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For those who prefer the more traditional swim suit, we created these ever-so cute float suits. They work on the same principle as the Original Konfidence Jackets providing adjustable buoyancy for the wearer and freedom of movement through 8 removable floats worn in outer pockets.Constructed from quick drying, close knit Lycra, the all in one swim suit design offers a number of benefits;- adjustable buoyancy allows you to tailor it to your child’s weight to ensure they are not under or over supported in the water - 30+ UPF sun protection - quick drying stretchy Lycra provides both comfort and convenience - T Shirt top design on Clownfish floatsuit offers 50+ UPF sun protection and additional protection across shoulders and top of arms.- Swim suit design gives parents and grandparents confidence and security in knowing their little ones will always have the buoyancy they need.These are just some of the features that have made the Floatsuits such a big hit for summer holidays by the pool!
Available in Sizes 1-2 years, 2-3 Years & 4-5 years
Winner of the Bizziebaby Bronze Award 2011/12 & Bizziebaby Bronze Winner 2012/13

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Product Tested By Catriona Bergman - Freyja and Tavia 3 Years

Catriona Awarded The Konfidence Float Suit 4.5/5

This product looked lovely, and seemed well put together, my twin girls argued over who got to wear it. The instruction was very simple and easy to follow. The suit was slightly baggy; however my twins are particularly petite. The baggy nature on the girls made it seem a little uncomfortable. However, this did allow for accommodation of a swim nappy. Freyja has always been a little reticent in the water, compared to her sister; however her confidence increased dramatically wearing this, and she was delighted when she realised she wouldn't sink! I did find the floatation bars were a little fiddly to get in and out but was ok. The suit dried out really fast. I think the overall quality of the suit is brilliant. There are other types like this on the market, very similarly priced. I would be inclined to look at a cheaper model though, especially as with twins, I end up buying 2 of everything! A design improvement could be maybe simplifying the insertion of the tubes, and perhaps also greater availability of replacements. I would consider buying one of these; depending on the price. Having one already would influence me towards a second, so the girls can wear the same. I would recommend it to family and friends; as buoyancy devices for toddlers, this is as good as the others onthe market, and I would recommend it on the basis of the bold colours. I was pleased Freyja was more confident in the water, although I found adjusting the buoyancy rather tricky. I would like it if I were able to find replacement polystyrene blocks easily, as in our house they go missing, or get attacked by dogs. Catriona Bergman - Freyja and Tavia 3 Years

 Product Tested By Jamie Rowe – Joshua 3 Years

Jamie Awarded The Konfidence Float Suit 3.9/5

My initial impression of this product was that it looked good, well-made but was unsure of sizing. The instruction were relatively simple and clear to understand. My son is very large for his age, so asked for the largest size and it wasn't the best fit for him. Due to sizing issue he did complain about the leg hems being "funny” and he looked uncomfortable. As my son wasn't as comfortable as he could be, we found the experience of swimming a little trying. Adjusting the buoyancy was a case of trial and error, but not too hard to do, getting my son to stay still while we figured it out was a little tricky. The suit did dry out relatively quickly. The overall quality of the float suit was very good but because of sizing issues I had I would probably not be willing to pay as much for a swimsuit that would last my son only a matter of a few months. Maybe the sizing could be looked at to improve the product. I would however recommend it to others; for a normal sized child I think it would be a good item to have. It is a very good idea but not compatible with my son unfortunately. Jamie Rowe – Joshua 3 Years


Product Tested By Amy Church – Maddison 14 Months

Amy Awarded The Konfidence Float Suit 4.5/5

I thought this product was very pretty for a girl (pink design). The instructions were simple enough to follow. The suit is a little big for Maddison but this was not a problem once in the water. There is plenty of growing room. Maddison seemed comfortable wearing the suit. This gave us the freedom to go swimming without the need for a bulky swim ring. The floats can be a little tricky to get out, make sure you do it whilst dry! The suit dried quite quickly; it took no longer than a usual swimsuit to dry. The swimsuit is very well made; you can tell it is a quality item. If you take children swimming often this would be very good value you for money. I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to try this product and will most certainly consider buying again in the future. I have already told some of my friends about it. The suit makes a trip to the pool much easier and more enjoyable. Amy Church – Maddison 14 Months



BizzieBaby 2012-13 BRONZE Award

Catriona Awarded The Konfidence Float Suit 4.5/5 

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