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These fantastic sun protection t-shirts feature full length sleeves that give that little extra bit of protection, and coordinate fully with the our new shorts and legionnaire style hats. Separates are great as a child grows. The T-shirts are perfect for covering up for outdoor play in the summer months; whether they are by the beach, pool or just at home in the garden.The sun t-shirts also feature the latest UV colour changing technology – when UV rays are present, the Konfidence logos on the suits will turn pink (girls t-shirt) or blue (boys t-shirt). So when they are busy happily playing on the beach or in the pool you’ll instantly know when the suit is protecting them from harmful UV rays. Plus this safety feature is also a fun way to teach your little ones about sun safety as it will bring smiles to their faces when the colour starts to change! And because they are made from the highest quality soft Lycra, which has been rigorously tested for colour fastness and durability, they can be worn comfortably in and out of the water. The new cool surf-looking Pink Hibiscus and Blue Leaf Palm designs also fully colour co-ordinate with the rest of our learn-to-swim and buoyancy aids.

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Product Tested By Jenny Waller – Isabelle 4 Years

Jenny Awarded The Konfidence Sun Protection T-Shirt 5/5

These looked very good quality. My daughter was comfortable and enjoyed wearing this T-Shirt. These are very high quality. My daughter loved these and had no complaints. I never applied sun cream to covered areas of skin and she never got burnt. These shorts would dry really quickly in the sun. These washed really well. Very good value for money. I would purchase these and would like to see brighter colours available. I would definitely recommend. My daughter loved playing in the paddling pool and in the garden she was comfortable and had no complaints. It washed well and I was happy that she wouldn’t get sun burnt. Jenny Waller – Isabelle 4 Years

Product Tested By Shirley Kay – Chelsea 35 Months

Shirley Awarded The Konfidence Sun Protection T-Shirt 5/5

I think this is great, I have a daughter with eczema and these made it less stressful for her as she doesn't like being fully covered in sun cream. I like that it has a high neck for better protection. This product isgood quality. My daughter was comfortable but this was a little bit big, but not too big that she could notwear it. As it was 26-30 when my daughter was wearing this, yes I’m confident they are giving protection, as my daughter never burnt. I just hung it out to dry and was dry in no time. As easy to wash as any other clothing you just follow the washing label instructions. This is great value for money. While your child is playing in water they are still protected and no need to keep them from having fun on a sunny day. I would buy this for my other children. I would also highly recommend. This is a great product but I feel it would be better if available in a wider selection of sizes. Shirley Kay – Chelsea 35 Months

Product Tested By Charles Bingham – Daniel 6 Years

Charles Awarded The Konfidence Sun Protection T-Shirt 5/5

Looked high quality and well made. We all know how important it is to keep our children protected in the sun and these are made to the highest quality. Good design, easy to put on and Daniel was comfortable wearing this T-shirt. These delivered highest protection and Daniel was well protected in the sun. Dry quickly when they come out of the water. Very easy to wash. Never needed sun screen on area of skin covered by T-shirt as gave top protection. I have purchased more for rest of children. Already highly recommended. This was invaluable and will be coming with us on holiday. Great value for money as you can never put price on keeping your children protected in the sun. They can continue to enjoy having fun on the beach or at the pool and as parents we are confident they are safe. Charles Bingham – Daniel 6 Years






Jenny Awarded The Konfidence Sun Protection T-Shirt 5/5

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