150mm box, this beautifully packaged product is easy to carry or pop in the post, making it a great, long-lasting gift. Every Eggnogg Colour-in fabric box includes a set of 6 colourful fabric pens. Machine washable at 30 o C, Eggnogg pen inks wash out leaving the fabric clean to colour in again and again – and no need to worry about getting ink on clothes. Product size: 470mm x 370mm approx. Designed in the UK, and made from durable, double-shrunk, white cotton canvas

This is really a new and exciting concept so that children can personalise their own things. I am planning on buying some for a party where the girls could take these home after as their party bag as well. 

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Crafts4Kids Dress Your Doll (level 3)

1 - Arts & Crafts

Sew an outfit fit for any summer festival with the with the Carry Red Vichy outfit from the Dress Your Doll range - the fun way to learn about fashion design and sewing clothes!This set has a front tie shirt, fringed waistcoat and denim shorts to sew - cut the pattern out of the non-fraying, soft and stretchy fabric then sew following the stitching guidelines.  Carry Red Vichy is a level 3 difficulty so children will need some sewing skills or adult input to complete this outfit.
Suitable for Children 8 Years Plus

Overall this product was packaged well with clear and concise instructions. Item was of high quality and easy to use.            

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Crayon Rolls by Little Sew and Sews

1 - Arts & Crafts

Crayon Rolls
A crayon roll created in your choice of fabric. Suitable for 3-7yr old children. Available with either crayons or pencils.


My daughter enjoyed trying to tie the ribbon around and putting it in her bag when we went out. Then when drawing pictures wanted to get her butterfly roll out to use her crayons. Good novelty item that would fit into the smallest of hand bags.

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Creative Steps Magazine

1 - Arts & Crafts

A fantastic magazine packed with easy, fun projects and activities … an excellent source of inspiration for primary school teachers, classroom assistants, childminders & nannies, nursery teachers, playgroup and pre-school organisers, home educators, Rainbow, Brownie, Guide and Scouting leaders and, of course, parents and grandparents!
Creative Steps Magazine is available on Subscription only - Click on link to subscribe to printed version -
You can also subscripe to online version for £18 Per Annum and click on link for online version -

 I have told my friend and also mentioned some of the activities to the club I help run as the ideas and activities are great for the school kids. I love the magazine and will be looking to get the next issue when it is out.

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Derwent Artpack

1 - Arts & Crafts

Derwent Artpack - The ideal companion!
There is no better way to seek inspiration for your drawing and painting than getting out and about in the town or country and sketching ‘en plein air’. The Artpack is the ideal companion providing a convenient and safe way of carrying your pencils and accessories when on the move.Made from robust and sturdy light brown canvas with a complimentary dark brown trim, it also features two pockets; one clear view pocket for easy pencil selection and one mesh pocket to hold those all important drawing accessories. Both pockets have a zipper closure to prevent items falling out while travelling.The Artpack is a neat and handy size, being slightly smaller than A5 and less than an inch deep when closed (115mm x 200mm x 20mm). It can easily be slipped into a shoulder bag or backpack. When you want to use your favourite pencils it opens flat for easy access and once finished just folds over and is secured with a Velcro fastening.

My son loves it; he brings it home faithfully every day from school in case it ‘goes missing' and is fair proud of it. He loves it and from a 10 year lads point of view he's feels cool when he's using it because it's a grown-ups pencil case!!

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Derwent Academy Principles of Sketching Kits Water Colour

1 - Arts & Crafts

Drawing is great fun and is even more enjoyable once the basic principles and techniques have been mastered. To help the budding artist master the art of drawing Derwent has introduced three Principles of Drawing kits as part of its Academy Range which provide the ideal introduction to the world of sketching and drawing with the perfect combination of quality, performance and advice. Fiona Peart, professional pencil artist and tutor has created the kits exclusively for Derwent Academy. Each kit features one type of Academy pencil – Sketching, Colour or Watercolour and the simple drawing projects have been specifically created to capitalise on the key qualities of each created to capitalise on the key qualities of each pencil.
The subjects to choose from include Mushrooms using Derwent Academy Sketching Pencils, an Apple & Lime with Derwent Academy Colour Pencils and a painting of a rowing boat drawn up on a beach with Derwent Academy Watercolour Pencils.
Academy pencils, an easy to follow step by step project sheet and an A5 practice pad of paper to use to master the techniques before you begin your finished drawing.
For more techniques and projects to complete visit

This is a great price for the these as there is plenty in the packet, I think many families would enjoy this because who doesn't enjoy coloring in? We loved using this product and spent many hours using them definetly fun for all the family.

