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Organix Carrot Sticks

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We only use organic corn in our puffs which is gently baked into sticks that are easy to pick up and perfectly sized for little fingers. All we add for flavour is carrot on to every one. Their chunky shape and crispy texture gives your little one something new to explore and they melt in the mouth too.

Suitable 7 Months Plus 

£0.75 per pack Available Asda, Tesco, Ocado, Boots, Co-op, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Morrisons, Amazon,

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Product Tested By Dominique Ferguson – Emilia 13 Months

Dominique Awarded The Organix Carrot Sticks 5/5

The carrot sticks are really tasty for my Daughter she enjoys them and always wants more. They are a little messy but every orange food is! Packaging is very eye catching and strong so the bag doesn’t burst easily. Also think the packaging keeps the carrot sticks fresher for longer. I have only recently become familiar with this brand of food (I have previously bought the sweetcorn flavour rings). I had no concerns with the ingredients used. My Daughter really likes these and thoroughly enjoys them every few days as a snack. I did taste them myself and they were very tasty. They do offer great value for money. I have already bought this product on a couple of occasions. I have a little brother who is 12 months old and I gave him a packet and my next door neighbour’s son who is 16 months old. Both really enjoyed them. Fantastic product would recommend to anybody wanting their children to try a different snack. This product is very tasty and a great snack for my little girl, a lovely snack for her. Dominique Ferguson – Emilia 13 Months

Product Tested By Helen Cope-Stokes – Ava 13 Months

Helen Awarded The Organix Carrot Sticks 4.5/5

A healthy alternative to crisps. The colours on the packaging explain perfectly what flavour they are and they look healthy with the green organix logo. I have used and seen many of the products from this company. I had no concerns about the ingredients used. She liked them and not being a great solid food eater it was good to see her try it. I did try one and to be honest not being a great carrot fan I was not that keen. Considering the ingredients yes I do feel these are good value. I would consider buying them again. I would recommend them to everyone. Love the product however do not leave any mess made any length of time as it sticks like glue and is impossible to get off !! Lovely product that’s a great alternative to crisps. Helen Cope-Stokes – Ava 13 Months

Product Tested By Linda Noel – Evelyn 14 Months 

Linda Awarded the Organix Carrot Sticks 4/5

Looked inviting, loved the packaging very bright and colourful.  These are a good healthier option for snacks for my daughert and she really liked them.  I am familiar with this brand and have purchased in the past.  I did try these and found them to be quite tasty.  These are great to have handy at home and for days out.  Much bettr than crisps as healthier.  I will be purchasing more as we both enjoyed these.  I have already recommended. Good quality snack, good natural ingredients, value for money and my daughter really enjoyed them. Linda Noel – Evelyn 14 Months 


BizzieBaby 2015-16 BRONZE Award

Dominique Awarded The Organix Carrot Sticks 5/5

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