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Plum Stage 4 Green Lentil & Beef Curry

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A Cape Town style Bobotie - sweet, with gentle hints of spice, and a delicious fruity tang from the mango puree and raisins. This delicious dish is also packed full of protein - essential for your baby's growth and brain development.


Ingredients: Organic vegetables 44% (tomato 19%, sweet potato 11%, tomato paste 7%, onion 7%), Water, Organic mango puree 15%, Organic beef 10%, Organic green lentils 3%, Organic rice 3%, Organic raisins 2% (raisins, sunflower oil), Organic olive oil 1%, Organic garli

£1.99 each available Boots, Waitrose, Ocado, Sainsbury, Tesco and independent stores or purchase online

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Product Tested By Tracey Megson – Daisy 14 Months Old

Tracey Awarded the Plum Baby Organic Green Lentil & Beef Curry 5/5

Smells divine, good texture for the age group, fab ingredients. I personally thought the taste of this was lovely, my daughter wasn’t as keen on the curry taste though. However, my three yr old daughter loved this one and enjoyed polishing off the leftovers. Brilliant nutritional value, the products have organic balanced ingredients with no preservatives or salt, just as i would make if from scratch at home. I like the packaging and its easily recognisablebut the colours are a little dull for childrens food. It doesn’t get them excited to see whats inside. The tubs are a good size to keep once empty for my toddlers paints and crafts. I used it at room temperature and fed it straight from the tub, however the portions are slightly large and the tubs are not resealable so i end up having to throw the remainder of the food away if ive used it whilst out and about. Really good quality, lovely ingredients and a really superior taste compared to other brands childrens curries. I think i would struggle to prepare this meal with the same ingredients at home for this price, so i believe yes, this does give value for money. Myself and my eldest daughter love this dish. I even added wholegrain rice to it for my three year old. My 14 month old didn’t seem as keen but I think thats her personal tastes as she doesn’t seem keen on any curry flavoured foods. Great taste, great ingredients, great textures, and for my 3 yr old great portion size (slightly too large portion for my 14month old). Tracey Megson – Daisy 14 Months Old

Product Tested By Matthew Rose – Ian 2 Years

Matthew Awarded The Plum Baby Organic Green Lentil & Beef Curry 4/5

Well packaged, good design and great when you need a meal in a hurry.  Ingredients listed with nutritional details and organic.  We are fans of curry in our house so Ian used to the exotic taste.  Good balance of quality ingredients.  Ian enjoyed his curry and portion size was just right. Very easy to use when you need a good nutritional meal ready quickly.  Price reflects the quality and always good to have some in reserve for when required.  A high quality brand delivering a good range of foods.  This was not one of Ian’s favourites, but food is such a personal taste.  Good quality and will be purchasing again.  Matthew Rose – Ian 2 years

Product Tested By Lucinda Grant – Dolcie Aged 19 Months

Lucinda Awarded The Plum Baby Organic Green Lentil & Beef Curry 3.5/5

Bright colourful packaging and looked premium quality.  When preparing this the aroma was very inviting but unfortunately Dolcie did not take to the taste.  I did try a few times but just not something she enjoyed.  Although this may not be the same for others.  These are good quality meals and the ingredients deliver a nutritional balance needed with young children.  I have used Plum in the past and they offer a wide range of meals to choose from.  Just for us this was not a winner with Dolcie.  A good quality meal ready just when you need it and saves heaps of time cooking.  Good value and will recommend.  Lucinda Grant – Dolcie Aged 19 Months


Tracey Awarded the Plum Baby Organic Green Lentil & Beef Curry 5/5

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