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Derwent Coloursoft Artpack Set

1 - Arts & Crafts

New Coloursoft Gift Sets
Superb pencils, practical storage, perfect gifts! If you are looking for an affordable gift of superb colour pencils you can’t go far wrong with this great Coloursoft Artpack set from Derwent which includes 10 Coloursoft pencils and an Artpack pencil case to store them in. The Artpack features two storage areas, one for accessories and a transparent pocket for your pencils. Robust and compact, a great way to carry your at supplies around. The pencils have a soft velvety strip, ideal for quick, dense application of bold, vibrant colour. They blend beautifully and are rich in colour and very versatile, so would make a great gift for any artist.

I would purchase these and recommend. They are a little expensive but worth it if you have a budding young artist.   

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Derwent Flip Colour Pencil Set

1 - Arts & Crafts

Flip! is a range of cool pencils aimed at children from ages 7-12.The colour pencils are double ended which means you can flip easily from one colour to another; triangular which helps to promote a good pencil grip & made from solid black wood so there is no loss of colour when they are sharpened.Available in 24 funky colours from Lemon Sherbet to Butterscotch, Bubblegum to Liquorice they can be sharpened using a standard round-hole pencil sharpener.Choose from a set of 6 or 12 colours, meaning you get either 12 or 24 colours as they are double ended, presented in a versatile purple plastic pencil case. The case is strong & robust, perfect for protecting the pencils & ideal for putting in a school bag. When the pencil case is flipped open it can be used in one of 3 ways; flat on the desk, as an easel stand or bolt upright.

My daughter loved using these pencils and they have been put in her pencil case for school and well used at home and at school.

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Derwent Oil Pastels

1 - Arts & Crafts

Derwent Oil Pastels are ideal for bold and colourful drawings and are fast and easy to use. They are available in 36 bright colours that transfer to the paper quickly and have a creamy texture which blends well. They are completely dust free and soluble in turpentine which thins the pastels to create a beautiful translucent effect. For best results use on a slightly textured paper.

The boys enjoyed using them, especially Jake who enjoys his art lessons at school anyway. They’re priced quite reasonably at £11.99 for 36 colours.

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Dinosaur Puppets

1 - Arts & Crafts

A create your own dinosaur puppet kit. Easy to create in up to six easy steps, with no glue or scissors needed. You'll never be without a dinosaur buddy if you make and fold your very own dinosaur friends. Terry and Tyrone are two easy to make, beautifully designed characters that can be put together in no more than six easy steps. Simple to make with no scissors or glue required. Each kit contains two easy to make puppets, Instructions leaflet and a helpful activity booklet.

The Activity leaflet contains, fun dino facts, jokes, and puzzles there is even a section in which you can name your own Dinosaur Puppet. For 1+ players. Age 5 + Made from recycled paper

Great for raining days to make and play with, perfect for all dino fans!                  

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DIY Crystal Card Kit

1 - Arts & Crafts

Create your own crystal greeting cards, with over 40 different designs to choose from. All our kits contain a greeting card with adhesive template, an envelope, pre-sorted bags of crystals, a pick-up pencil, a tray and instructions. Each card takes 30-45 minutes to complete, and are suitable for ages 8+. Our kits are delivered within 1-2 days (UK) or 5-7 days (overseas).

Suitable 8 Years Plus 

We loved the colourful easy to follow aspects of it, it didn't take much explaining before he got stuck in. I would definitely buy more and would recommend for all the reasons above. Fantastic product, colourful, easy to follow and sparkly what child wouldn't enjoy this product! 

