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The Deadly Sweet Cupboard

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A children's picture book about poison prevention. Essential oils, washing detergent capsules and medicines can be very dangerous and parents should be aware of the dangers and keep these hidden away from children. One wet, windy, winter’s morning Harey decides to have a party because it is his birthday. Having been given some pot-pourri as a present he tries to drink the essential oil but Scampi saves him just in time, knocks over a candle and causes a fire, goes to use some plastic washing pouches for eating as jellies and swallows some "sweets" he finds in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom.

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Product Tested By Louise Davies - Libby 2 Years & 5 Months

Louise Awarded the Dangerspot Deadly sweet cupboard book 4/5

A well animated, colorful book - a bonus to have stickers included too! It's very good quality but the front page did start to bend after a while. My daughter was attracted to the book straight away as it is colourful and some great pictures on it. The characters are a good size and fun to look at and really catch your eye. My daughter loved the illustrations, they are so colourful, a great size to look at and such attention to detail. Really good and I was impressed. she liked the names of the characters and all the illustrations. It is quite long for a 2 year old, but she liked it. I think she is a little bit too young at 2 yrs old, but we tried!! She does understand the word "dangerous" and things such as a fire and hospital. I will continue to read it with her and explain the safety aspect. However, it is a very good safety story. I think the actual story, the excellent illustrations and characters and the colours make it very stimulating. I like this book a great deal due to its colour, illustrations, characters and a great way to get messages across to children. It was easy to read to her and she enjoyed listening. The stickers were a great idea, however, as she is only 2 she didn't understand the concept of them and wanted to stick them all over the book! Louise Davies - Libby 2 Years & 5 Months

Product Tested By Nicola Ward - Jack 4 Years

Nicola Awarded the Dangerspot Deadly sweet cupboard book 3.8/5 

The book looked interesting and I thought that my Son would enjoy reading it with me. The book had good quality paper and seemed professional looking too. Jack liked the look of the funny rabbit on the front cover and was quite happy to sit down and read it with me. Jack liked the pictures and enjoyed putting the stickers in- but once they are stuck down they can’t be removed. He enjoyed reading it once but hasn’t been interested enough to want to read it again, i'd say its more of a novelty thing. Jack did appreciate the safety aspects and repeated some of the dangers back to me later which was good. Stimulating as a one-off but not a book to read on a repeated basis. I felt some of the language was not very child-friendly- I had to keep stop reading the story to explain words to him e.g. “pot-pourri”, “essential oil”. OK for a one-off read- would consider borrowing from the library. Perhaps more useful for more educational use in a school. Interesting book that tries to highlight some of the dangers around the home, but could perhaps do this in a more accessible way. Not a book to be read again and again in the home environment but would have more of a place in school or nursery. Nicola Ward - Jack 4 Years

Product Tested By Lorna Young - Scarlett 4 Years

Lorna Awarded the Dangerspot Deadly sweet cupboard book 3/5

I was unsure of the book at first. As I am not a great believer in 'scare mongering kids' as I prefer a story to be pleasant and happy but if it gave a good message then happy to try it. The quality of the book is very nice for a paper back, it has good quality pages with large colorful pictures. I felt that the actual content and message was a little brief, but I guess that makes it simpler for little ones to understand. Me and my daughter liked the happy looking rabbit character and the illustrations are nice. Both of us didnt really enjoy reading the story as it didnt seem to flow that well. I didn't understand the message of the book, they had used repetition about checking with an adult before you eat to see if it's safe or if its poisonous without explaining what poisonous was. We really liked the pictures, if only the story had a better message. I could see the book working if there was plenty of time for a parent to explain the story with a lot of time as you go on but as a bedtime story it's just not for us. Lorna Young - Scarlett 4 Years


Louise Awarded the Dangerspot Deadly sweet cupboard book 4/5

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