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The Active Honey Company Antiseptic Honey is a topical product that has antiseptic actions. This product contains pure honey derived from the Chilean Rainforests and has a high activity rated at 20+. It is sterile so can be safely used on broken skin. Also suitable for dry skin conditions, spots and blemishes. Easy to apply, in a squeezable tube.

£7.00 for 30g Tube purchase online

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Product Tested By Sue Mills – Oscar 16 Months

Sue Awarded The Active Honey Co Antiseptic Honey 20+ 3.5/5

A lot of money for such a small box. Yes very easy to apply and you only needed to use a small amount. Yes smelt lovely and left Oscars skin soft.  Oscar gets dry patches on his arms so we would use this cream to help the dry skin patches.  We never used this cream under a plaster as situation did not arise.  I did feel this product was effective but not sure how quickly it would be until the dry patches come back once I stop using the cream.  Needs to be a larger tube if using for a long time.  Personally I find this product a bit on the expensive side. I would recommend this product for skin ailments, cuts and sunburn use. Lovely product for short term use. Sue Mills – Oscar 16 Months

Product Tested by Jeanette McNally – Rosie 5 Years

Jeanette Awarded The Active Honey Co Antiseptic Honey 20+ 4/5

I was pleased to try this as an avid fan of Honey and all its benefits. We use Honey in our house all the time to deal with so many ailments a wonder elixir.  The tube is a nice design and easy to dispense cream.  It is very sticky and does take a while to sink in, so we would use it on Rosie's dry skin at night.  I found the fact the cream was so sticky a bit off putting at times.  However, Rosie has had very bad dry skin in between her toes and this did calm the condition down which was a help.  We also used this on quite a few cuts as we have a new puppy who is boisterous and nipping us all.  So we would use this on the cut and then put a plaster on the top.  The plaster would stick well and we did find this cream helped heal the cuts quickly.  You only need to use a little so a 30g tube will last a while.  My Teenage son did try this on his spots but did not work for him.  This is a good quality product that is effective. Comes in a nice tube which is great to take on your travels.  If you do not mind the cream being sticky, then give it a try. Not for everyone, but we found it worked for us.  I will be recommending as has been effective and also we all love the smell too.  Just a bit pricey but a small tube will last as you do not need to use much.  Helped Rosie's dry skin and also helped us with cuts too.  Jeanette McNally – Rosie 5 Years

Product Tested By Diane Gaudion - Phoebe & Samuel Aged 1 & 2 Years

Diane Awarded The Active Honey Co Antiseptic Honey 20 + 2.5/5

Could not believe this was to apply on skin – seemed like normal honey you eat.  The honey is very very sticky to apply, and remains so after application.  This did leave my skin feeling slightly better, but was so sticky I found it hard to leave on without washing off after 30mins – 1hr.  I used this cream to deal with dry skin.  I did find the honey helped a plaster to stick on better.  I didn't have cause to use on burns or anything serious, and found it very hard to bear after using on dry skin because it was just too sticky to be a nice product.  It probably is reasonable value, but I would not spend this much on this.  Personally I found this product too sticky when applied.  Nice idea, and may have some real benefits, if you can put up with having pure sticky honey on your skin. Diane Gaudion – Phoebe & Samuel Aged 1 & 2 years


Sue Awarded The Active Honey Co Antiseptic Honey 20+ 3.5/5

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