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Little hands won’t be able to resist the touchy-feely patches in this delightful board book as they meet lots of different hamsters.Children will love turning the colourful pages and joining in the simple, repetitive text as they encounter soft paws, squashy cheeks and a furry tummy.Specially designed to help develop sensory and language awareness in babies and toddlers.Don’t forget to spot the mouse on every page!
Author/Editor: Fiona WattIllustrator: Rachel Wells
Suitable 6 Months Plus

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Product Tested By Rebecca Kinnear– Grace 10 Months

Rebecca Awarded The Usborne That's Not My Hamster Book 4/5

It looks great and we were very excited to receive it. The book is robust and is easy for my daughter to handle, however many of the materials to touch are very similar. She was attracted to this book as soon as it arrived. The images are bold and attractive. She prefers the materials that are scratchy and unfortunately most of the materials in this book are soft and very similar. The story is not soimportant in these books. My daughter does enjoy the that's not my series of books. She prefers her other "that's not my” books as she prefers the harder, scratchy materials. I would consider buying others in the series (we have a few already as my daughter really enjoys them) her favourite is that's not my monster. I would recommend as a good book. The book is good quality but needs more variety of materials for the children to touch. Rebecca Kinnear –Grace 10 Months


Product Tested By Clarissa Giles – Collette 7 Months

Clarissa Awarded The Usborne That's Not My Hamster Book 4.4/5

Loved the cover and looked a nice baby book. The book is good quality and will with stand lots of handling. Collette loved looking at the hamsters and was nice to have the materials for her to touch and learn. She loved the furry tummy one and kept wanting to touch that all the time. She was certainly drawn to the book. The illustrations are lovely and bright colours. We did enjoy the story in the book and introduced her to words and touch sensation. My daughter likes this book and enjoys sitting with me while I read it to her and she touches all the different textured materials. A great introduction to the world of books. I have looked at other books in the series and we will be purchasing more. Good value, good entertaining book. I would certainly recommend. Clarissa Giles – Collette 7 Months


Product Tested By Kelly Smith – Benjamin 8 Months

Kelly Awarded The Usborne That's Not My Hamster Book 4.3/5

The hamster on the front looked really cute and looked a good quality book. This is a very well-made book, hard pages that will last a long time. My son liked the look of the hamsters in the book and the materials on the pages helped him relate to touch and understand different textures. I think any book with touch aspect is a good book to stimulate your child and help them learn more. The illustrations are very cute and appealing as nice and colourful. The story is OK, and my son did like this book. Loved the touch aspect most, as not ready for real story books just yet. I think this is a good quality book and nice first book for baby. I would purchase and recommend. We had fun reading this book. Kelly Smith – Benjamin 8 Months



Rebecca Awarded The Usborne That's Not My Hamster Book 4/5

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