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Hook & Loopy Easy-fastening Sleepsuit

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Easy-fastening Sleepsuit
Our Unisex Baby Sleepsuit has been designed to make dressing and changing your baby as easy and hassle-free as possible. It can be fastened or unfastened by simply attaching the Velcro tabs. We've eliminated fiddly poppers altogether making it totally effortless.

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Product Tested By Angela O’Reilly – Adam 4 Months

Angela Awarded The Hook & Loppy Easy-fastening Sleepsuit 4.7/5

This product seems like a good idea, although poppers are not something that I view to be a problem. The Velcro is thick and easy to use but I found that the fact it only went down one leg of the suit made quick nappy changes quite difficult. It is ok for daytime changes but trying to change a sleepy baby in the middle of the night was awkward and it tended to wake him. I found that the sizes are a little small. By 4 months my son has nearly outgrown his so I would recommend buying a size up. The quality of the fabric is absolutely fantastic quality and has retained its quality and shape perfectly. My baby is very happy in it and always seemed comfortable. The sleepsuit is very easy to put on the torso but the Velcro only going down one leg is a little awkward. This issue can make it slightly difficult to put on and for quick nappy changes. I did like the Velcro fastening system in the end; I have never found poppers to be a problem but I really liked the Velcro. It was quick to dress my son for bed and very easy to remove in the morning. I don’t think that Velcro will ever replace poppers but I certainly liked the concept and would look for this again. My baby had no irritation at all when wearing this suit. It washes very well and easily. It has retained its shape, colour and quality perfectly. I think it is very expensive for what is essentially a Babygro, but the cost is reflected in the high quality of the material used. The cost is prohibitive for me to buy it myself but I would definitely buy it as a gift, and would also really appreciate being given one. Ultimately, yes. I would recommend this to first time parents who are overwhelmed by everything as it certainly makes night time preparation easier but I don’t think it would have much advantage to a seasoned parent. The quality of this item is nothing short of fantastic. It is durable and holds up well to a lot of washing and general use. The concept and the design of the product are good, and although I don’t think that poppers are a problem that needed to be solved I enjoyed using the product and found it very easy to use. While I understand why the cost of this item is high, I would not buy it for my own family but I would definitely buy it for a gift for other parents as it is very special. I would also recommend it to be purchased a size up. It is an excellent quality, special item that would make a fantastic gift. Angela O’Reilly – Adam 4 Months

Product Tested By Becky Nuttall – Olivia 18 Weeks

Becky Awarded The Hook & Loppy Easy-fastening Sleepsuit 4.5/5

I was very impressed when I first saw this product and thought the Velcro fastenings was a very clever idea. The design is very practical for the age it is intended for. The quality of the material was good although when washed you need to make sure the Velcro is fastened otherwise it plucks the fabric. My baby looked very comfortable when wearing this sleepsuit. It was extremely easy to use; The Velcro is a great advantage and less fiddly than poppers. It did not cause my baby any irritation when wearing it. I found it very easy to launder although as already mentioned the Velcro must be fastened before washing otherwise it plucks the fabric. It might be an idea to make a note of this on the label. Although the item is a very good idea, I thought the price was a little high. I would consider buying it for someone as a gift if it were a little cheaper. I thoroughly enjoyed using this product with my baby and she enjoyed wearing it. The idea of the Velcro is very clever. The only 2 downsides was the Velcro snagging the fabric when washed and the price being too high. I also really liked the design. would be great if there could be a choice of pinks and purples etc. Becky Nuttall – Olivia 18 Weeks

Product Tested By Katie Roebuck – Maisie 5 Months

Katie Awarded The Hook & Loppy Easy-fastening Sleepsuit 4.5/5

I thought this looked like a great design but the Velcro felt a little sharp. The design is very practical for the age intended as was easy to put on. The quality is lovely and washed well also. It looked very comfortable on my baby. The sleepsuit is easy to use; the Velcro is a lot easier than buttons/press studs. This sleepsuit didn’t cause any irritation for my baby; it was perfect. It washed like any other sleepsuit so was easy to launder. I really liked this product but I do think it is expensive.  I would recommend it to others as quality is very good but I would highlight the price.  It is a lovely product. Katie Roebuck – Maisie 5 Months




BizzieBaby 2013-14 SILVER Award Angela Awarded The Hook & Loppy Easy-fastening Sleepsuit 4.7/5

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