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Diva Rebel Limited Edition Dynamica 4000 PRO Floral Hairdryer

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Lightweight yet high power AC hairdryer with a professional compact barrel design for expert results. Ionic conditioning for faster drying, reduced static and frizz, for healthy looking and shiny hair.

I was happy with the product and felt that it did its job perfectly. It was powerful just on the low setting and for quick bursts the higher setting was great. The attachments were very useful as well for blow drying. I liked the shape of the hairdryer as well, as it fitted in my hand without feeling awkward.

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T-H-X Sleek and Chic AC Dryer

1 - Hair Dryers & Accessories

Rock the retro look with a sleek and chic style.
Follow these easy steps to reproduce the Effortless Glamour hairstyle:First choose the right heat setting to dry your hair.  Either a medium heat for finer hair or the hotter heat for thicker hair.Section off the hair and start with the underneath layerWork from root to tip with the hairdryer directly above the brushAfter every section is dry, use the "cool shot” to lock in the styleEither finish the hair straight or to create curls use a smaller radial brush.  Wrap the desired sections of hair around the brush from the ends, rolling up to the roots and to set use the cool shot function on the hairdryer.

My hair can be quite wild and my hairdresser even has trouble straightening my hair properly. This however really helped straighten it as much as possible before using straighteners, minimising the amount of heat styling needed on my hair.

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