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New DryNites® Bed Mats with Stick & Stay Put are designed for ultimate undercover confidence. Highly absorbent with waterproof backing, the new peel-off adhesive back sheet secures the Bed Mat to a mattress, keeping it in place for great night-long protection.Peel - Peel back adhesive backing
Place- Stick Bed Mat to the mattress
Protect - Highly absorbent material provides great mattress protection

£4.00 Per Pack 7 - Available Sainsburys, Waitrose,,

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Product Tested By Emma Botwright – Lilli & Amelia 3 ½

Emma Awarded the DryNites Bed Mats 4.7/5

The website has a lot of good information on it. I liked the fact that there is a section with different age groups and information on how to tackle bed wetting. The packaging for the product is appropriate and clean and the quantity of the pack is suitable because you can use 1 for each day of the week. The instruction is clear and easy to understand. The size of the bed mat was very suitable and it was easy to put on the bed although it moved a bit when I put the sheet on. The bed mat did not affect my child’s night sleep although it made a rustling noise when she moved but this did not seem to bother her at all. The mat was easy to dispose of and I think the quality is great. I also think they offer great value for money because it saves you from having to wash the mattress all the time! Overall it’s a great product and gave me peace of mind. Emma Botwright – Lilli & Amelia 3 ½



Product Tested By Sharon Kelly – Jackson 3 Years

Sharon Awarded the DryNites Bed Mats 4.6/5

My initial impression of this product was intrigue. I have previously tried other bed mats so it would be interesting to see if they differ at all. The packaging was suitable and I was surprised at how many bed mats there were in the pack when I opened it. They were a perfect size for Jackson’s bed; he shifts around quite a bit to there are plenty of mats to cover. It was very easy to put on the bed and it did not cause any distraction for my child during bed time. The mat was very easy to dispose of and I preferred them to the previous mats that I have tried. I think they offer great value for money due to the amount included in the pack. I would definitely consider buying them and also recommending them to others. Sharon Kelly – Jackson 3 Years

Product Tested By Stacey Miller – Izabelle Gwilliam 5 Years

Stacey Awarded the DryNites Bed Mats 4.6/5

A great product. The Companies website has some great advice and opinions listed; I shall be using this in future for hints & tips for my 5 year old. The packaging is good and it makes it easy to pull out a bed mat, I still manage to keep them stored neatly. The quantity of bed mats included is the perfect amount, 1 for each day of the week. The mats are easy to use and my Daughter said that she could not feel anything beneath her sheet whilst sleeping. The product made her night more comfortable as the mats are very absorbent. I disposed of the mats through our normal household waste and the quality of the product is great, it seems to be very well made. When needing to use bed mats every night of the week for a long period of time, they can prove to be a little expensive. But I have been buying these bed mats weekly because I think they work great and seem to be the best bed mats that I have found so far! Stacey Miller – Izabelle Gwilliam 5 Years


BizzieBaby 2009 SILVER Award

Emmma Awarded the DryNites  Bed Mats 4.7/5

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