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Swinging Owls Autumn Branch Nursery wall Stickers - simply "peel & stick" to transform your little ones nursery room within hours!Approximate Dimensions including leaves, birds and butterflies 55” tall x 50” wide (1.39 x 1.27 mtrs) 
Tree Branch Size 55” tall x 50” wide (coming from either the left or right wall)

Colour choice available if relevant: Autumn, Blue, Pink, Blue/Orange, Blue/Pink colour schemes

£74.95 Available to purchase online


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Product Tested By Jenny Lewis – Phoebe 1 Week

Jenny Awarded The Enchanted Interiors Swinging Owls Autumn Branch Nursery Wall Sticker 4.8/5

I saw these first on their Internet site; they looked lovely, great idea for baby's nursery. They were packaged very well to keep the stickers safe and clean, rolled in a tube. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Numbers next to the stickers correspond to the instructions so we knew what to put where. Design with owls is fashionable at the moment. Colours are nice, neutral as at the time we didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl so suitable for both. They are easy to remove from the backing paper; the stickers are thick so not damaged easily. It takes a steady hand to do these, but because stickers can be repositioned if you do make a mistake it can easily be rectified. They are easy to go up without bubbling or creasing too.They look lovely;  it is a great idea for decorating a nursery without having to decorate the whole room. The quality is very high which looks great. The price is more than I would personally pay for wall stickers but does look very good. I can't see any improvements; it's great as it is, as you can place the smaller stickers where you like thereby changing the design. I would consider buying these and recommend them to family and friends. They are easy to use, current design and great quality. Jenny Lewis – Phoebe 1 Week

Product Tested By Stephanie Mario

Stephanie Awarded The Enchanted Interiors Swinging Owls Autumn Branch Nursery Wall Sticker 4.7/5

I loved the design, colours were neutral, and I was delighted to sample these. They came in round tube package that kept product safe through delivery. The instructions were simple and easy to follow. The design is fantastic; bold, stands out and very eye fetching. Everything was easy to remove from the backing paper, bar the small flowers, I thought they were going to rip on peeling but were ok. From following the picture and instructions, they were simple to apply, easily removed if in wrong position. We had no wrinkles, lumps or bumps as they were pretty straight forward and once pressed over very good. Only concern I had was after 2 days the stickers started to peel off the wall, again I re-pressed them down but peeled off again, I think because these stickers were applied when the weather was so hot the heat may have had something to do with it, but we undone them and used a bit of PVA glue and they have now stayed up. Only thing is they now won't be reusable in terms of repositioning etc. Other than the peeling off, the stickers look great. I am extremely happy with them and really would recommend the product, in-fact I have to my brother who is due to have a baby in 4 months. The quality is excellent and they are definitely worth the money. The only improvement would be the glue/adhesive to hold to the wall. I would buy these and recommend them; in fact I have already have done so. I am extremely happy with these, lovely colours and the design is very appropriate for a nursery. Stephanie Mario

Product Tested By Clare Tebbutt – Zak 4 Years

Clare Awarded The Enchanted Interiors Swinging Owls Autumn Branch Nursery Wall Sticker 4.9/5
I thought these looked fantastic, beautiful wall stickers. They arrived in a sturdy cardboard tube. Instructions are simple and easy to follow; anyone could decorate a room with these, all you need is your hands. The design is absolutely gorgeous, I had seen the stickers on the website and thought they looked good, but they are much better in the flesh and look absolutely amazing, so pleased. They are very easy to remove from the backing paper, the flowers you have to be a little gentler with to ensure you get all the petals off, but they are very easy to do. The stickers are sticky enough to stick to the wall, but also easy enough to take off and reposition if you are not happy with the initial position. I placed them on lightly to begin with until I was happy with all the positions. Nice thing is that you do not have to follow the original pattern you can interpret the design as you wish for your individual room. The stickers are very easy to put up, they lay flat and do not bubble or wrinkle at all. I was extremely happy with the final effect, the design colours are lovely and the design itself looks amazing on the wall. This is a quality product and would definitely recommend to others. Initially I thought that this product was on the pricey side, however after seeing the design completed on the wall I was less bothered by the price as the design can completely transform a room. The design is beautiful and looks amazing, my friends have all made lovely comments about the look of my nursery. As I said the price would initially would have put me off this product, but having seen the completed effect in my nursery I would now consider purchasing this product. I would highly recommend these; as it looks amazing. A little pricey but would transform any child's room/nursery into a beautiful and colourful piece of artwork, I am very impressed.  Clare Tebbutt – Zak 4 Years


BizzieBaby 2012-13 GOLD Award Jenny Awarded The Enchanted Interiors Swinging Owls Autumn Branch Nursery Wall Sticker 4.8/5     


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