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Galaxy S4 Commuter Series Wallet by OtterBox

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Multiple layers of protection designed with Wallet storage for up to three cards and one bill. Wallet drawer’s audible click closure provides peace of mind knowing your items are safe and secure. GALAXY S4 wallet case offers convenience, security, trusted OtterBox protection for everything you need all in oneWallet case for GALAXY S4 gives you something nothing else can — confidence knowing your device is protected by an OtterBox- 

I did feel safe letting my child hold my phone, most definitely. It didn’t smash when dropped. I think it offers excellent value for money. I would definitely consider buying it and recommend it to others. Even though it looked quite bulky and ugly, I really found it was exactly what I needed

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Kid LidDual Function iPhone case w/ Kid Mode®

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Kid Lid® Dual Function case w/ Kid Mode® for iPhone® 6/6s
This case provides great impact protection plus our patented Kid Mode® functionality, which allows quick blocking of the home button, keeping your small child from switching apps. 
The bottom piece is pressure fit (think prescription bottle) so it's easy for you, not your toddler. 
Key Benefits:• Kid Mode®- Patented functionality keeps children from switching apps
• Pressure fit 'prescription-bottle' design- easy for parents, not
for the tyke.
• Bolstered corners capable of withstanding drop of 4 feet
• Low-profile rails for easy texting and screen use.
• Raise top lip- prevents screen damage, no need for screen
glass protectors
• Full Screen Protection mode- allows complete protection of
the screen during periods of non-use
• Colors: Black and Blue
• 100% recyclable paper, frustration-free packaging

Took some getting used to finding the power button on the right hand side due to the long cut out, however, this is advantageous as it also meant my daughter didn’t accidentally switch the phone off. Well packaged, really liked the images on the box as they were really clear about the product inside and the inner package was appropriate to keep the case in good condition. This box was also sent in bubble wrap so everything arrived in perfect condition. Was great to see that the plastic is toxic free as with toddlers there is always a risk they could put this in their mouth. 

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LifeProof nüüd for iPhone 5

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Protection Reinvented
iPhone 5 takes smartphone technology to new levels. And, nüüd for iPhone 5 takes smartphone protection and usability to new levels with the most advanced case design available.
Featuring LifeProof’s nüüd screenless technology, nüüd protects iPhone 5 from plunges and fumbles — without the need for a screen cover. That way, you can use your iPhone 5 just as Apple intended, in ways and places never before possible.
nüüd screenless technology is the first of its kind. By forming a waterproof seal to the touchscreen, nüüd protects iPhone 5 — while leaving the screen open for direct touch. Yes, you can touch the touchscreen!  üüd screenless technology, sleek design, enhanced sound, CrystalClear optics and full access to every function and feature. nüüd is everything you love about your iPhone 5 — everywhere you go.


Overall a very practical case that does exactly what is says on the tin. 

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MobiData nano or micro/macro sim

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These can be used in a sim enabled tablet (a tablet with a sim card slot) or an unlocked phone. – prices start from £4.94/month. 

How It Works - What We Do - At MobiData we provide a domestic, SIM-Only, data-only mobile broadband service.Our main aim is to make your life simpler. We want you to have one SIM, one contract, one low price and a secure, fast and reliable mobile broadband service that you can access almost anywhere in the UK.


A very easy 5 out of 5. As a freelancer, I found this very useful for keeping in touch with clients when on the move, or when our broadband was being temperamental. 

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My Bunjee Kidz

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My Bunjee Kidz is a mobile phone accessory that fits any mobile phone. It has been featured on Dragon's Den and is a very useful addition to busy children and parents who want to keep their phone safe from drops, breakage and theft.

With technology becoming more and more fragile it has eradicated the fear of smashed screens. (Which we have had a few of in the past). A much better and cheaper option than bulky phone cases, should be purchased alongside every handheld device.                 

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Presidio Grip Phone Case

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With an ultra-slim design and superior impact protection, Presidio™ GRIP is a line of premium grip iPhone 7 Plus cases unlike any other. It’s designed like a fortress, with a protective perimeter to keep shock away from your iPhone 7 Plus.Presidio GRIP features the IMPACTIUM™ Shock Barrier, Speck’s innovative new shock-suppression technology that protects your device without adding unnecessary bulk. IMPACTIUM is a dynamic shock-absorbing material lining the interior of the case that absorbs and disperses shock from impact. IMPACTIUM absorbs 52% more shock from impact than traditional TPE rubber.This material is formed into ridges on the inside perimeter of the case that compress on impact to absorb and disperse force before it reaches the device. The case’s hard exterior also works to disperse shock away from your phone.Presidio GRIP is drop tested from 10 feet multiple times by a third-party laboratory to test its superior protection from an extreme height, so you can be confident it will hold up to everyday drops. All Speck cases, including Presidio GRIP, are lab tested for scratch resistance, chemical resistance, and precision fit.Presidio GRIP cases feature a scratch-resistant matte finish with a range of elegant and vibrant colours.Presidio is our slimmest line of cases yet, adding 20% less bulk to your phone than previous CandyShell cases. We’ve removed all excess material and created a case that’s more protective than ever, thanks to the IMPACTIUM Shock Barrier.All Presidio cases come with a lifetime limited warranty.

I have already been recommending. A high quality phone case gives excellent protection and fits like a dream. This also comes with a Lifetime Warranty which just shows you how good this case is. 

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Stickems are reusable screen cleaners, designed for smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras and game consoles.  Made from soft microfiber cloth, Stickems remove fingerprints and make-up from all your touchscreen devices. Its static-cling backing adheres to the back of your device, without leaving any marks or residue, so it’s conveniently there whenever you need it. Simply peel it off, use it to clean the screen and return it for next time. To revive it’s stick and to clean the cloth, just rinse your Stickems under a cold tap and let it air dry before using it again as before.

This is an amazing product and can be used on the go if you have screen glare or grubby marks as attaches to back of device very easily.

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