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Djeco Collages for Little Ones

1 - Arts & Crafts

Djeco Collage for Little Ones is an ideal gift set for younger children with a creative streak. This childrens craft kit contains four large, beautifully illustrated, pre-printed images on very thick card and lots of collage pieces ready to stick onto create lovely collage art.The completed animal works of art will look delightful on any wall and will be much admired. Comes with a glue stick and follow by picture instruction book all in a lovely box, dimensions 29.5 by 23 by 4cms. Suitable for children 3 to 6 years old.  

A really enjoyable craft kit. My three year old loved it and I was happy because it wasn't too messy!        

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Dom & Geri Personalised Wrapping Paper

1 - Arts & Crafts

Personalised Wrapping Paper
At Dom and Geri you will find all your Personalised Wrapping Paper, including Birthday Wrapping Paper, Christmas Gift Wrap, Wedding Wrapping Paper - in fact we supply Personalised Gift Wrap for all occasions.There is a wrap to suit everyone's tastes too, from Photo Upload or Cartoon designs to Traditional or Contemporary. Take a look at the Adult Humour section if you know someone well enough to send them an X-rated design. You can customise your Wrapping Paper by adding favourite photos or your own messages with the knowledge that it is truly individual and not available anywhere else! Don't forget to match it to your customised birthday card to really impress!

These do offer great value for money and I will be purchasing more in the future. I would highly recommend. I found the product to be of good quality and easy to use. It is very appealing to the eye and exciting for little ones to see. 

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Doodle Apron

1 - Arts & Crafts

doodle apron - child size
Best fun in the kitchen for young chefs - doodle apron is great for jotting recipes, notes and messages - and it all washes out ready for the next baking session. Makes a special gift for kids.Complete with 10 wash-out Doodle Colour markers

I would recommend it to others. My daughter enjoys using this over her other aprons as she can create her own design on it. My daughter was really excited when she realised she could draw on her apron and create her own design or write the recipes we were baking on it. 

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Doodle Pencilcase

1 - Arts & Crafts

doodle pencilcase

When is a pencilcase not just a pencilcase? When you can also use it as your diary, notepad, timetable and  sketchbook! To update your plans, just wash it all out and start again. Draw on it, wash out, design again.Highly Commended in the 'Kids Gift' category for Gift of the Year 2014! Complete with 10 wash-out Doodle Colour markers.

Now also available - notecases for your iPad, iPad mini, kindle or iPhone.

The pencil case is good quality and so are the washable pens and they come in a good assortment of colours. 

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1 - Arts & Crafts

Glitter Duck Tape is perfect for making crafts with a little sparkle (without getting glitter absolutely everywhere). You can use it for everything, from card making and small decorations through to making bags and wallets – just take a look at our Ducktivities for a little inspiration. Glitter is renowned for being one of the hardest craft materials to work with, which is why we decided to include it in our tape so that you can get all of the effects of a glitter project with none of the draw backs. The glitter tape comes in a range of colours, including silver, red, gold, pink, and blue, and can be used alongside our metallic tapes or by themselves. As with all Duck Tapes, the Glitter Duck Tapes are self-adhesive, long-lasting, and durable enough to use on any clothing or home décor projects. With 4.5m per roll, there’s plenty for you to work with!

I have already recommended it to others. My mom is well impressed with my cabinet and said it looks lovely. I am really pleased with the tape. I ordered the silver glittery one and it looks lovely on all of the things I have used it on.

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Glitza Body and Nail Tattoos

1 - Arts & Crafts

Press, Transfer, Brush – perfect glitter tattoos every time! Glitza nail art is the new way to glitter up your nails. Each pack contains 40 fashionable designed nail tattoos, perfectly shaped to fit your nails effortlessly. Nail Art requires no drying time, and is great for an instant glittery style update for that girls night out! Body Art Kit designed to give you a burst of colour all over your body. Gives your body some really intense colour and adding a real glitter to your look. Over 20 tattoos. Great for anyone looking for a head to toe glitter sensation. - See more at: 

Suitable 6 Years Plus 

he product is easy to use, although the glitter is a bit messy, that’s the fun of it. The tattoos look good, and lasted longer than I expected. The glitter is bright and colourful. My daughters face lit up every time we used it.

