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A SwaggerTag is an identification tag that reflects your personality and helps you keep track of your gear. By customizing with your own photo, image or logo, you can let everyone know it’s your stuff. You decide what personal information to include and your SwaggerTag reveals the information only if it is opened. A SwaggerTag is water, weather and impact resistant, with strong attachment points and ties to ensure it will stay with your gear. Available in six distinctive colours: - Gecko Green - Dolphin Blue - Hot Pink - Mustang Purple- Dragon Red
- Spider Grey
Where can you use a Swaggertag? - Nappy/changing bags- Pushchairs for travelling- Backpacks & lunch bags- Sport, duffle & golf bags- Bikes, scooters & strollers- Briefcases & handbags- Equipment bags & electronics cases- Luggage, carry-on’s & overnight bags- Camper, camping and hiking gear- Cool bags- Instrument cases
- Wheelchairs, walking frames, crutches & medical equipment- Dog Leads, and pet bags and crates
Basically....anything that goes out the door!

£3.49 Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Tina Jones – Maddison 4 Years

Tina Awarded The Swaggertag 4.5/5

This looked like a funky coloured luggage tag. The packaging was lovely and the instructions were very simple to follow. We found it very easy to insert our picture into the window space. We then just attached the Swaggertag to our luggage bag, which was so simple to do. It did help us identify our luggage better as ours are all black, which is quite a popular colour for luggage. It was really easy to insert personal details inside the tag and you would easily be able to tell if someone had opened or tampered with it. I did feel that all of my details were safe. The quality is really good and they offer great value for money. I would consider buying these. I have already recommended them to a family member who travels quite a lot as these would be ideal for him. I was very pleased with this item. I probably wouldn't have looked at them beforehand. Tina Jones – Maddison 4 Years

Product Tested By Paula Bearman - Joshua, Lucas 4 Years and Riley 1 Year

Paula Awarded The Swaggertag 3/5

I did wonder what this product was when it first arrived. The packaging was basic but was suitable for the product. The instructions all made sense and were fairly easy to follow. It was easy to insert our own picture into the window but seemed a little fiddly to organise. It was reasonable easy to attach to our things. It didn't particularly help us to identify our property more, it is quite small and I would need to look for the tag specifically but think I would always recognise the bag before the tag! It was reasonably easy to insert our personal details in the tag but it was quite a small space. I wouldn't want to keep personal information in this as somebody could locate it and open it. I am still unsure about this product and I'm not sure who would buy this item. Paula Bearman - Joshua, Lucas 4 Years and Riley 1 Year

Product Tested By Vickie Holland – Honey 2 Years

Vickie Awarded The Swaggertag 4.3/5

This looks the same as any other luggage tag. The design looks like it is directed at women as it's a girly design. The instructions are pretty clear and easy to follow. I found it very easy to insert a photo into the window. It was easy to attach it to our property; it felt very secure; the tags provided were substantial. It did help us identify our things easily. It was very easy to insert our personal details inside the tag. I think you would probably know if someone had opened it too. I did feel that our details were safe. The tags were made of good quality plastic. This product offers fantastic value for money. It would be great to see these made into different shapes, like stars. I don't think this is something that I would go out and buy; it's not really any different to a normal luggage tag. If I had information that I didn't want people to read I wouldn't put it on there in the first place. A nice enough looking tag but essentially not much more different from an average luggage tag. Vickie Holland – Honey 2 Years



Tina Awarded The Swaggertag 4.5/5   

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