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Brand Newbies Waterproof Trolley Seat Cover

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Black & White Marrakesh Trolley Seat Cover- Waterproof

Now with waterproof & germ resistant fabric!Fits 99% of all Trolleys!Unique straps between leg holes to keep cover in place, when putting child in & out of seat.Easy "feed through" safety strap to keep child secure.Complete with loops and pouches for favourite toys, sippy cups, soothers, etc.Soft and padded to keep child comfortable 
Machine washable fabric that provides a barrier to protect against germs, dirt and grime.Recommended for babies 6 months old (or when can sit independently) to children approximately 4 years old. 

It's versatile, good value for money, comfortable for my child. Machine washable always good with child products. Used in a trolley, highchair and used as an emergency changing mat. My daughter preferred using this in a trolley compared to without. She seemed more comfortable. 

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1 - Shopping Trolley seat covers

The bumfy is here! No more red marks! No more tears!
The bumfy provides a comfortable and hygienic seat for your baby and also offers some stability for babies just learning to sit up.
The bumfy is a cushioned seat designed for use in a shopping trolley, highchair or baby swing.
Babies love the brightly coloured, owl patterned material, which is made from soft, 100% Organic, Indian cotton and is machine washable.
It comes with its own shower-proof bag, complete with shoulder strap.
​It is easy to use, even when holding your baby!
For babies who can sit unaided.

The first time I used the bumfy, Juliet was in it less than thirty seconds when someone approached us to ask about it, and it's been the same since, it's not a product you think you need until you've seen it in action.

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