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Hama Beads Ballerina Gift Box

1 - Arts & Crafts

Hama Beads are the ultimate craft toy. Their aim has always been to stimulate creative play through producing colourful and imaginative designs with their bead systems. With a selection of different coloured beads, pegboards and gift sets there is plenty of fun to be had. Hama offers a large range of bead craft kits, including generic and top Disney licenses.

Fantastic product, lots of fun to be had

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Jumping Clay DIY Aeroplane

1 - Arts & Crafts

Jumping Clay is the softest and lightest air drying clay in the world. The material is so bizarre it’s almost impossible to describe. With a variety of 8 exceptionally bright colours the clay can be intermixed creating any colour in the spectrum. It bonds to itself seamlessly; air dries naturally, creates no mess and bounces when rolled into a ball. You won’t believe the wonders of Jumping Clay until you try it for yourself.The Jumping Clay airplane kit includes clay, componets, a card board puzzle and a setp by step illustrated manual.2x 18g (yellow)
4x 10g (white, orange, red, black)
1x Wheel Set
Paper Puzzle
2x 18g (yellow)4x 10g (white, orange, red, black)1x Wheel SetPaper PuzzleManual

 A nice, well priced traditional toy that requires no batteries and encourages creative and imaginative play.

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Jumping Clay DIY Car

1 - Arts & Crafts

Jumping Clay is the softest and lightest air drying clay in the world. The material is so bizarre it’s almost impossible to describe. With a variety of 8 exceptionally bright colours the clay can be intermixed creating any colour in the spectrum. It bonds to itself seamlessly; air dries naturally, creates no mess and bounces when rolled into a ball. You won’t believe the wonders of Jumping Clay until you try it for yourself. The Jumping Clay car kit includes clay, components, a card board puzzle and an illustrated step by step manual.2x 18g (yellow, blue)
4x 10g (white, orange, white, black)
2x Wheel Set
Paper Puzzle
2x 18g (yellow, blue)4x 10g (white, orange, white, black)2x Wheel SetPaper PuzzleManual

 A really fun and exciting toy which requires time and attention for any 3 yr. old. Great fun for any age.    

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Lakeland Colouring Pencils

1 - Arts & Crafts

Lakeland pencils have been firm favourites with generations of children and it’s easy to see why. They combine consistently high quality with excellent value for money, and there’s a great choice of products too! From chunky, easy grip pencils for toddlers to ultra slim colour pencils for detailed work, Lakeland is the brand to trust. All Lakeland pencils come in handy plastic wallets while the most popular options are also available in economical class packs.

I would definitely buy these pencils. They’ve helped Maddie to master gripping a pencil so her handwriting will definitely benefit from this.

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Lakeland Graphite Pencils

1 - Arts & Crafts

Sketching is one of the simplest but most enjoyable pastimes for children of all ages. It encourages freedom of expression and a greater appreciation of the world around us. Lakeland Graphite provides the ideal introduction to this rewarding pursuit, and comes in five versatile degrees to suit all types of drawing. For younger children, Lakeland Jumbo has a hexagonal barrel and extra wide, break resistant graphite strip. It comes in a wallet of 12 HB pencils to provide many hours of drawing and writing fun.  

They have also been used extensively by Charlie & James as ideal for homework and some art pieces required to submit for school art project.

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Little Brian Paint Sticks

1 - Arts & Crafts

Looking for something new to do with the children where you can have all the fun with less of the mess? Well, look no further thanks to Little Brian and our range of Paint Sticks which launched to rave reviews from both the parents as well as kids of all ages!
A fun, clean, simple and very convenient way to paint, Little Brian Paint Sticks have fast become the latest must have toy for any art or craft fan! They can even be popped into a travel bag to keep the children entertained on holiday too!
Have triple the fun! As well as our original Paint Sticks, we also have a choice of Metallic Paint Sticks and Day Glow Paint Sticks so make your artwork stand out from the crowd with a bit of sparkle!
As Picasso himself once famously said…. "every child is an artist” so support your child’s natural development with our choice of Paint Sticks.

