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Funky USB Sticks from Viewquest

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Our funky USB memory sticks, the perfect way to store your school work or media files on the go! Attach it to your bag or keys – the hidden USB memory stick can hold up to 19,000 pictures, 1,500 songs and 10 movies.  With so many styles in the collection there is something for everyone and a sure-fire way to impress your peers.
These beautifully crafted charm will compliment the most technically savvy individual. The 8GB USB drive can hold up to 19,000 photos, 1,500 songs and 10 movies (available memory may vary slightly due to formatting) and is compatible with Windows 98/ME/200/XP/Vista/WIN7/MAC.

 I would highly recommend these as they make a lovely gift. 

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Samsung microSDHCTM Card 32GB

1 - Memory Cards

Samsung MicroSD Card: Greatly enhance your Smartphone and tablet experience with super fast speeds and more capacity.Choose a genuine Samsung memory card and make sure you experience incredible performance, great capacity and reliability you can trust. Samsung’s range has all you need for your digital camera, camcorder, Smartphone, tablet and more. Capture all the photographs and video you want and store all the media files and apps you need. Superfast performance means you aren’t kept waiting when you need to save or access data. Thanks to 4-proof technology, it’s all protected from water, magnets, extreme temperatures, shock and x-rays, so your memory will survive - even if your camera does not. Enhance your Smartphone and tablet experience with super fast speeds and more capacity
3 More reasons to prefer Samsung memory cards
Complete line-up - Standard, Plus and Pro for all your memory needs
Samsung’s new memory card line-up features Standard, Plus and Pro versions of all of its SD cards and microSD cards, covering a diverse set of needs for both general and professional users. High capacities for bigger memory needs. With Samsungs full line-up of memory cards, you can capture more photos and videos and download more media files and apps to your mobile device without worrying about speed or capacity. Samsung offers the fastest large-capacity (64GB) microSD cards for those who seek both high capacity and speed.

Lots of memory to save music and images, really good.

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Samsung SDHCTM Card 16GB

1 - Memory Cards

Samsung SDHCTM Card – Suitable for Cameras, HD Video & Laptops - 16GB
Store all your photos, videos and music • Shoot more, film more and store more media • Enjoy high-speed read and write performance • Protect your data with 4-Proof technology • Trust in high-quality Samsung engineering.
Samsung microSD Card: Standard
Capture life’s precious moments and store more music & video
3 more reasons to prefer Samsung memory cards
Performance Up to 24MB/s transfer speed * Actual speed may vary depending on use host device conditions and environment. * Write speed is slower than transfer speed Class 6 (SD 2.0)

A great product, easy to use and offers great storage. 

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