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3 Pro Points value per naan. Flame baked for an authentic Indian taste. Made with Kalonji black onion seeds to deliver fuller flavour. Low in fat. Suitable for vegetarians. Mini plain naan breads. Our promise. These Mini plain naan breads are: Made with Kalonji black onion seeds to deliver fuller flavour. Low in fat. And we're constantly reviewing the fat, sugar and salt levels in all our Weight Watchers Foods. About Weight Watchers®. Our food range is just part of what we have to offer. We also run thousands of friendly meetings across the UK each week, or you can follow our plan step-by-step completely online. For more information, call 08457 123 000 or visit Be Inspired. For great free recipe ideas, money-off coupons and information about new products in our range, visit Useful tip 14. We're here to help! Why not log onto the Weight Watchers website and have a look for healthy recipes?

£1.48 pack 4 - Available to purchase Asda, Morrisons, Ocado & Waitrose or click online for local stockist

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Product Tested By Emma Spink

Emma Awarded The Weight Watchers Mini Naan Breads 3.1/5

The packaging allowed you to see the product clearly, and the nutritional information was easy to find. Overall looks wise, the naan bread appealed as looked like a full fat product. I found that the product was not as tasty as other low fat naan breads I have previously tried; it was fairly dry and crumbly. Nutritionally the product was low in saturated fat, which appeals and low in calories. The amount of salt within the product was low too! The packaging was eye catching and all information was easy to find on the front, without searching for it. It helps that you can clearly see the products shape and size through the packet. The product was easy to heat and ready within minutes. I also froze some and warmed them from frozen, with no detriment to the product. The product had little flavour and I did find it dry, however together with a sauce it wasn't so bad. The quality was not as good as I was expecting for the price which is charged. I feel that this product is quite expensive, when there are cheaper more tastier varieties of low fat naan breads available. Extra flavour could be incorporated with the use of herbs and spices, which would not affect the fat or salt content. I found the product quite expensive and it could have been of a higher quality. I feel that taste wise there are better low fat naan breads available. Overall this product was lacking in flavour and taste and was quite crumbly and dry. The packaging appealed to me and the fact which it was a low fat product is always a winner but with cheaper alternatives out there, I'm not sure I would buy again, unless other flavours were made available or the product was on a special offer promotion I would not purchase. Emma Spink

Product Tested By Hannah Sturges

Hannah Awarded The Weight Watchers Mini Naan Breads 3.9/5

Good quality packaging and you can clearly see the product you are purchasing. Information on nutritional benefits good. I was not that keen on these. I absolutely love Naan Bread and have to be careful when watching weight not to be tempted so was really looking forward to trying these. Unfortunately I was not that taken with the taste. Was OK but not something I would try again. The concept of this is good and low in fat and calories but the taste let it down. This was easy to prepare. The flavour was bland so did spice up a bit by folding over and adding a tasty filling (low in calories of course). Price is reasonable but for me the taste let it down. Might be OK for others but did not appeal to my palate. Hannah Sturges

Product Tested By Jocelyn Smythe

Jocelyn Awarded The Weight Watchers Mini Naan Breads 3.7/5

Good packaging. The design was appealing to the eye and you could see exactly what you were purchasing. The product looked good when prepared but the taste was bland. Just seemed as though has no taste at all. If you are watching your weight then this is low in calories, low in salt and generally a weight loss alternative and something you could incorporate in your diet. This is very simple to prepare and ready in no time. Price on a par with other low fat alternatives. Good to try and the quality is acceptable but just had no taste so would not be purchasing again.  May appeal to others but for me was not something I would be trying again. Even with all the benefits I do like my food to taste good. Jocelyn Smith







Emma Awarded The Weight Watchers Mini Naan Breads 3.1/5

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