Bizziebaby GOLD Award Winners 2017 Arts & Crafts Category 

I definitely would buy these as they are mess free and gets the job done. Already have recommended. Really good product which all the family enjoyed using. The pens are a good size and can be held and rolled up for more use. The pigmentation is great. The price is brilliant. 

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Mini Box of Stencils from Meadow Kids

1 - Arts & Crafts

Get arty at home or on the move with the mini box of stencils. Browse through the mini stencil booklet and choose your designs. Design the blank cards and envelopes with your stencil designs and give them out as gifts to your friends and family. Design the sheets however you like!  Data: 12 stencil sheets with over 150 stencil shapes. 20 designed sheets, 6 colouring pencils, 1 pencil sharpener and blank cards and envelopes.

Suitable 3 Years Plus 

Thank you very much for making family time really special. This is a product that every household should buy to help their children with their developmental stages and also the essential qualities in life such as sharing, taking turns and praising each other. 

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Mostaix Red Ribbon Christmas Bear from Kidicraft

1 - Arts & Crafts

Mostaix Red Ribbon Series Christmas Bear Mosaic Art Kit - No ironing or glue required. Includes 1320 coloured plastic tiles and a 276 x 343mm plastic grid. Two plastic hangers are attached to the grid for displaying your artwork. Includes patented placement and removal tweezers and patented safety tile divider.

I would purchase this and highly recommend. Product is good value for money, and appealing to the eye...It encourages thoughtful and creative play......nice to handle.

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Pantone: Colour Cards

1 - Arts & Crafts

These flash cards are an engaging and beautiful invitation for children and parents to explore colour together in a whole new way. This 18 card set includes 2 tones of each of the 9 basic colours. Lollipop Purple, Starfish Orange, and Grasshopper Green are just a few of the dazzling shades in this collection. Each card features a solid colour on one side, such as Duckling Yellow (Pantone 1215). When you flip the card over, additional colours in the same colour family (yellow) are introduced in the context of an illustrated pattern, so that a child can pick out which shade is Duckling Yellow. These innovative flash cards are both practical and stunning, making them an irresistible addition to any child's toy box, bookshelf or wall!

Highly Recommend. Both I and my children loved this product. The quality is excellent.


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Personalised Children's Scrapbook

1 - Arts & Crafts

A great personalised gift! These personalised scrap books are available in many themes and can be personalised with any first name up to 13 characters.This A4 scrapbook is the perfect gift for every occasion. All scrap books contain 28 blank pages.This fantastic scrapbook includes free First Class delivery!

She has used children’s paints, glitter glue, colouring pencils and crayons in her scrapbook with no adverse problems. The pages took well with all methods. Overall my daughter had and is really enjoying this product, which in turn makes me very satisfied. 

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Silly Billyz Painting Apron

1 - Arts & Crafts

All Silly Billyz products are lead free, PVC free and Formaldehyde safe.  Ideal for messy creative sessions, long sleeved/sleeveless play aprons are great for protecting clothing. Machine washable and quick to dry nylon fabric which is soft to the touch. Ideal for messy creative sessions - Waterproof and washable - Wipeclean - Extra long sleeves/sleeveless to protect clothing - Velcro fastening.

Available in Navy only.

Gives good coverage, is easy to clean and can be used for a variety of tasks. 

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SpongeBob Aqua Art

1 - Arts & Crafts

Aqua Art is a great way of keeping children busy without creating mess – Simply fill up the aqua pen with water and push onto the two picture boards to reveal pictures of SpongeBob and his friends. Once the board has dried, the picture disappears so it can be used again and again!

For the price, this is a great activity so would recommend. 

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STABILO 's move BE WILD! Pen

1 - Arts & Crafts

Covered with stylish animal prints. With detachable accessory. Ergonomic shape for a relaxed writing. Line width 0.5 mm. Pen in 3 shaft colors. Blue non-erasable ink. Available for a limited time only.

I would recommend this to others as it's a lovely fun and funky pen  

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1 - Arts & Crafts

STABILO BOSS MINI Ghosts - Looking for something unusual.
The classic STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL in mini format. Printed with 5 funny ghosts. Characters with super-glow effect which glows in the dark. STABILO quality workmanship, ink and writing comfort.Available in 5 fluorescent colors. 2 line widths 2 + 5 mm. Water-based ink for paper, copy or fax. Long cap-off time. Available for a limited time only.

