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To.Be.Me short sleeve Babygrow.

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A gorgeous short sleeve printed Babygrow. The babygrow has an envelope neck to make it easier to put on your little one with three nickel free popper fastenings at the bottom.The long sleeve babygrow is perfect for the extra warmth and with the plain white sleeves a perfect addition underneath t-shirts, dresses and sleepsuits. 100% Cotton. Made in England.Wash at 40 degrees and tumble dry on a cool heat.All orders come gift wrapped.     


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Product Tested By Vicky Garrett – Libbi 14 Months

Vicky Awarded The To.Be.Me Short Sleeve Babygro 4.4/5

Really nice quality looks a good size and the print is nice and bright. I think the design ranges are really nice. Large fun designs for girls and boys. I think the age range is suitable. I was pleasantly surprised of the quality and the fit of the material. Many branded equivalents on the market have terrible fit and the quality of the fabric is very thin. I think this is great for quality. This made nappy changing a lot easier. I wouldn’t use anything else. Excellent fit for my baby. This looked comfortable on and never caused any irritation. I put it in with my normal whites and it’s come out as I received it. Perfect for my washing. I think that it is quite expensive for 1 item. Never had any issues with this and very easy to put over by baby’s head. Loved the way the product arrived. Felt very unique and personal. I would purchase for a special occasion/day out. Product is excellent quality, washes well and has a comfortable fit for my baby. Only negative is the price. Think this should be priced around £6. High quality garment which washes well and looks fantastic on. Vicky Garrett – Libbi 14 Months

Product Tested By Vicky Hunter – Jessica 15 Months

Vicky Awarded The To.Be.Me Short Sleeve Babygro 4/5

Very pretty packaging with a cute card that matched the design of the babygro. It is referred to as a babygro but I would refer to it as a vest. It is of the usual style with poppers underneath. This is a very practical vest for babies. Soft material and very comfortable. Washed well. The design of this did make nappy changing easier. The envelope style neck is quite wide so doesn’t irritate any dribble rashes. Also looks very comfortable on. This never caused any irritation. I feel it is quite a lot of money for a single vest. I tend to buy packs of 3 in supermarkets for a similar price. Vests do tend to get stains so I would be concerned about value for money. This is very easy to put over my baby’s head. I would not purchase this due to the cost. A lovely soft comfortable vest. However, it is no more comfortable or practical than the cheaper supermarket ones. Vicky Hunter – Jessica 15 Months

Product Tested By Fozia Shah – Nabiha 15 Months

Fozia Awarded The To.Be.Me Short Sleeve Babygro 4.2/5

Looked a lovely high quality babygro. The design is pretty funky and looks lovely. The designs are practical and ideal for the warmer months and you can purchase the long sleeve for the winter months. The quality of the fabric was very good. Nice thick soft material. Good practical babygro ideal for my baby. No easier than any other babygro’s when changing nappy. This looked lovely and comfortable on. Never caused any skin irritation. Machine washed well, kept its shape and fitted well. The price is more than I would normally pay for this sort of item. This is very easy to put over my baby’s head. I would not purchase this when you can get packs of babygro's for even less. Would mention but not specifically recommend due to the price. A pretty, comfortable babygro with a lovely design on the front. Fozia Shah – Nabiha 15 Months















Vicky Awarded The To.Be.Me Short Sleeve Babygro 4.4/5   

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