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Quack Quack Moo short sleeve vest

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super soft cotton, popper crotch and an absorbent, waterproof cow print back panel for those moments when nappies can't quite contain bottom explosions! made from super soft organic cotton envelope neck for ease in dressing. clever, waterproof and absorbent back panel for unexpected nappy leaks keeping ay mess contained
perfect for under clothes and as a short sleeve top

machine washable
suitable for tumble drying

£11.00 Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Sharley Phillips – Harry 5 Months

Sharley Awarded The Quack Quack Moo Short Sleeve Vest 4.3/5

Feels and looks good quality. Brilliant vibrant colour, good quality materials used, feels thicker than normal short sleeve vests. Think it's a brilliant idea. Maybe do one with a dribble patch on the front! Haha. This is ideal for my son's age and very practical. The quality is lovely as feels thicker and softer than other vests we have used. Doesn't really make it any easier changing his nappy, except for the neck fitting meaning it can be pulled down not just over his head. Although the patch would protect outer clothing it is still all over the inside of the vest and on baby's back. Harry looked really comfortable in this and never caused any irritation. Put it on my normal wash and there were no stains and no loss of colour. Although good quality and certainly does its job for one vest the price is a little high for my budget. You would want to have quite a few otherwise would always know explosive poos would occur when not wearing the one/two vests you could afford. I will continue to use this. I would recommend as it is a good idea and if people want to buy a little gift for baby shower or have a bigger budget than me. Loved the idea of the vest and think the quality is amazing. Sharley Phillips –Harry 5 Months

Product Tested By Amanda Easton – Ailsa 7 Months

Amanda Awarded The Quack Quack Moo Short Sleeve Vest 4.3/5

Lovely thick cosy vest, strong coloured and funky cow patch print on bum. Nice design with bold colours.The vest is practical but it is the same style of any vest bought for babies. Excellent quality fabric, the design of the vest makes nappy changing easy. The vest fitted well and looked comfortable and caused no irritation. No discomfort or red marks were noticed when worn by my baby. Easy to launder, colour didn't fade, there was no dye transfer on the vest and there was no dye on any of the other laundry. The vest didn't distort in shape and was easy to iron. This is an expensive vest, especially as it is a single unit price. Yes it is lovely and thick to keep child cosy but I would rather this was a piece of outer wear so people could see what she had on. I will continue to use it. I would not recommend purely based on the price of a single vest.  It is a very cute vest but again no one gets to see the vest so you are paying £11 for a hidden garment that I would like people to see as it is cool, funky and different to what you can purchase in shops. Good looking vest, nice and thick but expensive for a hidden garment that won't last very long due to the speed that babies grow. Lovely vest which is soft and thick to keep child warm. Amanda Easton – Ailsa 7 Months

Product Tested By Graham Tyler –Natalie 6 Months

Graham Awarded The Quack Quack Moo Short Sleeve Vest 4/5

Looked a good quality vest for Natalie. Good design and nice colour. A very soft, warm vest. Same design as other vests but this one is softer and much warmer. Quality is very good and very well made.Will last a while (if she does not grow out of it!). Made nappy changing easier using this vest. Was a nice comfortable fit and certainly keeps my daughter warm. Very easy to launder.This is a very high quality vest. A tad expensive for one vest as we use a lot of vests each week. We will continue to use. I would recommend as good gift idea for new parents. To purchase these on a regular basis cost would be bit too high for us, but this is a great quality vest and kept Natalie warm and snug. Graham Tyler – Natalie 6 Months




Sharley Awarded The Quack Quack Moo Short Sleeve Vest 4.3/5     

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