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This fantastic range of four fragrances from Joe Bloggs are each aimed at a particular lifestyle that boys can identify with: Rockstar, Rebel, Athletic and Vintage. Which Joe are you? A modern brand for boys with an urban twist and currently the only fragrances available on the market for the 8 to 15 year olds.

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Product Tested By Debby Rearden – Jamie 18 Years

Jamie & Debby Awarded the Joe Bloggs Gift Set 5/5

Nice packaging, when my Son first saw it he wanted to use it straight away. The gift set has a lot of content and it’s really nice to look at, any teenager would like it. My Son used all of the products in the gift set and thought they were very effective. It certainly made my son wash more often! The quality is great and I think it is very reasonably priced too. My son loved the smell and it made him feel fresh and clean. Debby Rearden – Jamie 18 Years

Product Tested By Anne Johnson – Benjamin 12 Years

Benjamin & Anne Awarded the Joe Bloggs Gift Set 4/5

A striking and simple design on packaging. A very pleasant fragrance with a strong initial smell but not a lingering strong smell. Some other products he has tried have lingered through the house for too long! I used all of the items in the gift set and I think they are very effective. I might buy this gift set for a birthday or Christmas present, definitely a good buy! The quality of the product is very good with strong bold fragrances.  Think this set is well worth the money, it’s good and easy to use. Anne Johnson – Benjamin 12 Years

Product Tested By Richard Pearson and Brother Robert - Aged 20 & 18 Years


Richard & Robert Awarded The Joe Bloggs Gift Set 4.7/5

Looked a good gift set and was good to have the opportunity to test this.  The body wash was good, smell was nice, and effective for body and hair.  Deodrant was easy to use and effective, but as I work outside a lot need a powerful deodorant and this was not as effective as my normal brand.  Afterhsave was well presented and had a nice smaell and use regularly.  As a gift set good value for money and would purchase again.   wash , aftershaves and gel.  For me the body wash was just right, easy to use, good aroma.  Overall good range of products & I would give this 4.5/5. Robert thought the body & hair wash was OK, but personally found it too thick in consistency and when put on your leg so thick would have to rub in hard.  Personally I do not usually go for the wet spray, smell was good, but not as effective as my main brand of deodorant.  Aftershave was quite nice and liked the smell and use regularly.  As a gift set is good value for money.  I would give this a mark 4/5.  Richard & Robert Pearson


Debby Awarded the Joe Bloggs Gift Set 5/5

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