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1 - Sports Drinks

Fast acting, long-lasting, highly portable, great tasting and kind to your body, 6 is the perfect answer to the energy slumps we all suffer  leading such busy lives. It’s the pick-me-up that doesn’t put you down again five minutes later.

The quality seemed really good. I actually liked the taste too. I think these do offer value for money. 

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Mello Juice Drinks

1 - Sports Drinks

Mello is not created like most juice drinksWe believe conventional heat pasteurisation is too damaging. We wouldn’t settle for that and we don’t think you should either. Mello was conceived by the determination to create something better. Possible by refining one of the most advanced food technologies available today. Mello embodies the raw healthy goodness of melon, in a bottle.  Melons Juiced & BottledTaking one of the most advanced food technology processes available today. And a year of research and development to perfect the process. Mello captures the raw and natural goodness of melon in a bottle. With absolutely no additives or preservatives. Its unquestionably natural characteristics sets a precedent, not just for what is possible but for what we should expect from the drinks market.  Hpp ProcessThe raw juice is placed in a water pressure vessel and subjected to a high level of isotonic pressure. This pressure inactivates spoilage micro-organisms. By using HPP instead of conventional heat pasteurisation we are able to capture the fresh taste, vibrant colour and health benefits of the fruit.

Simple Natural. Beautiful Tasting Juice, I enjoyed the simplicity of the product and the rawness. Too many products these days have unnecessarily added ingredients - if you want to enjoy raw natural juice this is definitely a drink for you.

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Uncle Reg's Juices

1 - Sport Drinks

To keep in all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals, our juices are made in a special way. First, we use a unique cold-press technique to juice our fruit and vegetables as this means you don’t lose any of the vitamins or minerals. Then we use a process called high pressure pasteurisation. The juice gets put into a big container and dunked into a tank of cold water. The pressure in the tank then shoots up and drops suddenly which has the effect of removing any harmful bacteria whilst retaining all the nutrients and giving the juice a longer shelf life. So you get to drink the best veg as it should be.

Juices Available - Pure Greens, Mad Beets and Sweet Greens 

I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to try a new juice which is jam packed with goodness. Great (smile inducing) packaging, beautiful natural colour juices which taste fab & are a great ways to get one of your five a day!

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