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Peters Yard -Artisan Crispbread

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Artisan Crispbread is perfect for snacking, breakfast and lunch. One small pack contains 20 crispbreads - Milk, Rye and Wheat Flours, Honey, Sour dough, salt and yeast.  

Prices start from £2.50 for small pack - £11.50 - Farm shops, delis, Ocado, larger waitrose stores. A stockist map can be found here

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Product Tested By Sam Davies

Sam Awarded The Peters Yard -Artisan Crispbread 4.6/5

I was impressed with the eye catching packaging and I liked that it had quite a ‘grown up look’ to the packaging. I liked that you didn’t need to have many to enjoy your meal. These were more of a special treat then a normal crispbread/cracker type snack. I really liked the taste; a very nice alternative to other crispbreads on the market. They have a unique tasty flavour. I liked that it was quite low calorie content and was also suitable for vegetarians. I thought the packaging looked quite unique for this type of product, very smart looking though once opened the plastic ripped easily so they had to go straight into a tin/tub once opened. My husband likes to have a ploughman’s type lunch at weekends and he found it a nice change from the usual crackers that he has. It went well with both meats and cheeses. The quality is excellent. They are a little more pricy than I would usually pay for a crispbread, but then you don’t need too many to compliment your meal. They are a little more pricy than I would usually pay for a crispbread type of product but they were definitely a nice change so I would consider buying them now and again as a nice treat. I would definitely recommend these to friends and family who enjoy having a cheese board type meal. In the words of my husband "They are an excellent accompaniment to a meat/cheese board, firm and crispy and able to deal with strong flavours”. Sam Davies

Product Tested By Louise Winterton

Louise Awarded The Peters Yard -Artisan Crispbread 4.5/5

The packaging represents a high end product and looks desirable to entice you to try the product. It would be something that I would normally buy. I have not seen many cracker type products that are made from sour dough which is quite different and they are delicious, good with just butter or with cheese or as the foundation as a canapé. It appeals that traditional methods have been used to make this product and natural ingredients. I loved the taste; crispy, delicious sour dough crisp bread. They are nutritious and all natural ingredients have been used. They are really convenient to have. The quality is excellent; they are great for the money. I would buy these again and tell others about them. These are a versatile, crisp, tangy sourdough Crispbread that I would recommend and buy again. Louise Winterton

Product Tested ByAndrew Yates

Andrew Awarded The Peters Yard -Artisan Crispbread 4.6/5

These crispbreads looked nice. They look different to others I have seen in the supermarket. I really did like the taste; they are delicious with cheese on and I have even had a few with just butter. They are both nutritious and tasty. The packaging is good; once opened it kept them nice and fresh. The quality is really good. They definitely offer value for money and I would purchase them again. I would recommend them to family and friends too. I really enjoyed these crispbreads, they were tasty with cheese and with just butter too. Andrew Yates




BizzieBaby 2013-14 SILVER Flower Award

Sam Awarded The Peters Yard -Artisan Crispbread 4.6/5 

Peters Yard -Artisan Crispbread Stockist Information

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