 It is an enjoyable useful product with an element of fun.

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STABILO Cappi Pens

1 - Arts & Crafts

STABILO Cappi Pens - never lose pen caps again.
THE PEN - Pen caps can be threaded onto a cap ring - so it's almost impossible to lose them and the pen does not dry out.Unusual tube shape - so the pen doesn`t roll away and can be easily picked-up.Ergonomic grip zone ideally designed for children's hands.Sets with 12, 18 and 24 brilliant colors.Line width approx. 1 mm.Washable ink.Ventilated cap.Can be left uncapped for up to 24 hours without drying out.
THE ADVANTAGES - Cap ring prevents losing the caps and provides additional transport function benefit.

I would recommend them to others. They are brilliant pens.  

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STABILO EASYgraph Pencil

1 - Arts & Crafts

The first ergonomic graphite pencil especially for left- and right-handers.
Part of the STABILO EASY ergonomics experts product line.
Triangular design and unique non-slip grip moulds ensure a relaxed hand posture.
Even with sharpening, the staggered grip zone means that the children will be promoted to hold the pencil in the correct way right till the time the pencil is finished.
Yellow or red colour coding at the end of the pencil indicates left- and right-handed versions.
HB-grade lead equally suitable for both writing and sketching.
Wood from responsibly managed forests.
Each pencil has a name tag.

 She has been using it for a few weeks now and hasn't managed to snap it so it must be quite sturdy; the quality is excellent.

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1 - Arts & Crafts

For those learning to write and school children aged 6 and over.

A new interpretation of the fountain pen: an ergonomically designed rollerball.
The first rollerball especially designed for left- and right-handers.
Part of the STABILO EASYergonomics experts product line.
Grip zone made from non-slip material.
Every refill has a new tip: extremely easy to refill with no mess.
New: larger cap protects the tip better and is less likely to be lost.
Refills available in line width 0.3 mm (in blue, for a finer writing) and 0.5 mm (in blue, black and red).
Doesn't blot or scratch.
Available with royal-blue erasable ink, document-proof black ink or red ink.
All color combinations feature a space for a name tag.

Praised by teachers, approved by parents, loved by children.
Relaxed hold whilst writing - prevents muscle fatigue.
Easy, comfortable handling means neat and tidy handwriting.


 I would recommend it to others especially for anybody that does a lot of writing. This pen is so comfortable and easy to use,helps you write your best handwriting.

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STABILO woody 3 in 1 Pencil

1 - Arts & Crafts

The STABILO Woody 3 in 1 - Children who love drawing and experimenting.
All those whose creativity knows no bounds.

Unique and multi-talented: a colored pencil, watercolor and wax crayon all in one.
XXL lead ­ as thick as 8 standard colored pencils.
18 rich colors.
Highly pigmented, break-proof lead.
High opacity and color intensity, even on dark paper.
Thick, soft strokes.
Also writes on smooth surfaces such as glass, metal, leather etc.

Unique versatility supports the child’s creative development.
Endlessly rich color and therefore ideal for large surfaces.
Ideal for small hands.
Also in the assortment: Plastic Sharpener 4548/12 for extra-thick pencil - Ideal for STABILO woody 3 in 1
In 3 translucent colors (red, green, blue)


I would definitely recommend them to others. We absolutely loved this product.

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The LOVABLY Tote Bag Designer Kit, Craft Kit By Seedling

1 - Arts & Crafts

Seedling make lovely kits that are great arts and crafts for kids. These are very high quality kits, that are encourage children to be creative and to problem solve and the Seedling Design Your Own Tote Bag kit is no different. This Seedling craft kit comes with a plain canvas tote bag and loads of beautiful materials, glues, paints and pens to decorate it, creating your own design for a personalised tote bag just for your little one. They can put their name on it, their favourite animal, film or band, whatever they want! To see our step by step review of this kit and a sample output, click Seedling Design Your Own Tote Bag.  The Seedling Design Your Own Tote Bag kit contains: 1 cotton tote bag3 pieces of beautiful printed fabricsfabric paintsglitter gluegrosgrain ribbonscraft sewing required.recommended age is 4+ years

Lots included but what I really liked was the big pot of glue; you usually have a small sample type amount which is never enough but this was well more than enough. My daughter gives this a 5/5.

