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 ORGANIC ALOE VERA, YUCCA, PINEAPPLE, TEA TREE & LAVENDERNatural shampoo for your little onesSuitable for use on children with head liceNon-irritating for sensitive scalps - free from SLSHave fun with foam - natural and rich foaming agentsSoothing and calming for the scalp with a delicate floral scentA little goes a long way!Organic Children Lavender Shampoo is made without SLS/SLES, Parabens, phthalates and artificial fragrances to bring you the purest children's shampoo that nature can offer.  100% certified product 83% certified organic ingredients   This product contains fairly traded ingredients.Suitable for vegans and vegetarians


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Product Tested By Emma Ball – Emily 2 Years

Emma Awarded The Green People Organic Lavender Shampoo 4.6/5

I really liked the look of this product. The packaging was lovely, clean and fresh. The instructions were easy and simple to follow. The shampoo is very easy to apply and the smell was gorgeous. I only had to use this product once each time as it cleansed her hair lovely.  I do like to buy organic products but sometimes the price can really put me off. The quality of this shampoo is fantastic and this does offer excellent value for money. I would consider buying this product now along with their conditioner.  I have alsor ecommended it to others as I think it is a lovely product. I really liked it and it worked really well in Emily's hair. It left her hair feeling soft and manageable. Emma Ball – Emily 2 Years


Product Tested By Lianne Whitaker – Dylan 23 Months

Lianne Awarded The Green People Organic Lavender Shampoo 4/5

The bottle has a great fun design and the smell is gorgeous without being overpowering. I love the bottle and the character BUT my son likes to play with the bottles. I had to keep this away from him because of the sharp corners. The instructions were simple and accurate. This shampoo was really easy to apply; it quickly turns into a thick lather. A little really does go a long way! It has a gorgeous smell without being too overpowering. It left a lovely light scent once rinsed. It cleansed his hair lovely but needed washing more often than with other products we have used previously. This product DOES advise to avoid contact with eyes but I found it difficult as I shower his hair.  There were a few tears and lots of eye rubbing. It is important to buy organic products but this often, understandably, comes with a bigger price tag so is not always our first choice. The quality is lovely; it's a lovely thick shampoo and sturdy packaging.  It does offer great value for money in the sense of the amount you use but because my sons hair needed to be washed more often I was probably using about the same amount as usual.  I love this product and its ethics but due to the cost I don't think I would purchase this as there are more cost effective mainstream products on the market.  I would recommend it to others; for the organic conscious this is the perfect product. It has so much to love about it. The sharp corners and having to avoid the eyes became a little problematic for us. The need to wash hair a little more often made this a little too expensive. It's a gorgeous smelling product with wonderful ethics and great to use.  The fun design makes it great for kids but the sharp corners meant it had to be kept out of reach. Lianne Whitaker –Dylan 23 Months

Product Tested By Jane Belsham – Adam 4 Years

Jane Awarded The Green People Organic Lavender Shampoo 4.4/5

This product has a nice simple design aimed at younger children, similar to other shampoos. Instructions are clear and easy to understand.  It is very easy to apply; easily got the amount I needed with no spillage. We loved the smell; it was very nice, even my 4 year old noticed. This shampoo cleansed my son's hair lovely; there was no need for a 2nd application. My son hates having his hair washed at the best of times so was very interested to see if it was tear-free, there were no extra tears when it came to rinsing it off so worked really well.  Buying organics is important but for me depends on price. Quality of this product was really good.  Nice consistency to it and rinsed out easily.  It is quite pricey but then a lot of organic products are.  I would recommend it to others if they were willing to spend the money as was a nice product.  It is a really nice product, easy to use, just a little pricey. It's great and my husband is now using it! Jane Belsham – Adam 4 Years



BizzieBaby 2012-13 BRONZE Award

 Emma Awarded The Green People Organic Lavender Shampoo 4.6/5

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