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Sparkle's Song Book by Samantha Hale

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Aunt Millicent does not allow music in her house, so when Sparkle hears a beautiful song coming from the forest, she wants to find out where it is coming from. Following a songbird, she discovers something magical that will change her life forever.-A special gift book with a story about the magic of music by film-maker Samantha Hale. Stunning gouache illustrations by Argentinian artist Mariana Ruiz Johnson. This book is available in hardback and softback and has been created to a high quality (200gsm paper) with a flittered cover.
Author Samantha Hale - Illustrations by Mariana Ruiz Johnson

£7.99 Softback Book, Hardback Book £11.99 Available to purchase online Maverick shop also available in all good book stores and

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Product Tested By Lisa Clark – Georgia 5 years

Lisa Awarded The Sparkle Song Book from Maverick Books 5/5

Beautiful illustrations – really striking and interesting for a children's picture book. Lovely product, high quality paper/printing and additional sparkles are very attractive without being tacky! Georgia was curious about the book and keen to read it straight away. Stunning illustrations – made a sad story very special. Georgia is a good reader and found some of the words a little tricky so we read it together several times. Georgia enjoyed the story and asked lots of questions as we read it. She thought it was sad. This is a stimulating book for my daughter. It covers issues we have not discussed previously so was interesting to see how she reacted to them. A Beautiful book and I would have picked it up if I had seen it in a bookshop. I would probably wait until it was on special offer. I buy a lot of books but rarely at full price. I would certainly consider purchasing the sequel. Would definitely recommend. An excellent book, beautifully presented and sensitive handling of a sad subject. Lisa Clark – Georgia 5 Years

Product Tested By Harriet Hanley – Jessica 5 years

Harriet Awarded The Sparkle Song Book from Maverick Books 4.5/5

Looked a lovely high quality book. Well-presented and illustrations looked gorgeous. Jessica was keen to start reading this book as soon as it arrived. The illustrations were superb and really captivated Jessica's attention. The story is very sad but we enjoyed reading this together. Jessica could read some of the book, but we would read together and discuss the story. A very sad story but well written and well presented. This book was stimulating and each time we read this together Jessica would ask and we would discuss various aspects of the story. A really lovely high quality book with superb illustrations and well written. I think the price is a bit high but I would certainly purchase the sequel. If this was on offer I would purchase and we have already recommended this book. This is a superb book, well written and deals with a very sensitive subject in a lovely way. We both enjoyed reading this book. Harriet Hanley – Jessica 5 Years

Product Tested By Marie Don – Sofie 5 years

Marie Awarded The Sparkle Song Book from Maverick Books 3.5/5

Lovely looking cover, with colours, sparkles and textures. The production quality of the book is lovely – it feels nicer than an ordinary paperback. Sofie is just starting to read, so she wasn't able to read any of the pages, but she loves stories about girls and sparkles! The illustrations were lovely. Sofie enjoyed me reading the story to her; that said she didn't actively seek it out from her pile of books. The story was well written. It's another story – very nice, but Sofie didn't seem to engage with it as she does with other stories with more humour. I'm unsure if the theme of death was supposed to be central, or if it was absolutely necessary. We're not terribly musical as a family, so maybe that explains why we didn't connect to the book overall as we do to other stories. I would not pay this money for this story, though the quality of the book production is excellent. I would get this book out of the library instead. We're not terribly musical as a family, so maybe that explains why we didn't connect to the book overall as we do to other stories. Marie Don – Sofie 5 years


BizzieBaby 2011-12 BRONZE Teen Award

Lisa Awarded The Sparkle Song Book from Maverick Books 5/5

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