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Babyway Humidifier

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The Babyway Ultrasonic Humidifier offers a complete environment solution. The Humidifier comes with a night light, Hygrometer and a room thermometer. This saves on buying additional products that litter the baby’s toom and also costs more. The humidifier will emit a adjustable stream of cool, fresh water vapour into the air – replacing moisture lost through central heating. With a humidifier, the baby can receive the appropriate level of humidity therapy in a convenient and affordable piece of equipment for the bedroom.

This is something I would definitely consider buying. A modern sleek product, easy to use with great health benefits!

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Crane humidifier

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Ultrasonic Cool Mist increases air moisture for easier breathing and a good night’s sleep. 
Relieves cough, cold, and flu symptoms, nasal congestion, dry cough, sinus irritation, nose bleeds, and dry skin and hair. Clean Control Antimicrobial Material in the Base is proven to help reduce mold and bacteria growth up to 99.96%

Removable 1 gallon tank easily fits under most bathroom sinks
. Runs whisper quiet up to 24 hours. Auto-Off function activates when water tank is empty. More energy efficient than a household light bulb – up to 45W
Does not require a filter
1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2016 Humidifiers Category 




The water was very easy to refill and the machine itself was very quiet so it didn't interrupt any sleep at all. The frog is very nice to look at and fits in well to a Childs room, either a boy or a girl. I think it is very good for when it is hot and dry and can help lubricate the Childs throat etc. throughout the summer.

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Duux Air Humidifier

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Large water tank – The large water tank can be filled up to 1.3 litres for a maximum continuous operation time of 10 hoursImmediate mist – Ultrasonic technology uses a metal diaphragm, vibrating at an ultrasonic frequency to create water droplets.360 degrees humidifying – Unlike other air humidifiers, this one produces cool mist from every angleRotary switch – With this convenient switch you can control the level of mist outputNightlight – The soothing nightlight can be controlled separately and makes your child feel safe in the dark.

Each Bizziebaby Tester Reviewed The Duux Humidifier with the Duux Aroma Oil 

Instructions are clear. Useful if your radiators are on a lot and have dried out the air or if baby has a cold, then the eucalyptus comes in very useful. I would imagine that it would be good at relaxing babies with the lavender scent. The humidifier used with the supplied scent fragranced the room, without being overpowering. I liked the dial on the top for adjusting the spray. I couldn't use it as much as I would like though my house is prone to condensation and I didn't want to put too much moisture into the air. The nightlight proved useful and looks lovely at night. 

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HoMedics Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

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The Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier brings a cool and refreshing breathing experience to your home. The innovative on/off oscillating head allows you to choose between 120° motorized oscillation or a target nozzle in one fixed direction. Just one gallon of water gets this humidifier running for up to 48 hours. It even comes with a built-in night light.

 It works well with the various speed settings, is easy to use and looks good. It is also quite quiet. Lily is used to going to sleep in a silent room, but has not been disturbed by the faint hum. Even turning the machine up to the highest setting it doesn’t increase the hum. It is almost like white noise so is quite soothing. Very happy as it means we are all getting more uninterrupted sleep!

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NScessity Compact Ionic Humidifier

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Releases a steady stream of cool moisture into the air. In built ioniser freshens air. Very compact and portable. Variable speed to control moisture release. Suitable for 12 hours operation. Auto shut off when tank is empty. In built blue night light. Perfect for bedrooms or nurseries. Use the NScessity Hygrometer / Thermometer to monitor moisture levels

It is essential to maintain and clean your humidifier properly. Click here for full instructions.

it helped a bit to stop nose getting blocked and her cough didn’t sound so dry

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Vicks SweetDreams Cool Mist Humidifier with Image Projection

1 - Humidifiers

The Vicks SweetDreams Cool Mist Humidifier helps temporarily relieve cough and congestion symptoms while creating an enchanting and soothing bedtime environment.

I have used this product so much since receiving it and I think it is such a worthy thing to buy. 

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