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HomePlates are injection moulded, made of sturdy ABS plastic, and safety certified to meet all British Electrical Standards (BS 5733 Amd 1) even though they never touch any portion of the electrics.   HomePlates are not those flimsy stickers or "stick-ons" held on with sticky tape. Affordable and unique, HomePlates are an extremely popular home decorating accessory as well as a fun gift. At holiday time, they are terrific Stocking Fillers. The HomePlates Collection features both original and licensed images with over 200 designs from which to choose.  From classic to contemporary, HomePlates adds the perfect "finishing touch" to any room. 

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Product Tested By Samantha Rogers – Madison 5 Years

Samantha Awarded the Homeplates 5/5

Excellent idea, well made, along with simple and safe packaging. I was a little worried at first that the plate would not fit but I had no problems installing it and I think it looks fantastic! I had a lot of positive comments from my friends and family about it. The website is modern in appearance, easy and logical to move around. The different designs are sectioned well and well displayed on the pages. The instructions are clear and simple. The photographs on the home page are beautifully shot. It’s simple and easy to see the product. The instructions are very clear and I liked the fact that the packaging was very minimal. The concept of the product is excellent! If I knew about it before I would have bought one earlier. There are so many designs which mean that every room or person is catered for. It’s so easy to fit and you don’t have to remove the existing plate either, genius. It adds a finishing touch to the room and has been a big talking point for visitors. The surface is very easy to wipe clean and has not been marked in any way. I think the home plates definitely make it easier for children to find the light switch in the dark because you can buy glow in the dark ones. Excellent quality robustly made. I think the plate will definitely outlast the theme of my Childs bedroom! I think the RRP is very reasonable, I would have expected it to cost more. I think the plate would make an excellent gift, especially for a Childs bedroom.  Samantha Rogers – Madison 5 Years

Product Tested By Helen Gilkes – Isabella 5 Years

Helen Awarded the Homeplates 4.6/5

Colorful and fun design. There are a good range of designs to choose from available on the website too. The concept of the product is lovely, but I was a bit upset that it wasn’t compatible with a dimmer switch. We still used it in my Daughters room that had a standard light switch and it worked great. The product was very easy to fit and once it was, it definitely enhanced our décor! It’s very easy to wipe clean and it gives a little bit extra to your room. The quality of the product seems good and I thought the price was very reasonable. My Daughter loves it and it goes very well with her room decor! Helen Gilkes – Isabella 5 Years

Product Tested By Jade Courtney – Erin 4 Years

Jade Awarded the Homeplates 3/5

A bright and colorful product. The instructions are very straightforward and the overall concept of the product is fun for the children. I found it very easy to fit and my Daughter likes it. It’s very easy to keep clean by wiping it over with an antibacterial wipe. I think the quality of the product is good but I would not have paid the retail price for it if I was out shopping. There are some lovely designs available for the product and it’s the simple things that can make a bigger difference. Jade Courtney – Erin 4 Years


BizzieBaby 2009 BRONZE Award

Samantha Awarded the Homeplates 5/5 Top marks!

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