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Babies are able to make gestures many months before they are able to speak. By introducing just a few simple signs, a baby can learn how to communicate their needs. Baby signing reduces guesswork and the proven benefits are calmer, more contented and confident children.

This beautifully illustrated guide to baby signing has been produced in collaboration with experienced baby signing teachers and leading British Sign Language author Cath Smith.

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Product Tested By Michelle Wade – Kibi 3 Years

Michelle Awarded the Little Learners Sign Language Book 5/5

Love it! Well presented, colourful, good sized book. The illustrations are fun and child friendly. The overall design and layout of the book is very easy to follow, its well put together and made with good quality paper. There are many times when my daughter was getting frustrated communicating but now she is learning to use signs from this book she is much happier. She enjoys using the baby sign very much, it was fun and a lot easier than I imagined it would be. The older siblings have been learning too, and now teaching my 8 month old too. This is excellent quality and great value, I have already recommended and some friends have borrowed it too. This has become a part of our everyday life. Michelle Wade – Kibi 3 Years

Product Tested By Gwenda Billington – Amy 2.5 Years

Gwenda Awarded the Little Learners Sign Language Book 5/5

This looked very good and it was really well presented. The colours are fun and vivid, the book is also of a good practical size. Reading and understanding the book is very easy, especially compared to similar books that I have seen. The layout is easy to understand and it’s of very good quality too. Amy has already learnt a lot of signs from this book and we enjoy using it as a family. It’s very fun and it also helps with communication and understanding, which is important. This isn’t something that I would have thought to buy, but now I have it I am so pleased with it. Highly recommended! The price isn’t cheap, but it’s not a cheap quality product so I’d be happy to pay this. I just wish we had more time to use it. Gwenda Billington – Amy 2.5 Years

Product Tested By Jackie Cooke – Sophie 18 Months

Jackie Awarded the Little Learners Sign Language Book 4/5

We really liked this book, simple clear pictures and instructions. Easy to interpret, Sophie has already learnt a few of the hand signs and the meaning of them. Probably one of the easiest sign language books that I have seen to use. She liked to look at the book with me and copy me, we do try to get the whole family using it but it’s just trying to find the time! I think this can definitely help improve communication and understanding. Good quality hard backed book, nice paper quality too. I would like to learn more myself even if not used with the children. It was fun to use, just had to keep remembering the signs to enable teaching young child. Nice illustrations and a good quality book overall. Possibly a little expensive if you were thinking of purchasing and had no idea how much success it would bring. Jackie Cooke – Sophie 18 Months




BizzieBaby 2010-11 SILVER Award

Michelle Awarded the Little Learners Sign Language Book 5/5

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