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It’s Bunny’s meal time, and he’s ready for a chat! There’s a ready-made rhyming conversation in the book, and you can make up your own as well! Talking with your baby fosters the early development of basic language and communication skills, and promotes emotional closeness and wellbeing.

Illustrated by: Annie Kubler

First Published: 01 September 2009
Board book: 12 pages
Product Dimensions: 190mm x 190mm

£5.99 Available in all leading book stores or purchase online

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Product Tested By Katrina Thomas – Alex 11 Months

Katrina Awarded the Bib On A Bunny From Child’s Play 4/5

The book is about the right size for Alex to hold. The bunny’s head sticking out of the front is a little bit odd. The book is reasonably good quality, although within a few days of having it the edges of the pages started to split apart. Alex wasn’t really interested in the book- he tried to pull the bunny out, but when it wouldn’t come out he ignored it. I felt that the illustrations were ok, but to capture Alex’s interest more they need to be brighter- the colors are quite muted. It didn’t really hold very much interest for him once he realized that he couldn’t get the bunny out of the book. It would almost have been better for the bunny to be a separate finger puppet that could be pulled out and used independently. He didn’t really follow the story, but then he doesn’t really follow any story. I don’t feel that it is stimulating for my child, but that is mainly because it was really a little bit old for the stage that he is currently at. It was good, but would have been improved by brighter illustrations. Not sure the rabbit head puppet was really necessary. Not sure I would have paid the rrp for it. However, if Alex had been bought/given it as a gift, then it would have been a nice thing to receive. I think he will appreciate it as he gets a bit older. I would consider buying this or other books like it for the children of friends and family, but probably for children who are more advanced than Alex. The book was fine; there are better books out there, and others that Alex engages with more. There isn’t much to say about it really as there isn’t really much to the book as it is only 8 pages long. Katrina Thomas – Alex 11 Months

Product Tested By Natalie De Cruz – Darcy 13 Months

Natalie Awarded the Bib On A Bunny From Child’s Play 3/5

At first glance though the book looked interesting and fun. I was disappointed with the design of the book, I only have small hands and found it hard to hold the book and move the bunny whilst holding my daughter on my lap! There is no way I could move the bunny with just my index finger as suggested. When I first received the book, Darcy was interested but this was very short lived. It failed to hold her attention, now she is older she chooses the book but I think this is more the fact that she finds the bunny a novelty that really attracts her attention, however as soon as you start to turn the pages her interest is lost. I think the illustrations are ok, they and quite interesting, there are a lot of easily recognizable items for Darcy and the colors are nice and bright. Personally I think the story is not very good, although it rhymes it makes little sense and I don’t see what message they are trying to get across. I think it’s a bit pricy for what it is. I found it difficult to use and not very inspiring for Darcy. On the whole I was disappointed, Darcy adores books and often sits and looks at them on her own. This one however, just doesn’t seem to attract her attention for long. Natalie De Cruz – Darcy 13 Months

Product Tested By Jen Morgan – Marley 33 Months

Jen Awarded the Bib On A Bunny From Child’s Play 3/5

I thought this seemed a bit young looking for a toddler but she was interested in the soft bunny at the front. The illustrations were average, not overly amazing. Marley looked at the book but didn’t ask for it again, I don’t think she found it at all stimulating. It might interest a much younger child but I would not purchase this for my child. Overall, this book has very little content and I found it to be a bit gimmicky. Jen Morgan – Marley 33 Months


Katrina Awarded the Bib On A Bunny From Child’s Play 4/5

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