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Play peekaboo with your baby and hear them giggle in delight as hidden surprises are revealed!

Read the book together and lift the giant flaps to reveal baby’s trucks, trains and boats; then explore the soft, shiny and bumpy textures.

Is that a toy digger hiding behind the bucket of sand? Where has the fire engine gone? And who will you discover when you pick up the mobile? Find them all, they’re waiting to say Peekaboo!

An award-winning series for babies perfect for developing imagination, early-thinking and memory skills.

£4.99 Available in all leading book stores or purchase online

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Product Tested By Kerry Dagger – Callum 19 Months

Kerry Awarded the DK Digger Book 5/5

The quality of the book is fantastic; it has great illustrations and photographs that make it great for interacting with baby. Callum enjoyed looking at and playing with the book very much, he finds it stimulating due to the photographs. I liked the fact all the pages create a 3d digger effect. My 19 month old son loved looking at the pictures, even my 6 year old daughter loved looking at it. My children seem to be fascinated by diggers anyway so they were looking at it for ages. My 6 year old was able to read it easily so is suitable for a good range of ages. I like the fact the pages are thick and glossy, this makes them strong as my 19 month old son isn’t the most gentle with his books and toys. Overall, it’s great value for a wonderful book. Kerry Dagger – Callum 19 Months 

Product Tested By Julie Warren – Harvey 18 Months

Julie Awarded the DK Digger Book 5/5

I was really impressed with this book, it’s really fun, bright and very good quality. The pages are full of interesting and attractive pictures that Harvey loves looking at and my 7 year old was able to read and enjoy it easily too. Harvey likes looking at this for quite some time and he always goes back to it, which is a rarity for Harvey and books! I think he finds it fun and stimulating because it is something he is interested in, rather than the usual children’s stories. The pages are nice and thick so I can see it lasting a long time too, even though Harvey can be a little heavy handed. Great value for money for a wonderful book and I think this would also be a lovely gift. Julie Warren – Harvey 18 Months

Product Tested By Rebecca Martin – Josiah 17 Months

Rebecca Awarded the DK Digger Book 4/5

The book is a fantastic shape to interest children. It’s also colourful and attractive with real life photos that make it seem relevant. The board was good quality and the plastic coating made it durable but the way the pages were joined didn’t seem particularly strong. Josiah was attracted by the bright colours and he enjoyed feeling the different shapes of the pages. The illustrations were photographs which was really good for Josiah as he seems to relate to real life images better than cartoons/drawings. The photographs are all brightly coloured with a blank background which makes them stand out clearly and means details are easy for us to pick out and point to with our son. Josiah enjoyed playing with this book. The main attraction was the way the pages are shaped and experimenting with moving the pages around. In terms of images and format this book was really good for a 17 month old child; however I found the vocabulary and language to be quite advanced, even for a child a few years older. It was also nice to see a fact book, aimed at such a young audience, that isn’t just a list of words. This is a book which my son can enjoy now, playing with the pages and looking at the picture, but which he can also enjoy when he is older and wants to use books for information. I’d prefer a book that seemed a little sturdier, but it had good information and the interest will last for several years. It is also good to know that you are buying from a well-known and trusted maker of children’s fact books. Josiah, myself and my partner have enjoyed sharing this book. It is full of interesting facts which will interest an older child and the shape of the book is intriguing for younger children. It would make a lovely gift. Rebecca Martin – Josiah 17 Months



BizzieBaby 2010-11 SILVER Award

Kerry Awarded the DK Digger Book 5/5

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