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Flaptastic Shapes By Dorling Kindersley

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Hands-on fun for you and your toddler as you learn about shapes with this flaptastic board book. What shape is a strawberry? What shape is a button? Can you find a heart shape? Your toddler will love learning about shapes with this tactile lift-the-flap board book. Read it together and help them lift-the-flaps from all sorts of exciting angles - up, down and even across - it's a flaptastic way to teach your child first concepts. Suitable 3-5 Years olds.

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Product Tested By Andrea Daniel – Son Aged 3 Years

Andrea Awarded Flaptastic Shapes 5/5

Bright, nicely presented & attractive looking. There are plenty of books for every age group & interest, the children's section is separated according to age group, so there is something for everyone from newborn to teenagers, you can even read more about the books & look inside at a sampling of the pages, a lot of the books are on offer, such as £1 off, 3 for 2 and free shipping on a purchase over £20, this same book is £1 cheaper on the website than the rrp. I think this is a fantastic book on shapes; I struggled when my son was learning shapes to find a very thorough one & I wish I could have had this one available!  My 3 year old loved it and took it away from me as soon as I opened the parcel.  He kept feeling the shapes on the front of the book as they are raised, telling me what they all are & I also like that the heart is included in this shapes book, not in all of them. Lots of pictures of different shapes including every day items, food, etc. so the children can associate these items with the shapes.  My son loved this book and I feel it is ideal for all ages as it helps them learn. It is so bright, colourful, uses everyday pictures to illustrate the shapes. It isn't a bad price at £4.99; there are some books on shapes cheaper than this, but not as thorough, although it is a bit cheaper on the website. Although my son is almost 3 1/2 years old and not a baby, he still loved this book, feeling the shapes, telling me what they all were-he loved the colours, the textures, the illustrations and the pull out flaps with lots of pictures of the shapes, using every day objects including food, household objects, toys, etc. Andrea Daniel – Son Aged 3 Years

Product Tested By Kerrie Mccarthy – Harry Aged 3 Years

Kerrie Awarded Flaptastic Shapes 4.5/5

Very bright and colourful and attractive for children’s eyes!  Good website, easy to use and lots on offer. The book was good quality and I felt unlike most books the pages were strong and didn't rip easy!  This book was bright and colourful which attracted Harry to it straight away! The pictures in the book were bright and clear with not too much detail but enough for little eyes to understand what was happening! Harry enjoyed looking at the book learning the shapes and colours but also telling me what the pictures were.  I thought this was a good quality book and hardwearing for little hands! Good value for money, stimulating for your child. An enjoyable book that was fun to read and educational at the same time.  Kerrie Mccarthy – Harry Aged 3 Years

Product Tested By Hannah Beckitt – Matilda & Ivy Aged 4 & 1 Year

Hannah Awarded Flaptatsic Shapes 3.7/5

I liked it.  The photo's have some more unusual objects, like buttons and confetti, as well as some more traditional ones like ball and boat.  The website is Easy to navigate.  I liked the free clip art section with appropriate school clip arts.  Free postage if over £20 spend is reasonable.  It seems pretty good quality, but it has not been read lots and the flaps have already become bent and have fold marks on them. They both liked it when we first read it, but neither has chosen to go back and look at it unless I encourage them to do so... they choose other books.  I think the flaps are a bit fiddly and confusing for little hands to try and fold back into place before turning the next page... they just want to turn the next page and then it gets in a mess! I really liked the pictures.  They look like real objects but are still fun and colourful.  Each page has a specific colour theme as well as shape theme. I think there is a good range of object pictures to look at.  The front cover has raised foam shapes to feel.  The flaps encourage fine motor skills, but I think can be a bit tricky for little ones.  Some of the pictures are geared to older toddlers, e.g. teepee, confetti, cushion.  Not everyday objects for early language learning... my 4 year old liked it. This is a good book.  It looks like a lot of thought has been put into developing it. I think there are similar books on the market that are cheaper, but this one seems better quality.  I liked it because there was a wide range of different types of illustrations, but the flaps are a bit fiddly for little ones to look at independently.  A good book for sharing with an adult.  Hannah Beckitt – Matilda & Ivy Aged 4 & 1 Year


BizzieBaby 2009 BRONZE Award

Andrea Awarded Flaptastic Shapes 5/5

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