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Bob the Builder Organic Pasta 250g

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Bob the Builder Organic Pasta 250g
Made with the best organic corn and rice flour in Italy. We also add organic sunflower lecithin which helps keep the ingredients together. 100% natural, there are no additives or preservatives. Bob the Builder pasta is Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Egg Free, and Diary Free. One bag contains 5 servings and provides great value.
Suitable for infants 18 Months upwards 

£1.50 Sainsbury, Ocado and good health/organic food stores or click online to find local stockist

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Product Tested ByKerry Lawrence - Joe 3 Years and Alex 5 Years

Kerry Awarded The Bob the Builder Organic Gluten Free Pasta 250g 4.2/5

This pasta had some interesting shapes. I had not seen dried character-shaped pasta before. The taste was OK. The kids ate it with no negative comments. Nutritional benefits are good; guess this would be good for those requiring gluten free pasta. The packaging is nice and colourful; very attractive. This pasta is really convenient as it cooks very quickly. The quality is excellent; shapes are nice and the characters are recognisable. It offers good value for money. We did find that the shapes were still slightly hard after cooking time, but still edible and both my sons ate all of it (served with a tomato sauce). My kid’s favourite TV programme is Mr Men and Thomas the Tank Engine. I think this product does help encourage kids to eat it; it would probably help some kids if they were Bob the Builder fans or if they were particularly fussy eaters. It cooked quickly which was good and my sons enjoyed it as much as any other pasta. Kerry Lawrence - Joe 3 Years and Alex 5 Years

Product Tested ByKim Smith – Luke 3 Years

Kim Awarded The Bob the Builder Organic Gluten Free Pasta 250g 4.2/5

The packaging is bright, colourful, and easily identifiable as Bob the Builder. The see through portion of the packet was useful to illustrate the types of shapes within, and the nutritional information was also clearly marked. We have tried other types of baby pasta, but the use of shapes that kids may recognise will be helpful in encouraging children to try it. The pasta did not taste noticeably different from other brands of pasta. Nutritional benefits were clearly marked on the front of the packet and made it seem a healthy product. It had bright and clear packaging, with Bob the Builder clearly visible. It utilised the traditional yellow Bob the Builder colour scheme, which helps it stand out. It’s easy to make with water and quick to produce too. I was somewhat disappointed that there wasn't a greater range of pasta shapes, and it was difficult to tell what some of the shapes were meant to be. The RRP seems to be in line with other products of this type. We had no complaints regarding the taste. Our child eats normal pasta so we probably wouldn't buy this product. However, I can see how it may be of use in encouraging children to try pasta if they have previously refused normal varieties. As mentioned above, if I knew a child that was a particularly fussy eater, I might mention this product as a potential solution. Our son’s favourite programme is Thomas the Tank Engine and Postman Pat. Having a kids TV character on the product may help kids to try it; something exciting rather than just 'normal' food. It tastes great, quick and easy to make. Just a shame there were not a few more shapes/characters. I was pleased with this product, with attractive packaging, good taste and the added 'fun' element of having recognisable character shapes. Kim Smith – Luke 3 Years

Product Tested ByJessica Peters – Charlie 3 Years

Jessica Awarded The Bob the Builder Organic Gluten Free Pasta 250g 4.5/5 

The packaging was lovely and colourful. We thought it tasted just like any other pasta. The nutritional benefits are good when mixed with a healthy sauce. I loved the packaging; my son wanted it instantly; it’s so bright and colourful. It is very convenient as it cooks quickly. The quality is excellent. I would definitely consider buying this again. My son’s favourite TV programme is Peppa Pig. I think this product helps encourage children to eat up; he doesn’t normally eat much pasta but he ate all of this. I would definitely buy again, my son loved it; the packaging is bright and colourful too. Jessica Peters – Charlie 3 Years


BizzieBaby 2013-14 BRONZE Award

Kerry Awarded The Bob the Builder Organic Gluten Free Pasta 250g 4.2/5 

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