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The Rainy Day Box

1 - Arts & Crafts

Hi I’m Aly, after the birth of my son Kit (my little wiggly worm), I knew I was in for a wild ride. As he grew he became more and more full of energy and wonder. It is through his sense of fun and love of learning that my business idea came about. One rainy autumn morning when I had no idea how to fill the day, I decided to put together a box full of different things to amuse us whenever we were bored. From this simple idea we have now grown to help you and your loved ones reap the benefits of interactive play, without any hassle. The Rainy Day Box Co is dedicated to Kit and all those like him. Xx

The Rainy Day Boxes are priced at £9.99 and you can pick from Christmas Box, The Original Box and The Travel Box or design your own.

I would recommend this for my friends with older children, school aged. Fun content.               

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Tung Toos

1 - Arts & Crafts

Safe and temporary painless transfersNot for children under 3 years of age

I would buy them as an alternative to a packet of sweets for a treat. I would recommend them. They’re fun and cheap to buy as a little treat. 

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1 - Arts & Crafts

A Derwent Waterbrush is perfect for taking out into the field; no need for water pots and endless traditional brushes! They are portable, easy to use and great alongside any of our water-soluble pencils and sticks. Available in 2 sizes, small and medium, they house water in the barrel of the brush which is supplied to the fibre tip via a valve, giving a constant flow of water when the brush meets paper. For wet on wet techniques just add slight pressure to the barrel and to clean it simply apply pressure to the barrel and the dirty water will work its way out of the brush.

A good idea and a quality product and perfect for the budding artist in your family.

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Yellow Moon Bird House

1 - Arts & Crafts

'Tweet' them to a miniature ceramic birdhouse! Children will enjoy decorating these using acrylic paint or porcelain paint/pens and then watching the birds as they come in to nest. 11cm x 9.5cm. Comes with hanging cord and wooden perch. Age 3+.

Overall, easy to paint and very suitable for small hands

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Yellow Moon Design-a-Patchwork Wall Hanging

1 - Arts & Crafts

Brighten up any room! Individual fabric squares for children to personalise. Then tie them all together using the brightly coloured ribbons to make a unique wall hanging! Each pack contains 32 squares, with pre-cut holes for threading with the assorted ribbons included. Individual square size 20cm x 20cm.

Great fun and lovely end result that is a great memento

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Yellow Moon Make Your Own Spoon Pals

1 - Arts & Crafts

Children will enjoy making their very own spoon pal - just glue on the pieces supplied. Each kit contains 10 wooden spoons, card arm shapes, wool, ribbon, pom-poms, crepe paper, foam, tissue paper, wobbly eyes and instructions. Size 23cm. Age 5+.

A really good activity for a rainy day and continued usage afterwards. Develops turn taking and sharing between brothers!

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Yellow Moon Masks

1 - Arts & Crafts

Who's that strange creature hiding behind the mask? Children can really get creative and let their imagination run 'wild' with these white cardboard masks. Decorate with fibre pens, acrylic paint, feathers and stick-ons. Comes with elastic. 4 assorted. Size approx. 19cm. Age 3+.

They are very nice for the children to make and Sophie enjoyed it very much.

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Yellow Moon Scratch Art Windmills

1 - Arts & Crafts

Create wonderful patterns on these whirly windmills. Simply scratch a design onto the specially coated surface to reveal radiant rainbow colours. Then slot together and remember to catch the next breeze! Overall height 30cm. Age 5+.

Something we both enjoyed making together and was fun.

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Zuma the Dog Popagami

1 - Arts & Crafts

In partnership with our licensee Popagami® meet the full colour version of Zuma the Dog to download and create. For instructions on how to fold your Zuma the Dog popagami pop-ette follow this link. fun and enjoy!

It was a great way for us to connect over a fun activity. The packs are excellent value for money and cheap enough to buy regularly if your child enjoys them.

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