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Ladybird Baby Touch: First Focus Smile Buggy Book

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Part of the award-winning Baby Touch range, this innovative buggy book is designed to stimulate developing eyesight and help with focusing in very young babies, as well as keeping them entertained on the move! Research has shown that babies are able to better see and concentrate upon very high-contrast colours such as black, white and yellow in the first few months after birth. Each page of the buggy book shows a high-contrast smiling face to captivate infants and a bold bumpy pattern to feel. Additionally, there is a mirror surprise at the end for babies to smile at their own reflections.

£3.99 Available in all leading book stores or purchase online

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Product Tested By Katarina Struharnansky-Harris – Baby Max 1 Month

Katarina Awarded the Ladybird Baby Touch: First Focus Smile Buggy Book 4.5/5

The web site is designed and organized nicely, it's easy to navigate in it and find the product you are looking for. The products are divided well in categories or by age of the child. I like the ladybird products, I used some in the past and children seem to be interested in them and enjoy them. Book is of a good quality; it is sturdy and won't break in a long time. The pages are nice and shiny; the paper has nice bright colours. Our baby was interested in the book straight away, he opened his eyes wide the first time he saw it. The contrast of colours caught his eyes every time. Max was interested in shapes, he did not touch the book himself yet so could not feel patterns. Our baby enjoyed the book; we looked it and played with it almost every time he was awake. However, sometimes he wasn't patient enough and turned away before we reached the end of it. The book stimulates Max, different colours and shapes widen his eyes straight away. It is simple book with a great idea for small babies. Based on strong colour difference, baby keeps entertained and it keeps him focused. The book is not cheap but it offers reasonable value for money. Great book of very handy size, good quality suitable for babies from  birth, which stimulates baby's focus by simple strong colour difference of various shapes and patterns.  Katarina Struharnansky-Harris – Baby Max 1 Month

Product Tested By Charlotte Aston – Baby Harvey 5 Months

Charlotte Awarded the Ladybird Baby Touch: First Focus Smile Buggy Book 4/5

A vibrant and colourful book that is very sturdy and has lovely pictures. My baby enjoyed the pictures and the mirror made him smile when he looked into it. My baby is not old enough to look at the book on his own but he enjoys looking at it with me. It’s a very nice book but I didn’t find it to be very child chew friendly because my baby is at the teething stage and has a tendency to chew this book a lot! I think the book is reasonably priced and I would recommend it to other mummies and daddies because of the vibrant colours and the mirror. It’s a lovely vibrant colourful book and my baby really enjoyed looking at himself in the mirror! Charlotte Aston – Baby Harvey 5 Months

Product Tested By Michelle Dixon – baby Isaac 14 Weeks

Michelle Awarded the Ladybird Baby Touch: First Focus Smile Buggy Book 2/5

The book is small and portable and has a handy attachment strap so it can be attached to a pushchair or infant seat. The quality of the product is good as it is made out of sturdy cardboard. The website is clearly set out into age groups, categories and series of books. A synopsis of the books they sell is also useful and I found the site very easy to navigate. Sturdy construction however the pages were very stiff and I had to "break" the back of the book so that I could hold both pages open for Isaac to see as you couldn't hold the pages out flat without doing this. This book was not a huge success with my baby. It is billed as a book for very young infants to help them focus on shapes however it is also billed as a buggy book. My son was 10 weeks old when this was received and is too young to sit in a buggy so I attached it to his infant seat as there was no way to attach it to his pram so that he could reach it. He was not able to pick up the book in his small hands as he does with the material books he enjoys. As he was not able to grasp the pages he got very little out of the book and it required an adult to turn the pages for him. But I had 2 friend's sons visit and they are approximately 18 months old and they enjoyed turning the pages and looking at the pictures but as the book is designed to help a very young baby focus I just don't feel it works as a concept for my child. I think it would be far better as a material book for a young infant so at least they could grasp it as at 14 weeks everything has to be grasped and if at all possible put in the mouth. As a buggy book I would have thought the content and colours could be more varied so as to be more interesting for an older child who would be able to pick up the book and turn the pages. My baby wasn't captivated by anything other than the mirror! It has been attached to his infant seat within easy reach for a month and he hasn't attempted to look at it or play with it as he doesn't have the coordination to do this at his age. Other than the mirror I wouldn't say he found it entertaining. As he gets older this may be more successful. Disappointing as a young baby book, would be better suited for an older baby with more coordination. Michelle Dixon – baby Isaac 14 Weeks


Katarina Awarded the Ladybird Baby Touch: First Focus Smile Buggy Book 4.5/5

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