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cool when warm& warm when cool!
37° is based on temperature regulation to help newborns and young children combat everyday fluctuations in ambient temperature and weather changes. The range is designed to be both functional and stylish.This product has been created by mothers who understand the problems and joys of a new baby and want to ease some of the most common worries – ‘is my child too hot?’, ‘is my child too cold?’ This product uses smart textiles to help and benefit the child by reducing risk.

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2010/11 and Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2013/14

£29.00 Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Stephanie Thompson – Caleb 1 year

Stephanie Awarded The 37º Babygrow 5/5

I though the product looked lovely and was packaged really well. I loved the design the colours went really well and they weren’t too loud. The design was neutral so would suit a boy or a girl of any age. I thought the design of the product would be suitable for babies of all ages because it was a very simple but cute design. The fabric was really soft on the inside and out. I thought it was finished off really well, my son has sensitive skin and he didn’t seem to bother as much when wearing this. I thought this was adorable on my little boy. He was happy to both move about and lie comfortably with it on. I was a little worried at first that he would wake up through the night cold but he slept comfortably through the night. My little boy didn’t seem fussed at all by wearing the product he usually pulls at his clothes if something is annoying him but with this he didn’t. The product washed really well, it didn’t stretch out of shape and the colours never ran however due to its light material some of the marks from crawling etc. were difficult to remove. The product would be well worth the asking price. It is a very handy product easing the stress of worrying about your Childs temperature. It also comes well boxed so would be great as a gift for a new baby. If any more kids were to come along it would be one of the first things on my list to get. I have already recommended. I go to a mum and toddler group where I was more than happy to tell other mums about the product. Overall I loved this product. I would definitely buy this product in future either for myself or as a gift. A great product couldn’t find any faults and would definitely recommend.  Stephanie Thompson – Caleb 1 year

Product Tested By Heather McClaren – Louisa 14 Months

Heather Awarded The 37º Babygrow 4.7/5

This arrived well packed and looked lovely. A lovely item and good design. I was also very impressed with the temperature control material used, very innovative. The quality of this item and the fabric uses was excellent. The material is lovely and soft and Louisa always looked so comfortable. We never had any skin irritation while using this item. Also it was so easy to wash and came out looking good as new every time. The colour is light and this did show dirt easily and sometimes is was a bit difficult to get out some of the stains on the knees as Louisa does like to explore. I do think this is good value for money when you take into account the technology used to make and item with temperature control fabric. This was ideal to sleep in and a great babygrow for the daytime. I would purchase this and have already recommended. Would make a lovely gift. Superb quality, well made, tad expensive but worth the investment. I was very impressed. Heather McClaren – Louisa 14 Months

Product Tested By Jo Southwell - Charlie 16 Months

Jo Awarded The 37º Babygrow 4.7/5

Very smart and very soft material. Very smart design which allows for putting it on as a normal sleep suit but also has access around the bum for quick nappy changes. The removable shoes are also very good (they can be attached with a button) as it allows to use even when they grow. The design is very practical - both the detachable shoes (and for Charlie at 16 months he does not really like things on his feet) and the easy way of doing nappy changes. The material is lovely and soft and very good quality. Charlie looks very comfortable (and very cute in it). I would marginally say yes it did help my son sleep better. Charlie is not the best sleeper and he did still wake up but he went back to sleep quite easily and we have not had a long wake up whilst wearing it. But he has never been a 12 hour a night baby. This never caused any skin irritation. I just put it in the washing machine; Even though it is white most of the stains have come out. I was a little fussy for the first couple of times wearing it to try and avoid stains but he is not bothered. These are quite expensive and you require a lot of babygrows as they grow so would say good investment and would make a nice gift. I would recommend as these are an ideal gift for a new mum. My only reservation is that they are on the pricey side which is for the temperature part of it. I think this is very smart, well made and comfortable to wear.Jo Southwell Charlie 16 Months





BizzieBaby 2013-14 GOLD Award

Stephanie Awarded The 37º Babygrow 5/5

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