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The Big Night-Night Book - Author - Georgie Birkett

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Synopsis:- Babies will delight in saying night-night to everything as the Baby in the story gets ready for bed. Night-night pyjamas, toothpaste, birdies 1, 2, 3; night-night book and teddy bear and blankie, of course! With cuddly touch and feel textures on every page to reinforce key stages of the bedtime routine, each page is packed with objects to point to and name. Babies will also love finding the hidden teddy on each spread! Reassuring and fun bedtimes have arrived!

£5.99 Available in all leading book stores or purchase online

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Product Tested By Kim Tonkinson – Baylie Aged 2 Years

Kim Awarded The Big Night-Night Book 4.8/5

Excellent book. I am very impressed with the company website. It has lots of different kinds of books including audio books. The site is fairly user friendly too. I did notice though that all the competitions had expired. The book is excellent quality, thick cardboard with a built in different texture on each page. My daughter has read this book with me and without me on many occasions since the book arrived. She loves it! She loves that there are different textures on each page, the story is very similar to her bedtime routine so we can relate it to hers, we get her to find objects on all the pages so it takes longer to read. The illustrations were very clear and my daughter was able to say what everything was on each page. My daughter loves reading the book; she has even sat with the book on her own and pointed out the story line. She was able to sit on her own and use book without my input. My overall impression was that it is an excellent book in all area's. My daughter loves reading it. £5.99 seems a little expensive for a children’s book however the quality of the book and story line tip the scales for me, so in my opinion it is value for money.  It is an excellent book that my daughter and I both enjoy reading together. The book is good enough that my daughter can even use it without my input or supervision. My daughter and I love reading the book together and find it very enjoyable.  Kim Tonkinson – Baylie Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Joanne Pierrepont – Baby Katie 11 months

Joanne Awarded The Big Night-Night Book 4.6/ 5

It is a very well made book full of bright interesting colours and different textures. Available on lots of well known book sites the book was well made and ideal for little hands. I really liked all the different textures it offered. Katie was happy to play with the book alone and especially liked the different textures; I think this made it more enjoyable at bedtime when we read it together. Katie really enjoyed looking for the bear on each page and even started saying bear by the end of the 3rd night. Something she had never said before. The repetition of the words meant it was really suitable for Katie’s age group and my two elder children (2 and a half and 4) were able to read with us. All the children enjoyed the book. The elder two felt like they were helping Katie learn and they were able to predict what was coming next. It was almost two books in one as we went back through the pages after looking for the bear that was hidden in each page. A slightly older child would probably get bored of this rather quickly but for the under ones I think it is very stimulating and a good aid to speech. We all really enjoyed this book, all the family could get involved and it was a good  way of helping Katie find a bedtime routine. I think the book is good value for money but wouldn’t get much use after your baby turns one to 18 months. Katie is nearly too old for this book but if I were to have another baby I would buy it or perhaps and a great gift for friends. A wonderful book full of bright pictures, ideal for all the family to help the younger members learn about bedtime routines. Joanne Pierrepont – Baby Katie 11 Months

Product Tested By Leah Kelly – Daniel Aged 2 years

Leah Awarded the Big Night-Night Book 4.9/ 5

This book is very nicely laid out and has different fabrics in it which my son loved. The company has a very good variety of products. My son loves putting the blanket on the baby in the cot; this is by far his favourite part. The book has loads of things that keep him interested and he’s always pointing at new things and saying the names of them. It has different fabrics so there’s a lot to look at and touch. I would purchase this book and I will definitely be recommending it to others. It has brought us much joy and has kept my son constantly interested.  Leah Kelly – Daniel Aged 2 years


Kim Awarded The Big Night-Night Book 4.8/5

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