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Breathing Relief Nasal Dilator for Snoring

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BREATHING RELIEF™FOR SNORING A natural cure for snoring
Snoring is often caused by collapsed nostrils, a usually harmless condition which almost 80% of the population suffer from. Unfortunately, most snorers and their partners would not agree about the harmlessness of the condition!Snoring can be a debilitating, exhausting condition that is easily helped with one, simple, natural device.The Breathing Relief™ Nasal Dilator is drug free, fits comfortably in the nose and can be adjusted to suit your nose. It has been designed to specifically stop snoring and works by gently opening the nasal passages and allowing you to breathe easily without opening your mouth.Breathing Relief’s inventor, chronic snorer and product designer Laurie James, realised that although the snoring came from the throat if he could breathe through his nostrils without obstruction then he wouldn’t open his mouth and that it is very hard to snore with your mouth closed! Within days of perfecting the final product design Laurie was cured of his snoring, much to the relief of his family.


Once I got used to wearing this at night was effective and my wife is much happier now and has a better night's sleep.

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