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Splash About Sun UV Rash Vest & UV Shorts Set

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Splash About UV Rash Shorts and Rash Vest Set.
Our UV Surfer Rash Shorts are the perfect match with our UV Surfer Rash Tops. Provides maximum SPF 50+ sun protection so you can be sure that your little one stays safe in the sun. Our funky surfer designs are an absolute must for your beach babies - practical, comfortable and protective.
Get your surfer dudes and dudettes in the latest fashion beach wear.  These SPF 50+ Rashie tops are the perfect sun protection in the garden, by the pool and on the beach.  Mix and match with your favourite Happy Nappy or Board shorts, throw on a bucket hat and have fun in the sun.  Practical, comfortable and protective - a must for beach babies.

Shorts £10.99, UV Vest £16.99 Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Joanne Birmingham – Lily 2 Years

Joanne Awarded The Splash AboutUV Rash Vest and Rash Shorts Set 5/5

Very  good quality item. The colours were lovely and bright and my daughter wanted to try them on right away. Packaging was appropriate for the product and the information on the label in terms of sun protection was reassuring. My daughter loved wearing the shorts and vest, they seemed comfortable and the generous size meant that they were a very good fit. Dried extremely quickly in the sunshine. On the beach the shorts and vest dried quickly as Lily played. When rinsed at lunch time and hung over the balcony they were ready for wear for a pool trip that same afternoon. The SPF50+ and the good coverage of the vest and shorts meant that I was a lot more relaxed about covering my daughter from head to toe in sun cream. It was much easier only applying cream to the exposed body parts. The product was tested in both the sea and pool and I was confident of the SPF throughout the day. Excellent quality. Well-made and good quality material. Due to the fitting of the product – 2-4 years I think the product provides much better value for money than similar products. I have similar products for my daughter which are already tight and therefore we will not be able to use again on our next holiday, but I feel that the sizing of this product means that we will be able to use this next summer. I would definitely purchase these items. Have already recommended this product to a number of friends. Great experience of a well-made product, which helped me relax in the sun as I knew my daughter, was protected. Joanne Birmingham – Lily 2 years


Product Tested By Shagufta Quadir– Subhan 23 Months

Shagufta Awarded The Splash About UV Rash Vest and Rash Shorts Set 4/5

Looked impressive when arrived. Packaging could be more colourful. The Rash Vest and Shorts were very comfortable to wear. These were really easy to put on and material dried quickly. This set gave excellent protection in the sun and was confident protecting my child. This set was ideal to use in and out of the water, as always giving good sun protection. The quality is excellent. The price of is high but that is due to the quality. Would like to see these available for a little bit less.  I would recommend as very high quality and effective at protecting your child in the sun. Product is good quality but could be a bit cheaper. Overall - gives peace of mind due to UV protection. Shagufta Quadir – Subhan 23 Months

Product Tested By Dil Hurst – Ruby 23 Months

Dil AwardedThe Splash About UV Rash Vest and Rash Shorts Set 4.8/5

Lightweight, easy to pack, pleasing to the eye. Packaging was perfect for these items. They were brilliant because dried very quickly so child didn't shiver. These were easy to put on comfortable to wear and we used these in the garden and paddling pool. This top and shorts set certainly gave me peace of mind my child was protected from the UV rays and just needed to put sun screen on the parts of her skin not covered. They were very effective UV sun protective clothing. The quality of these items is very good. I think there are other products on the market that do the same thing at half the price, but the quality of these items are superior. I would certainly recommend. It is a great product but at a cost of almost £30 a lot to pay out. Dil Hurst –Ruby 23 Months


BizzieBaby 2012-13 SILVER Award

Joanne Awarded The Splash AboutUV Rash Vest and Rash Shorts Set 5/5 

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