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Cocoon4D Baby Scans

1 - Baby Scans

Cocoon4D is a service of The London Ultrasound Centre, a private scanning clinic in central London providing quality ultrasound examinations for pregnancy and gynaecology. Thanks to the wonders of new 4D ultrasound baby scan technology you can now take a glimpse into the world of your unborn child. With Cocoon4D babyscans in London, we know how to get the most amazing moving 3D images of your baby in safety and comfort, plus we create stylish, unique & professional DVD media packages that you'll want to keep forever.

Platinum Package -

  • 3D/4D Scan
  • Cocoon4D Edited DVD
  • iPod Video / iPhone File
  • 3 Glossy 6 x 4" (15 x 10cm) Colour Prints
  • Brushed Steel Picture Frame
  • JPEG files supplied on the DVD disc
  • Growth Scan & Report
  • Gender identification - if you want to know
  • Cocoon4D Gift Bag
  • The prints are of good quality and can clearly see the baby's face and features. Everyone I have shown have been very impressed.

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