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Ever feel like certain people using your toilet could use a little coaching? Practice? Aim? Set this hardworking package of wipes nearby, and you (or ahem, he) can wipe and flush at any moment for an instant clean. Great for clean-ups all over the bathroom including sinks, countertops, taps and tiles.

£2.50 pack of 28 - Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Michaela Braisher – Due October

Michaela Awarded the Method Flushable Tile n' Tub Wipes 5/5

Initially I thought they were just a glorified baby wipe due to the packaging. I thought after using them that maybe there wouldn’t be enough in the pack but after using them they seemed to last forever! They were perfect, moist enough and strong enough to withstand all the cleaning jobs I used them for. I’ve never cleaned the bathroom so often before, I even took the pack round to my sister’s and friend’s houses and they think I’m mental for wanting to clean! The product was extremely simple to use as it didn’t involve using several different products to do the whole bathroom. My bathroom has never been cleaner and I now get annoyed at the slightest sign of dirt! There are an adequate amount of wipes in the pack for the money and as previously stated, it’s the only product needed so will save the cost of various bottles. I’ve been looking for it in my local supermarket already to buy it and have already recommended it. I was initially wary of reviewing just a wipe but after using them I’m a total convert, I wish they had these for every room in the house! Michaela Braisher – Due October

Product Tested By Clair Lamb – Baby Not Born Yet

Clair Awarded the Method Flushable Tile n' Tub Wipes 3.3/5

The wipes are great for a quick clean if in a rush but I personally wouldn’t use them on an ongoing basis to clean my bathroom. I thought the quantity of the wipes in the pack was great but the size of the wipes weren’t big enough for me. So I needed to use more than one when wiping large surfaces like a bath. I also found that once the pack had been opened, the seal wasn’t very strong and this meant the wipes lost moisture over time. It was marginally easier than using a cloth and separate product and I didn't need to worry about washing cloths or sponges afterward. I, however, am becoming less keen on using disposable products such as these so had mixed feelings. I also prefer to use multipurpose products and probably wouldn't choose a product just for the bath and tiles. I didn’t feel that the product cleaned as thoroughly as my usual cleaner and cloth method. I needed to use several wipes in one go to cover all the surfaces I needed to clean and when using wipes after the pack had been opened for a while, I felt I needed to use water to moisten the wipe further. I felt that it gave a superficial clean but would need to use another product to more thoroughly clean the bath for example. I think the product was of a relatively high quality in terms of the packaging, fragrance and standard of the wipe itself. I feel that the product has a place but isn't of a high enough quality in terms of cleaning power. I think given that I needed to use a number of wipes per clean and that the wipes seemed to dry out quickly, the value for money for this product is debatable. I wouldn't replace my usual cleaning method for these wipes. Nice smell and does a job but not a good enough job for me to pay for these wipes. Clair Lamb – Baby Not Born Yet

Product Tested By Olga Whittle

Olga Awarded the Method Flushable Tile n' Tub Wipes 3/5

I thought the wipes had really nice packaging and also a pleasant clean smell. There were just the right amount of wipes in the pack for me but I found that they were sometimes too moist. I had to wipe the surface of the kitchen down after using these wipes with a dry cloth. It is also sometimes difficult to take the wipe out of the pack sometimes without tearing it. Great for everyday cleaning but I feel it is too expensive so I wouldn’t buy them as I would prefer cheaper alternatives. Olga Whittle


Michaela Awarded the Method Flushable Tile n' Tub Wipes 5/5

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