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Flaptastic Let's Go Book By Dorling Kindersley

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Let's go, rocket, train, boat, car! Your toddler will love learning about things that go with this tactile lift-the-flap board book. Read it together and help them lift-the-flaps from all sorts of exciting angles - up, down and even across - it's a flaptastic way to teach your child first concepts.

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Product Tested By Naomi Billington – Lilly 1 Year

Naomi Awarded the Dorling Kindersley Flaptastic Let’s Go Book 5/5

Nice bright baby book with simple words and a solid construction. The book is of excellent quality with thick and strong pages. It’s very bright and colorful which meant that my baby wanted to hold it. My baby enjoyed playing with the book very much and giving it a good chew too! The book is stimulating because it’s nice and bright, its ideal for entertaining young babies and toddlers. I think the book is reasonably priced because it does the job great! Naomi Billington – Lilly 1 Year

Product Tested By Victoria Parsons – Fay 1 Year

Victoria Awarded the Dorling Kindersley Flaptastic Let’s Go Book 3.2/5

The website is easy to use and find the appropriate books. I like the way you can search for a specific title of a book or you can browse categories. It is also useful for parents to be able to filter books according to the age of their child along with a variety of other filtering questions. It usefully shows pictures of the books which make them far more appealing to buy rather than simply listing the details. The buying process is straightforward with clear instructions. It seems to have a wide range of books of different areas and detailed descriptions of the books. I liked the look of the book when it arrived and I thought the bold colours would capture the interest of my one year old. She is at an experimental stage at the moment and wants to touch everything so being a board book is perfect for her. It's strong and durable and the flaps do not tear easily. Although the quality of the book is good, I feel that the front cover seems to be far more interesting than the inside content of the book. My daughter loves the front cover as the car; boat and train are made of foam. Since she is so tactile she spends lots of time running her hands over the images and scratching the foam. She opens the book and is interested at opening the flaps but she is obviously looking for raised areas of the page to touch. Therefore she flicks through the book touching the pages and then gladly returns to the front cover. It would be much more interesting for my child if the book focused on other senses since babies want to touch everything. The colours are bold and bright so fun to look at. Each page uses different focus colours for the flaps so she can learn to recognize these colours and eventually learn the names of them. Some of the pages look quite busy with different images but some of the pages seem quite bare, maybe this is to balance it out evenly. However, the contrasting colours are clearly designed for babies. My daughter is fascinated by the front cover and loves the foam car, boat and train. She will pull this book out purely for that! When looking through the book she does know that there are flaps to open. Because each flap opens in a different way she does tend to give up and move on. I don't find this book particularly stimulating for a one year old. The flaps are good but there is nothing to touch or do under them. The colours are bold but the images could be more detailed for older children. It's a strong book which stays intact in the hands of a toddler. Any books that can maintain its shape when my daughter is pulling at it is worth the money! My daughter was captured by the fun foamy front cover but slightly uninterested by the content. Victoria Parsons – Fay 1 Year

Product Tested By Tracy Moodie – Kayla, Jack & Ciara Ages 4 Years & 15 Month Twins

Tracy Awarded the Dorling Kindersley Flaptastic Let’s Go 4.8/5

This book is bright, colourful and has large flaps for little hands to easily open. My one year old twins have played tug of war with this book and it is still in very good condition. Jack and Ciara enjoyed going through the book and it has now taught them the sounds of different vehicles, they love opening and closing the flaps and making the sounds of the vehicles hidden. The simple illustrations do not complicate things for little eyes. It is bright and colourful and grabs their attention straight away.The website is very easy to navigate around and I found the categorizing of books in different age ranges very useful and timesaving. There are lots of different offers on books and free postage on orders over £20.00. This book is of excellent quality. It has whole page flaps that are a lot stronger than tiny flaps built into pages that are easily ripped and can be hard for little hands to open. I left the book lying around on the floor and they continued to go back to the book on their own and look through it without prompting. Jack and Ciara both loved the bright illustrations and now can put the correct vehicle sounds with the right picture; simple but educational. Great value for money; will definitely look at different books in this range. Very bright, colourful book offering great value for money and great stimulation. Tracy Moodie – Kayla, Jack & Ciara Ages 4 Years & 15 Month Twins


BizzieBaby 2010-11 BRONZE Award

Naomi Awarded the Dorling Kindersley Flaptastic Let’s Go Book 5/5 Top Marks!

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