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Lavender Garden Uplifting New Mum Spray

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Each unique spray is totally 100% natural, made in Pembrokeshire, West Wales with a lot of love and a little magic!The sprays contain only natural crystals and essential oils, with NO alcohol or other 'nasties' added.Lavender Babies sprays for babies are suitable from birth, unless otherwise stated. Sprays for mums-to-be are suitable for pregnancy, however if there are any health conditions or concerns, please always consult your GP or midwife. The sprays are NOT room air freshners or perfume. They are designed to spritz into the air of the room, or spray onto bedding, pillows, comforters, handkerchief or similar. The sprays are very subtle, delivering a fine mist of the therapeutic and benficial properties of the oils and crystals, the scent is gentle and subtle.

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Product Tested By Sarah Palfreeman - Keira 3 Years and Logan 3 Weeks

Sarah Awarded The Lavender Garden Uplifting New Mum Spray 3.8/5

The packaging looked quite plain and simple; I expected a more impressive packaging. I don't think it sold the product well, if it was in a shop I wouldn't choose it purely from the packaging; it was not eye catching enough. The product smelt nice though. The instructions were clear and they were explained well. The quality of the spray was good. But the bottle it was in was VERY poor; I had to press the pump a number of times for the spray to come out (that was for every spray), my daughter wanted to spray it on her pillow but every time she got feed up as the bottle was hard to use. I didn't notice a great deal of difference in mood but my 3 year old daughter used it on her pillow and she liked the smell and seemed to sleep well. It was ok for the money but the bottle needs a lot of work, if I had paid for the spray I would not be happy with the pump on the bottle. The spray itself was ok and if packaged differently would probably offer good value for money. I would buy it and recommend it if the bottle was improved. I think this product needs improvement in terms of packaging but the spray was ok and the fragrance was nice and appealed to my daughter as she wanted to use it on her pillow at night. Sarah Palfreeman - Keira 3 Years and Logan 3 Weeks


Product Tested By Charlotte Gray - Sophie 5 Years, Edward 3 Years and Phoebe 11 Weeks

Charlotte Awarded The Lavender Garden Uplifting New Mum Spray 3.7/5

The product was packaged very simply which reflected the natural purity of the ingredients. The prospect of a natural spray to calm a new mother and ease anxiety was welcoming. Overall it was a very appealing product that I was keen to try out in my home. The actual pump on the top of the bottle was awkward and would on occasion not disperse any of the spray but this may just be a fault with that particular bottle, the clear bottle enabled you to see the contents which were also clear and this reassured you of their natural credentials. The instructions were straight forward and easy to follow.The product itself is very self-explanatory so not too much explanation was required. The only direction that may have helped is to suggest the regularity as to when you should use the spray safely. The product is very well presented and the explanation regarding its purpose is good. The product smells lovely when first sprayed as suggested and indeed is calming, although the scent doesnot remain for very long, I mainly used the product in the bedroom and felt I often reapplied the spray in an effort to benefit from its fragrance.  A lovely scent but does not last very long, and I was heavy handed with my application. I enjoyed the scent of the spray upon initial application but did not notice an improvement in my mood/sleep/general mental and emotional wellbeing. This is my third baby and she has certainly been a good baby and I have dealt with her in a more relaxed manner but I feel this is due to experience as opposed to the spray. I feel that the RRP of £4.99 is affordable and expected in today's market, although I would not pay this much for a fragrance that does not last. Overall I believe that this product is slightly overpriced. It is lovely to have had the opportunity to use this product as a ‘treat' but I would not buy it myself. Sadly this product does not last and as a result I do not feel that it has the desired effect and as such would not recommend it. Lovely packaging and description along with a good purpose but sadly it does not fulfil its description and is not something I would seek to buy myself.  Charlotte Gray - Sophie 5 Years, Edward 3 Years and Phoebe11 Weeks


Product Tested By Jane Young – Jenny 6 weeks

Jane Awarded The Lavender Garden Uplifting New Mum Spray 4/5

I was very interested to see how this would work. The packaging looked very simple, not something that would really stand out. The instructions were very simple and easy to follow. I thought the quality of the product was good. The fragrance of the spray was not overpowering at all. I did wonder if I was spraying enough but I don't think it is meant to be heavily sprayed. I did find that the nozzle on the top was not very good though. I did need to press it a few times for the spray to actually come out. I am not sure whether this improved sleep or mood but I enjoyed the slight scent that it gave to my pillow. I do feel that it is quite expensive for what it is and would look at this if I wanted to buy it in the future. I have recommended it to others to try to see what they think about it. Overall it is a nice product with a gentle subtle smell. Jane Young – Jenny 6 weeks







Sarah Awarded The Lavender Garden Uplifting New Mum Spray 3.8/5 

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