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Dymacare Continence Barrier Cloths

1 - Incontinence Accessories

Aquamed MA Dymacare continence barrier cloths are impregnated with a 3% dimethicone solution – offering proven barrier protection in a more convenient form than tube based creams.Perineal dermatitis can be a real problem – Dymacare protects from wetness and makes patient cleansing an easier process which in itself is a major aid to compliance.  
Provides instant, effective barrier protection, Easy, mess free application. May help reduce the risk of IAD. May help reduce the risk of pressure ulcers. Makes skin integrity assessment easier. Improves compliance with skin protocol.

This product provided me with a fast effective way to clean up incontinence without having to trail mess to the bathroom. It is soft on skin and wipes are thick enough not to tear whilst cleaning                

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