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Now you can wash your feet while standing up - with a Soapy SoleTM on the bottom of the bath or shower. The secret is hundreds of soft little nodules that wash, massage and generally give your feet a treat without you having to bend or stretch.

Product number: BA1224

£16.95 Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Kim Smith

Kim Awarded the Xest Soapy Soles 4.5/5

At first I thought the soapy soles looked like they may tickle. The packaging for the product is minimal therefore very suitable. The instructions are also clear and user friendly. The quality of the product is tough and durable and the soapy sole made my feet feel tingly. I felt like my feet were really clean after using them and they smelt great. I found it very easy to wash with Soapy soles and I loved how I did not have to bend and stretch to clean my feet. I think this product would be great for someone who has limited movement or back and balance problems. It’s reasonably priced and very useful and enjoyable to use! Kim Smith

Product Tested By Linda Staley – Nicole 2 Years

Linda Awarded the Xest Soapy Soles 3.4/5

The product looked very good when it arrived although a bit strange. It looked very well made. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. For a plastic and rubber item, it seems well made. And it has stood up well to the foot scrubbing from myself and my husband. At first the product feels very strange, sort of tickly, but then you get a good lather going and it feels great! It’s perfect for mums! I think it’s difficult to use at times however, because it’s difficult to balance holding on the side. I feel that it may be more suitable if it came with a stick for balance. I loved the fact that this product made cleaning my feet a lot easier than usual. The price is out of my range but I would buy it as a gift for someone else. It was after a strange prickly sensation start, actually quite a good product when you get used to balancing all your weight on one foot. Linda Staley – Nicole 2 Years

Product Tested By Richard Graham

Richard Awarded the Xest Soapy Soles 4.5/5

Looked interesting.  A well designed item with suckers on the base to stay firmly in place while in the shower.  I tend to shower most days before work and never felt my feet received a good clean.  At first it does tickle your feet, but once you get used to it a well designed item.  Durable and effective.  easy to place firmly on base of bath or shower and clean feet with ease.  The only thing I sometimes still cannot get used too is the fact it tickles my feet.  A product that is well used every morning and gives feet a good clean.  Richard Graham


Kim Awarded the Xest Soapy Soles 4.5/5

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