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Creeper Crawlers Crawl Suit

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These carefully designed 100% cotton playsuits are designed to assist your baby at the crawling stage of development by giving them better grip on hard surfaces such as wooden floors or tiles. Creeper Crawlers playsuits are designed in Ireland and make a great gift too with the creeper crawlers gift box (available seperately).
Features:100% Cotton. Machine washable. Available in 3 colours. Available in Sizes 6 - 9 months & 9 - 12 months. Unique patented design.

£15.00 Available to purchase online Mothercare irl, Kiddicare, or click online to find local stockist

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Product Tested By Charlotte Yates – Dolly 12 Months

Charlotte Awarded The Creeper Crawlers ‘Crawl Suit’ 4.6/5

This looked like a very good idea. The design of the clothing was really good. It is very practical for the age it is intended for. The quality of the fabric is excellent; 100% cotton is very important to me as a mum. It looks very comfortable on my baby. It is a perfect fit; she had no irritation form it at all. It is very easy to launder; washed it with my normal load and still looks in brilliant condition. I do like this suit but it is a bit pricey for 1 suit. The price would put me off buying it again; maybe £15 for two would be more cost effective to families. I would still recommend it to others. It is a very good idea, made crawling and pulling herself up much easier.Charlotte Yates – Dolly 12 Months

Product Tested By Richard Bullivant – Luke 8 Months

Richard Awarded The Creeper Crawlers ‘Crawl Suit’ 4/5

This is a sleep suit with some grippy bits to help your baby crawl. It was packaged nicely and seemed decent quality cloth. The design was nice but for the price it could have done with some pattern. It was functional and easy to put on and was very practical for the age it is for. The quality of the fabric is very high quality and has washed well. It did look comfortable on Luke; just like a sleep suit, it fitted well. It is very easy to wash; it can be washed with everything else. It is expensive for what it is. We have carpets in our house and don’t really think the grippy pads on the knees, etc. would provide much extra help. Might have worked better if we had laminate floors and a baby might need some grip. I would recommend it to others if they had difficulty with the baby slipping on the floor, I would tell them this exists. It is a high quality item which needs to look like it is worth £15 but personally I don’t see a need to buy one. Richard Bullivant – Luke 8 Months

Product Tested By Annie Ward – Tammy 9 Months

Annie Awarded The Creeper Crawlers ‘Crawl Suit’ 4.3/5

This crawl suit looked lovely. It felt lovely and soft and the size matched my daughter really good. I really liked the design; I had not seen anything like this before. The design is very practical for the age it is intended to be worn by. The quality is really, really good. The material is of high quality. Tammy looked very comfortable when wearing it. She had no marks or irritation from it either. It is very easy to wash; it went in with my normal load. I do like this suit but I feel the price is quite high just for 1. I would consider buying another one if I saw it on an offer or as a deal in a multi pack. I have told friends about it who have seen my daughter wearing it. It is a lovely suit, just a little pricey. Annie Ward – Tammy 9 Months


BizzieBaby 2013-14 BRONZE Award Charlotte Awarded The Creeper Crawlers ‘Crawl Suit’ 4.6/5

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