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Smart Trike All In One is a one of a kind innovation, especially designed to meet the multi-functional nees of the child at a very young age.  This modular product is used for home and outdoor use and consists of 6 stages.  Initially the product starts as a rocking cradle, proceeds to a push along and a push along ride-on, then advances to an independent ride on and finally transfors to a scooter.  It includes a washable quality seat cover and is available in a variety of colours.  Suitable 6 Months - 2 Years Plus.

£110.00 Available in all leading Toy Stores - Toys R Us online Amazon or click onto to find local stockist

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Product Tested By Michelle Doig – Aiden Aged 10 Months

Michelle Awarded The Smart Trike All In One Stage 2  5/5

Really great idea. Packaged perfectly, no excess cardboard/plastic.  Took a little bit of time to assemble, only a couple of screws, most of it just clipped/slotted together.  Instructions were really clear and in picture form, with each part lettered or numbered to help. No concerns at all, he is strapped in safe, with padded straps and when he becomes more stable he won’t need the extra padded seat.  Stabilizers really help steady the whole trike when he is just sitting in it and not in motion.  The brake is great too.  Aiden loves just sitting in it and being so low to the ground.  He loves to be pushed fast as well, whilst we are making car noises! When he is strapped in though he can’t reach the front ‘handles’ which I think he would prefer so he would be ‘riding’ it himself. Definitely helps with development, Aiden likes to get out and push it with us, so is helping with his walking/balancing skills.  I think when he is a bit older he will be able to ‘play’ with it more. Keeps his attention very well, he will happily sit in it and be pushed around most of the day! We use it for walks to the park, and Aiden sits in it and watches all the other kids playing. He helps us ‘push’ it, like a baby walker.  He also likes to hide various things (remote controls!) in underneath part (below the seat). I think the quality is great, the whole thing is very well made and so easy to move to and from various stages, the recline feature is great too.  It is very sturdy and is great on gravel, concrete and grass.  Great value for money, it will grow with him until he is at least 3.  Saves buying new trikes/bikes/scooters when he gets to the appropriate ages and size.  I never knew these products existed, I would definitely consider buying this product and similar from Smart Trike.  Have already recommended.  Great all round outdoor toy and transport for Aiden. This trike is really great; it’s very sturdy and well made.  Aiden loves being in it, and I love pushing it, it’s so easy and smooth, unlike other trikes we have used.  Aiden is very comfortable in it and is safely strapped in.  The trike can’t topple because of the stabilizers (that can be removed when he is old enough).  A really great product from Smart Trike. Michelle Doig – Aiden Aged 10 Months

Product Tested By Nickie Brightwell – Holly Aged 1 Year

Nickie Awarded The Smart Trike All In One Stage 2 3.1/5

Lovely packaging, product looks well made and is sturdy. Colour not so good, could be more unisex. Was well packed for delivery and you could easily see what it was and how it would look.  It did take about an hour to put together as instructions were slightly wrong and I had to contact the manufacturer and look at their website.  The instructions were slightly wrong but common sense prevailed and we worked it out. The photo on the box helped a lot.  Very age appropriate, no concerns about my daughter in this item.  When my daughter is in it and being pushed around she loves it, however it does not stimulate her when it is stationary. Maybe some thing on the front such as buttons, switches etc would entertain them a little more.  Not applicable presently to helping her development due to her age, it may do when she uses the next stage as she will have to balance and learn to move it herself.  It keeps her attention when we are on the move.  It is very well built and made of strong material. It is quite eye catching and we had a lot of comments about it. When assessing value for money we are only on the second stage it is hard to comment at the moment. So far so good though as it will last her until she is older.  I do think that the £110 price tag is quite hefty however it makes a change from taking the pushchair although it is quite difficult to manoeuvre kerbs with.  However I would seriously consider buying one of these. I have mentioned the item to many of my friends and lots of mums on the school run have asked me where it’s from etc.  I think it is a good product overall, I do think that perhaps something could be incorporated into the front of the product for the younger stages like you have on a ride on such as a pretend steering wheel or buttons for them to press. Holly and I have very much enjoyed testing this product. Daddy likes to use it over the pushchair as it isn’t as bulky. We probably use it twice a week at the moment. The bag on the handle is a brilliant idea as my purse and phone easily fits in there, with room for wipes and a spare nappy.  Nickie Brightwell – Holly Aged 1 Year

Product Tested By Rebecca Norman – Bill Aged 1 Year

Rebecca Awarded The Smart Trike All In One Stage 2 3.5/5

Looked sturdy, like it would last through several stages, although wouldn’t technically describe it as a ‘trike’.  It took me a very long time to assemble – probably about 90 minutes first try.  Although it included pictures, there were no written descriptions and the pictures were sometimes hard to understand.  A bigger, heavier baby like my son could probably do with a slightly sturdier feeling handle, just for the parent’s ease of pushing.  He really enjoyed it, was a nice change from the buggy for him when taking my older child to the park.  It changes with the child – there are different stages as they grow.  He likes to turn it upside down and ‘fix’ it now that it is in the third stage. Although it was a good product, the assembly was a nightmare.  I would be inclined to get a ‘real’ trike – i.e. one with pedals. Simply for increased longevity (would do him for longer) and through personal preference.  I would probably recommend one of the more traditional models to last the child longer and to avoid the assembly issues. This model is also not designed to be put in the car boot, which can be inconvenient.  A good product, once assembled. My son enjoyed riding on it. However, for the money I would expect it to be more transportable and easier to put together. I would recommend for those who want a fun alternative to a buggy. Rebecca Norman – Bill Aged 1 Year


Michelle Awarded The Smart Trike All In One Stage 2 5/5

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